1. D

    Would this be acceptable

    Hi all I have a customer who wants LED lights around his newly built garden wall. He wants 12 in total currently there is already a existing outdoor socket in the garden which is fed from the ring final circuit via a FCU At present he would like to keep the outdoor socket. He doesn’t want...
  2. J

    Acceptable TT earthing resistance for EV point

    I understand that some vehicles do a check on the earthing resistance before they allow themselves to connect to the charging point, so irrespective of whether the earth resistance is in line with the regs, it may not be 'acceptable' to some vehicles. Does anyone know what value of resistance...
  3. N

    Steel conduits acceptable for earthing in domestic property ?

    Evening Just been to quote for a consumer unit upgrade. Found that the board was from circa 1960 and wiring looked original also. No alterations have been made with exception of a few faceplates renewed in the kitchen. Red and black single cores going into an adaptable box at the back and...
  4. Dan

    SATURDAY NIGHT TUNES THREAD (27/09) - Beatles theme? - others also acceptable mind

    This is the actual beatles youtube channel if you want to follow it. They've gone in hard closing other tunes down on YT and taking over their income from them if they have left them. As it's 50 years promo thing. It's not them getting rich out of it all mind. It's the record labels and...
  5. T

    Is this acceptable?

    So the incoming power is coming from X1 and three phase is being distributed to Q1 using 25mm cable. Phase 1 & Neutral are going to Q2. I was curious as to what cable size is acceptable going to Q2? I assumed it would also need to be 25mm but I've been told as its pulling a maximum of 1A that...
  6. mhar

    Acceptable departure?

    Been working at a large property with a tt system with a 100mA upfront rcd. Works undertaken in 2012 (inc 3 x split load cu replacements) were not documented and not done to an acceptable standard, I am encouraging the customer to seek redress. When testing my additions the 5 x trip test is...
  7. D

    Help please - Is this acceptable?

    Hi, I am currently doing a small kitchen. It needs to be wired, however the elctricians can't do it for a while, so what im thinking about doing is chasing out the walls and putting in 25mm round conduit, then plastering over it, so when the electrical work can be done they can just push the...
  8. happyhippydad

    Domestic Would 10mm tails be acceptable?

    I will be fitting a henly block to split the meter tails. I'll be taking some tails 1-2m a new shower consumer unit (63A RCD and 45AMCB) with no spare ways to fit extra MCB's. I'm not sure what the cutout fuse size is. I was planning on using 16mm tails but would 10mm tails be acceptable...
  9. M

    Domestic High R1+R2 but acceptable Zs

    Hi everyone. Did a test last week and sorting the paperwork. On the downstairs lighting circuit I got an R1+R2 reading of 3.35 but a Zs of 0.90. Normally I'd go looking for a loose connection somewhere myself but the company I work operates in a way where I've got a limited time to do the...
  10. H

    deemed works not acceptable

    Hello, Last year I had a double socket (1) put in my room which was spurred off the ring main by a registered electrician. This year, another company : - i) installed two double sockets (2) and (3) either side of (1) and made the connection with flex wire ii) left the blue and brown wires...
  11. Iain Kay

    Is this installation considered acceptable today? (1-ring including oven and everything else)

    Looking for some advice on what I've discovered is the electrics situation in my rental property. I'll note that before I moved in here I made the Letting agents (LA) more than aware I use an absolute -----ton of power. I told them I can and will be pulling 2,000-4,000 kWh a quarter (with gas...
  12. Daniel Oake

    Power to a shed. What are your thoughts?

    Iv'e come across a shed that was supplied via a 13A Fused connection unit with 2.5mm squared flat twin and earth on a 15 metre run inside 20mm plastic conduit that was clipped to their wooden fence every 300mm. Supplies 6 double sockets and one 5ft LED light fitting. (earthing arrangement is...
  13. O

    How can anyone think this is acceptable ...

    Victorian house - just rewired. EIC provided ....... Description of works "total rewire of all circuits. Dead tests only" Speechless Rant over..................
  14. SparkyChick

    Plastic Switchgear Enclosures - Acceptable in barn?

    Hi all, I've tried to find the answer to this question, but I've drawn a blank. Situation... location is a barn, attached to a domestic property. This will be a sub-board supplied in T+E from the main board in the house. The question is... is a plastic board acceptable or should it be metal...
  15. W

    wiring a ring in 2.5 is no longer acceptable?

