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  1. telectrix

    No earth electrode visible?

    you say there is a main earth from the supply cut-out. does that mean it's been upgraded to PME? what's the Ze?
  2. telectrix

    Fitting new Cooker hood

    that wattage is just aboult 1A so will be fine.
  3. telectrix

    UK Upside Down UK Plug Socket - Is This Normal/Ok?

    only problem could be that the electriccs leak down through grVITY TO THE EARTH PIN, THUS CAUSU=ING YOUR rcd TO TRIP.
  4. telectrix

    Fitting new Cooker hood

    fit a 3A or a 5A fuse, depending on the hood's requirements. RTFM
  5. telectrix

    are there Zone 1 Changes?

    the 12v "rule" is a myth put out by a wet-pants showing off his lack of knowledge. 240V is OK as long as it's IPX4
  6. telectrix

    Best way to install a very tiny light

    not been on for a while since having a partial hip replaced ( the ball on top of the femur because sawbones could not fix the break close to the joint ). need some muscle exercises to get the legs working better.
  7. telectrix

    Best way to install a very tiny light

    battery powered PIR light. only a few quid and no wiring or switches required.
  8. telectrix

    Quickwire Now Sponsor

    you may remember that i asked about this a couple of years ago and you replied that you were working on it. nice to see you are progressing. it will be a life-changer if and when a ring pair in a wall fall foul of the wood butchers fitting wall cupboards.
  9. telectrix

    For Sale Project - pallet loads of kitchen goods in need of repair or selling for parts

    if you were to do pallets of cordless tools from major makes, e.g. dewalt, bosch, milwaulee, etc, ( not mickey mouse DIY tools) you'd be sure to get positive responses here.
  10. telectrix

    Tightening locknuts with hammer and screwdriver-dog rough or not?

    my local housing association has flats, making a fortune from rent and leasehold charges. fleet of new Transits every 2 years. and you should see the bodged repairs. broken timber purlin repaired with a couple of coachbolts. no support. disabled ramp that nobody can use. ( this eventually was...
  11. telectrix

    Having issues and need some advice.

    still stick with my theory that heavy loads will drag down the supply for a few millisecs. when starting up.
  12. telectrix

    New supply to Combi Boiler

    1.5mm T/E is the correct cable. no need to bond pipes at boiler. 3A fuse in your FCU.
  13. telectrix

    Tightening locknuts with hammer and screwdriver-dog rough or not?

    done that a few times for that very reason.
  14. telectrix

    Having issues and need some advice.

    momentary voltage drop when the A.C. kicks in, as the start up current it far greater than the rated current, just for a split second. Your TV sees this dip and reacts.
  15. telectrix

    Tightening locknuts with hammer and screwdriver-dog rough or not?

    love it. nice and succinct post. been doing it for years - beats bashing knuckles on a slipping pair of gland pliers.
  16. telectrix

    Issue with lighting after lifting sockets to paint

    possibly the lighting feed goes up with the socket cables and you have disturbed it, could be a long standing Almost a fault ith the cable/s ad the disturbance has brought it to light. forgive the pun.
  17. telectrix

    Anyone know this RCD symbol?

    I though it was Katie Price from the side,
  18. telectrix

    latest regs and other general issues

    1.that height for sockets and switches is a building reg, for new builds. on a rewire it;s recommended that they are fitted at a no worse height than previously. the socket height at 450mm is common sense, saves bending low with a 76 year old back like mine. the 1200 for switches is stupid. fit...
  19. telectrix

    Why isnt my tail light working but my brake light is

    I'd suspect corrosion of the circuit board that the lights are fitted into.
  20. telectrix

    BS7671/ drilling joists.

    basically, it's between 0.25 and 0.4 of the span of the joist. minimum of 2" below/above top or bottom. holes to be separated by 1.5 x the holesize.