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  1. sparkdog

    Elecsa brand being retired

    I'm quite pleased to be able to have the NIC logo, been with ELECSA since 2009 but when Certsure came along with NIC I kept thinking, they may as well call it all NIC.
  2. sparkdog

    Self employed income support scheme

    Same here, I didn't think they were going to give me anything anyway.
  3. sparkdog

    Can Electricians Go To Work? - Yes, if you're able to safely

    Very good to know if I do get an emergency job.
  4. sparkdog

    Clips melted in domestic 60’s 3 bed

    Might be caused by glow worms.
  5. sparkdog

    Pimp My Van - Show us yer racks!

    Mine just has a great big yellow Van Vault box in the back now.
  6. sparkdog

    Electric Vehicle Charging training

    I thought I saw somewhere there is a change coming up to make them easier to install.
  7. sparkdog

    Multifunctional Testers - Which one have you got and how long has it lasted?

    Megger 3 piece since 2010 still fine. Martindale ET4000 was great until it got nicked.
  8. sparkdog

    Right to repair legislation

    Could probably use it as an X-ray machine.
  9. sparkdog

    Up late watching telly. Classic film

    You've forgotten Lassie.
  10. sparkdog

    Right to repair legislation

    I think that'ts about 1950s with its round tube.
  11. sparkdog

    Right to repair legislation

    "picture valve" the good old over stressed PL81 usually. 1569950764 Yes, I remember them well, the Thorns with their innovative "chopper transistor."
  12. sparkdog

    Right to repair legislation

    Hey Tel, I was a telly repair man back then as well.
  13. sparkdog

    Right to repair legislation

    I always thought front loading washing machines were a flawed design anyway. All that weight of the full drum only supported by one bearing ( well two but only inches apart) maximum over stress and only a matter of time until it fails.
  14. sparkdog

    Another van broken into.

    Not very encouraging, yes I have heard of the sliding door trick.
  15. sparkdog

    Another van broken into.

    I recently got a mig welder, perhaps I could go for the ultimate solution and weld up all the doors.
  16. sparkdog

    Another van broken into.

    Nope, the Police said they couldn't help as no CCTV or witness.
  17. sparkdog

    Another van broken into.

    Yup, got to add my name to the list, Transit Connect opened with a key overnight in a quiet country villiage.Toolbag, drills MFT and a lot of other stuff gone. It was insured so hopefully get some new kit. I'll leave my van locked up in a garage now and take my car home.Police absolutely no help...
  18. sparkdog

    Belling Oven fault

    Turn it up with the element disconnected and see if it still trips. Sometimes elements only go faulty when the power is applied.
  19. sparkdog

    Is this the purrrfect chase?

    Magnificent job!