    So my boss had the NIC inspector out the other day and he mentioned that wiring a ring in 2.5 is no longer acceptable. He stated that even wiring a ring in 4mm is now pushing it when it's installed in insulation. We have always wired rings in 4mm as we wire large holiday homes. All my other...
  16. D

    minor works high Zs Values

    test, cant seem to post????
  17. B

    Megger readings

    I am planning to Meg a 480 volt 3 phase motor leads to ground using 1000 volts DC. What are acceptable ohm values and when should I be concerned.
  18. T

    Dry Lining box For Double Socket Underneath in Wall

    Hi working at a house which has just had a new bathroom and noticed that there is a dry lining box in the wall that the bath is against, its for a double socket in the room adjacent to the bathroom, the box is underneath the bath and reading my regs book it states if you need a tool to get under...
  19. bigspark17

    Commercial Tt no rcd at origin

    200A 3phase tt system with metal clad control panel no rcd at origin 4pole main switch. I have always put rcd at origin but it has been put to me if you can prove a very stable low Ra (ze acceptable) rcd may omitted? What is an acceptable low level and how can you prove it will stay stable. No...
  20. L

    Commercial Trailing Sockets

    Hi Guys I was hoping some of you could give me some advice. (as i am not an electrician!) I have been asked to do a fire risk assessment on a salvage shop that sells extremely old and extremely expensive vintage light fittings. The client says that her local electrician inspects and rewires...
  21. dnjr

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC conflicting advice

    Dear All Im quoting on changing a fuse board and the earth bonding to the gas is 6mm. TNCS system 100A main fuse at cutout (sealed so not confirmed) The flat has concrete ceilings and floors and the bonding cable is deep in the structure of the building. No obvious route to run in a 10mm. I rang...
  22. uksparks

    Board Change

    Hi, Went to look at a board change this morning, all seems fine, nothing untoward, only thing was on the downstairs ring the CPC continuity was higher than I would have liked. r1 = 0.39 rn = 0.41 r2 = 1.44 I was half expecting around 0.75 ish, how far over the expected do you accept without...
  23. Majid Khan

    Insulation resistance testing

    Hi guys, Could anyone help me Please with the following questions? I have an assignment to do which has a question that states, Insulation resistance testing has been carried out on the installation and the following result obtained: Live to Live = 195 M ohms Live to earth = 0.75 M ohms...
  24. C

    Fusebox being fed by a ring main

    Hi guys turned up to a residential property today to add a few double socket outlets only to find the fuse box in the area was being fed by a ring main on the main switch. Is this allowed ?
  25. B

    CU with no main switch - is it acceptable?

    Hi My sisters cu appears to have had the main switch removed to make room for more mcbs. Whoever did this just took it out and placed it on top of the casing. The cu has 2 rcds to the 17th. But is this acceptable to remove main switch?? Thanks in advance!
  26. R


    Am i correct in thinking you don't need to be registered with a scammer scheme to do ECIR's?
  27. P

    defects on inspection

    on inspection of the electrical installation of a "refurb" property. 2 up 2 down terrace. .the lighting ccts on the board (2) are protected by a 10A MCb is this acceptable or sholuld i recommend thayre down graded to 6A? also there are 2 feeds out from each of the two mcbs..effectively making 2...
  28. J

    Fuse Downgrading

    Is it acceptable to leave a 2 core 10mm2 MICC cable supplying an upstairs flat on a 100A suppliers fuse? (Maxing demand is acceptable and disconnection times are within tolerance.)
  29. J

    PIR or not to PIR ?

    does anyone know why/how a PIR done by a 2391 spark (not part of a scheme) is acceptable to LABC and yet an installation cert done by the same spark(for notifiable work) needs to be backed up by membership to a scheme ? I understand that some work is notifiable , would it be acceptable to supply...
  30. G

    gas bond from local distribution board

    My engineer wants me to fit a gas bond from a local distribution board in an office but as we know it should be direct from the MET. What if the distribution board is moved or removed? Needless to say i wont be putting my name to it. This isnt right is it?? How can i make the best of a bad...
  31. M

    Commercial Crabtree C50 breakers.

    HI all, what BS number is the crabtree c50, if there is one? are thay acceptable as PIR reports, say a sub main 16 amp feeding a caravan ( fixed static ) with an old ELCB? any thoughts regards P.:crazy:
  32. W

    ze testing

    hi,i have a question about carrying out a ze test.the supply is a multi head and splits off to supply two properties.the earthing is the carry out a ze test i need to disconnect the earth but i carnt do this without disconnecting next doors as well,any help.thanks
  33. RWJ

    Domestic POLL - Neutrals at switches

    As the title suggests In respect to the debate in this thread I've decided to launch a poll to gage response from the forum. 3 Answers GOOD / ACCEPTABLE - If you think Neutrals at...
  34. S

    Perfect PIR

    Just wondering if anyone has ever come across a perfect PIR? Nearly had one today, but a busbar point without a rubber topping stopped it. All tests where fine though, and that and no rubber gromits in some back boxes. So not a major deal.
  35. V

    testing calc question

    a 10amp type c has a max measured zs of 1.85,i have a circuit with a measured zs of 2.03 the circuit is 2.5mm (not sure type) and it provides roof lighting also r1+r2 was 2.77ohms. is there any way i can make the zs result acceptable using the design zs from the regs or does this circuit just...
  36. J

    think ive just stuffed my am2

    On the m.i.c.c cable the 3 phase from the board the resistance between each phase is about 88 mega ohms so think ill get marked dorwn for that also the in the board the conducters are about an inch short of the breaker the only thing im pleased with is the conduit oh well got another 2 days of...
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