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3 core

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    10mm2 3 core 90 degree cable suggestions

    Customer has ordered a Smeg Symphony SY92IPX9 Induction Range Cooker. Smeg don't supply a cable and specify that the cable you use should be 10mm2 3 core and be able to withstand at least 90 degrees C. The only 10mm2 I can find that is anywhere close is H07RN-F but that is only good to 85C. A...
  2. T

    3 core twin and earths

    Came accross a re wire were the sparks first fixing had used 3 core cables down to every switch baffled as to why on 1 ways etc supervisor called it smart wiring ? Anyome else come accross this ?
  3. K

    UK RCD keep tripping.

    Hi All.. I have a 16mm 3 core swa feed a 9way split board in shed, 30m from incomer .. from the split board I have run a 10mm 3 core swa to 2 way board for hot tub. This has a 63amp rcd in it.. the other end at the split board is also a 63amp rcd on its own of one side of the split board.. this...
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    3 core & earth to 2 core & earth

    Hi there. After a bit of advice please. Only reason I am not getting an electrician in is because my son is struggling with Asperger's at the moment, so just not able to let contractors in as he has meltdowns. I am in the process of simply replacing an old light from underneath a stairwell. I...
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