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  1. D

    Need 2-gang, single receptacle box cover for two 220v, 20 amp receptacles

    I have two 220 volt receptacles (one L14-20 and one L6-20) that I want to mount next to one another in a standard two gang switch box. This would mean I also need a 2-gang, single receptacle box cover (two round holes next to one another, one in the center of each gang. I can find a 2-gang...
  2. M

    USA Variable voltage 220v Appliance (Type I) to 110v (Type B) socket,

    Hello everybody, I am not an electrician or anything of the sort, but figured that this would be the best place to ask my question. I have a 220v heating appliance with a Chinese Type I plug. The appliance has a volatge regulator knob that allows voltage to be varied anywhere between 0v and...
  3. S

    Workshop Q light gauge 220v can a 3 phase 415v connection be made up?

    Hello again and Happy NY all. I have decided to take a small piece of family land and erect a house ( live for a few years) As part of this, i have to do a lot myself, joinery carpentry etc. I have access to a rural farm workshop to conduct all, its dry but the electrical connection is run...
  4. D

    USA 230v european motorized pencil sharpener in 110v usa outlet bogs down

    Have a 220v (wired for Sweden) motorized pencil sharpener (Boston X-acto model 41). Since its a motor it does not work right, bogs down in 120v usa power outlet. What do i need maybe a transformer?
  5. C

    How to enable a 220V connection from the meter?

    Hi everyone! I am Cristian from Ecuador. Since I understand just the very basics of electric circuits, I would like to ask for some explanation about the wiring on the box containing the meter at home. First of all, I have to mention that meters in Ecuador are supposedly capable to deliver...
  6. mahaka11

    hello plss help it will take 2 sec.

    hello everyone i want to change my Xbox one adapter from 110V to 220V i watch video and there is 1 part needed part name is: HEL 14D 471K. so my question is: that module and (NU) 472M X1Y2 is same ? i mean can i use this instead of showed in video ? p.s. i'm 2/10 at knowledge of electronics.
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