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Why BS7671 amendment 1 is potentially dangerous for electric vehicle charging installations and evse

Could a potentially dangerous situation be lurking in the detail of the proposed changes to the 18th edition wiring regulations?

Dr Chris Horne of Myenergi talks us through the problems around EV earthing arrangements for electric vehicle supply equipment - EVSE

In this video, you'll learn about the issues of connecting electric vehicle chargers to TNCS, PME electrical supplies. Specifically what happens when a protective earth neutral PEN fault occurs in the electrical distribution network supplying the electrical installation.
Saw this video a while back, the potential for it to happen is there but that said it can happen to any install not just those with ev chargers.
The newer models of chargers can to an extent detect this and disconnect the charger/car.
there is not yet a clear agreed viewpoint they are playing catch up with amd1 of 18th ed. the technology is already moving onwards. I wouldn't be surprised if there was another amendment a sort of 1 1/2 before amendment 2 to cover this.
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