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Suppliers of electrical test equipment from Megger, Seaward, Kewtech, Metrel, Flir, Martindale and many more
Electrical Test Equipment provided by Test-Meter, they provide a forum discount for forum members. Click on their banner to view the discount code.

Electrical Suppliers City Electrical Factors
C.E.F. are a national supplier to the electrical industry. All tools and products available. Local stores are in nearly every town and city.

CK Tools
CK Tools provide the electricians on the forum with tools and equipment they need day-in day-out. Reliable brands delivered to your door, or on the job.

Software for Tradesmen
Aico Ei160 Range is the newest range of fire detection systems. Checkout their website to read more about Aico and their ranges of fire-related equipment.

Filplastic are active forum members and provide various sizes of van storage bins. They fit any sized vans. Keep your bits and bobs orgnised so you can keep on the job instread of hunting for parts.

MODECSOFT are active forum members and provide design software to the electrical industry. Please do get in touch with them if you require design software for your business.

Electrical Courses by XS Training Ltd's Electrical Training Courses
XS Training provide electrical courses to the industry. Get yourself on the ladder, visit their website for more information.

Electrical Courses by TradeSkills4U
TradeSkills4U provide electrical courses to the industry. Get yourself on the ladder, visit their website for more information.

Water and Electric Underfloor Heating by uHeat Underfloor Heating
uHeat are our electric and water underfloor heating suppliers. They supply to both the trade and public and have an excellent reputation. Enter discount code: electriciansforum at checkout for 5% off.

Electricians Vans
Van sales, contract hire, hire purchase, special prices and group buys coming soon to!

Electricians Insurance
Cheap rates on public liability, van and vehicle insurance, tool insurance, and more, coming soon to!


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