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SparkyChick's Guide To IP Networking 1.1

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A quick guide covering IP networking, includes brief info about some useful software tools, wiring standards, subnets and a raft of useful terms
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Latest updates

  1. Typo fix in table on page 8

    @EalingBadger pointed out a typo in the table on page 8 (line 2 incorrectly showed the subnet...

Latest reviews

Brilliant. Thanks SparkyChick. A lot of info in there!
Concise & very understandable for anybody wanting to get a hold of IP networking- great effort!
Well done - good stuff! THANKS
Excellent piece of work SparkyChick.

There is a typo in the table on page 8 - you have the subnet mask in as on line 2.
Thanks for that, turns out I had in fact fixed it in the source document but had failed to republish and update it.
A superb resource - thanks SC!
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