3 phase

  1. S

    Recommend me a Type B (3 Phase) Distribution Board

    Need to source Type B 3-phase distribution & 3P MCBs for EVSE, 1P RCBOs etc. so my sparky can install. A 6-way 3P board will suffice. Wondering what the general concensus is. Say, Contactum at the cheaper end vs Schneider Acti9 at the upper end. Drawn towards the Schneider as super neat...
  2. K

    Do I have 3 phase electric?

    Hi there I am wanting to get a 22Kw car charger installed which I believe needs 3 phase electric. I seem to recall that our house has a 3 phase supply as the previous owner had a workshop in the garden with some pretty powerful machinery. How can I tell if it does have 3 phase? Thank you in...
  3. HappyHippyDad

    More on the 3 phase question.....

    So, the actual job is on a farm. I think I'll keep things simple at the moment and just ask about voltage drop. I'll come on to earthing and bonding a bit later or on another thread! We have a 3 phase supply (100A p/phase). From supply to first barn (we'll call it Barn A) is 70 metres. For...
  4. HappyHippyDad

    Understanding 3 phase volt drop.......

    I am trying to understand 3 phase volt drop. I understand single phase VD. Lets say we have a 70 meter run of 35mm, 5 core cable from the supply to the 3 phase consumer unit. From the 3 phase consumer unit we have 1 x 16A triple pole MCB (so that's 16A per phase). which has a run of 12metres...
  5. W

    Dual phase upgrade to 3 phase

    Hi, we are converting old farm buildings to commercial units, and as my father used to run a vacuum pump and compressor in his dairy I always assumed we were on 3 phase. However, having had an electrician check our supply, it turns out we have a dual phase supply with 100A fuses on each. Have...
  6. J

    What size wire and over current device needed for a 480v 3 phase generator 114 amp.

    wiring a 480 volt 3 phase 114 amp generator to run 2 machines. Both machine nameplate 480 v 3 phase 50 FLA. What size wire and over current device would I need to protect the Generator and also the 2 machines running off the generator.
  7. Calebp43

    Single to 3 phase converter

    Been called to help a friend who can't get anyone to look at his car lift until next week and it's stopping him from working. I said I'd have a look but never work with 3 phase converters so I'm not very clued up. He bought a car lift and it doesn't want to turn on. He saw it working fine before...
  8. M

    3 phase RCD question

    Hi everyone, each leakage question here. I am needing to run some LED screens, professional type, not TVs. These are 500mm x 500mm panels and traditionally have 2/3mA leakage per panel. So we generally have a 63A three phase distro with a 300 mA on input and multiple outputs protected by 30 mA...
  9. P

    3 phase and borrowed neutrals?

    Hi everyone, I want to repurpose an old cable that was previously used to power a 3-phase machine. The cable is 4L1.5 micc, and I don't want to replace it unless I really have to, as the cable run is convoluted/inaccessible to say the least. It was obviously installed before many other things...
  10. M

    3 phase power connection upgrade

    Hi we want to upgrade our single phase power to 3 phase power at our commercial premises. 3 phase is next door just beside our doors. We need 67 kv of power for our sunbed shop. Will electrical supplier need to put new cable or they can connect us to existing one ?
  11. M

    3 phase supplies for table & band saw

    Hi all, I have been asked to install individual three-phase supplies for a band saw and table saw. Having trouble figuring out the correct cable / breaker sizes required (I’m a marine electrical fitter and it’s been a long time since doing this sort of works). I currently have an Eaton...
  12. OnlQQker

    Terminating a 400A 3 phase supply

    Got to say they made a nice job of this, especially the glanding process
  13. G

    Adapting a 3 phase industrial machine to single phase

    Hello, I am hoping this is in the correct forum. To start, I acquired a film processing machine that runs on 3 phase. Now before getting the machine I fully understood it's power requirements and the cost of getting 3 phase installed at my house. I figured as processors are mostly a few...
  14. J

    Measuring 3 phase usage with a clamp meter?

    Good morning, I have a 3 phase supply into my workshop Hager dist board. I need to measure my usage for business accounts. My Electrician mentioned clamping around the swa cable with a ct clamp would be a simple metering option, but I'm not sure if I understood him correctly. Is this...
  15. L

    discharge higher than 3kw with ac coupled 3 phase

    hi guys i'm trying to get my head round the following setup growatt TL3 5kW 3 phase string inverter 14 panels @ 395W Spa3000 TL ac coupled controller - unless there is a alternative mcs approved one available growatt ark 4x2.5's with bms will i be able to draw 3 5 or 8kw with this setup please...
  16. D

    3 phase run of 1300 feet

    Hello all. I am trying to get 125 amps 3 phase back to a paintball field to power an electric air compressor. I have a 3 phase 120/240v PG and E feed, 200A panel about 1300' feet away from the desired location. I have 2 transformers, so we can transform up to 480 to make the 1300' run, and...
  17. H

    3 phase motor cable size

    Hi all, I’ve been asked to run a cable for a 3 phase DC motor. Not having much experience with motors would you work out cable sizing the same? In the picture attached are the details I have received. Any help would be great 
  18. J

    3 phase load balancing

    Hi all, just looking for an outside opinion on this. A collegue and I are going to be installing 4 three phase EV chargers on a site. He's of the opinion that we will need to invert the phase at each charger in order to balance the load, i dont believe this is correct as equipment with 3 phase...
  19. K

    Direct Buried Cables 3 Phase

    Hi, I am a mechanical engineer tasked with some electrical engineering scope of work and not sure where to look for information on the following... I have 12 x Off 95mm2 SWA 3 Phase cables coming from Solar inverters into an energy building panel. Each cable is carrying a maximum of 160Amps...
  20. timhoward

    Compact 3 phase distribution?

    I may be seeking the holy grail here, but does anyone have any instant thoughts for a compact 3 phase distribution board that doesn't cost the earth? I only need 1 outgoing 3 phase distribution circuit and 1 single phase final circuit, with an 100ma RCD main switch. This is all outdoors with...
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