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  1. D

    Lighting cct voltage has dropped from nominal 240v to 138v

    Hi all, last week I decided to start painting the inside of the house and began in the kitchen. So to paint the ceiling, I lowered all LED downlights and left them prised using the spring loaded mechanism allowing to paint under the gimbals, so no weight was placed on the wiring whatsoever...
  2. D

    Single phase 240v motor starter & overload with on/off switch wiring?

    Hi, Hoping you all can help me wire up my single phase 240v induction motor. Can someone please explain or even better sketch out where the wires need to go, I have a fair idea already just want some good advice before I continue. Switch is CK-5 10A 250v - SWITCH Thanks in advance!
  3. R

    Getting 260v out of 240v outlet.

    I just replaced my range with a new one because the old oven took a long time to get hot and then eventually stopped working all together. Assumed it was an issue with the range as it was 20 years old. Hooked up the new range and the control panel was flashing and could not turn oven on. Could...
  4. G

    240V in Zone 1?

    Went to National Lighting today to find a mini downlight for shelf lighting in bathroom. Gent sold me a IP67 240v fixture. It was my understanding that 240v was not allowed in Zone 1 unless a shower unit or pump etc. Someone want to clear this up for me.
  5. C

    How to wire a 240V 3-prong plug?

    Hello! For this device I have one 240V hot wire and one neutral but the socket is for a 240V 3-prong plug (two 120V-hot wires and one neutral). What can I do to install a 3-prong plug having only one hot wire? This is the plug
  6. Y

    240v Switchboard in Campervan

    Hey everyone, new to the forum and was hoping for some advice. I'm planing the 240v install on my Toyota coaster camper van and am trying to figure out the switch board. I will have a main in from a campsite hook up and also an inverter from the batteries. I want to wire it so that the air...
  7. robertl

    UK 480v Split Phase, new workshop, VFD's required

    Hi All, I've posted on here before about this, that time i was asking what people thought about phase converters as at that point i thought i could only get a single phase line at 100a for my new workshop. Turns out that after the DNO visited the site i can get a Split Phase connection put in...
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