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EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report): editable PDF based on IET Model form 2019-01-01

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This is an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report), complete with Schedule of Inspections and General Schedule of Test Results, in the format of a PDF. You can fill out the details using any PDF reader. It is derived from, and pretty much identical to, the IET model forms, at: The only thing I have added is a "Ref" field in the top right of each page, for you to add a reference (e.g. invoice number and page). There is a copyright notice on the IET model form, I believe this derivation is in compliance with this, provided it is not used for resale.

Extra test results sheets also available.

Done by @happysteve (using OpenOffice)

Latest updates

  1. 18th Edition update to EICR

    This version is derived from the Electrical Installation Condition Report in BS 7671:2018 (18th...
  2. Typo correction (trating -> rating) in the test results sheet

    Typo correction (trating -> rating) in the test results sheet. No other changes.
  3. Schedule of Test Results: extra option "X" on RCD test button fields

    It occurred to me that there should be an option of a "X" as well as a "√" or an "N/A" on the...

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Couldn't get it to work properly to start with this was because it opened with Edge (???) . Once I forced it open with acrobat it worked great. Many thanks
Thanks Stevo! A big help as my mate was ECA but has retired now.
many thanks for your work!!! Very much appreciated!!
Thanks for your hard work. It's very helpful.
Lots of hard work went into this. well done, a very useful aid.
Thank you so much for, absolute life saver
Thank you so much, absolutely Brilliant!
John O Hagan
Thank you buddy this saves so much time, brilliant work and brilliant forum
Great job... Thank you
thanks for this. great work
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