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  1. B

    Cavity wall access from Loft to 2nd floor for low voltage cable.

    Hi guys, I know this is technially not a mains electrical question as it's regarding network cable (CAT7) rated for inwall installation. But my question follows the same theory. I'm looking at dropping a few network cables from the gable end of my wall in the loft down into a room on the 2nd...
  2. W

    Need help to access thermostat screws

    Hi, I have a Beko OTF22300x double oven and need to replace the thermostat in the a main oven. Problem is that I can't access the screws to remove the old thermostat from behind the control plate, as the plate seems to be made up of 2 panels which are really close and I can't separate them...
  3. JD6400

    Use of access equipment , do you own or hire?

    When it comes to access equipment , where do others source it from , and how do you price for it ? If you have your own cherry picker / platform , how do you charge it out and do you find it cost effective?
  4. K

    Can this CCTV camera be used via smartphone app? CCTV and access control novice!

    first time poster! i had this camera given to be by a friend who had it going spare and was wondering if i could utilize this cameras full capabilities using just a smartphone app. though a qualified spark, i am a complete cctv and data novice and would like to be able to control and rotate/move...
  5. bigspark17

    Access keypad system

    I have been asked to install a keypad access system in a commercial property, this will be a simple one door install. The property does have a fire alarm does this system need to be interfaced to the fire alarm...
  6. XS Training

    AM2 Exam Preparation Training - Online - £125 - 14 Days Access

    XS Training Ltd have recently produced a comprehensive online course covering all aspects of the AM2 and AM2S. The course is available for a period of 14 days for £125.00 and provides a real alternative to attending a classroom based environment which is typically take over one or two days and...
  7. ccudal

    Access Path of more than 100 feet high building

    Hi, this is from NYC fire code. does anyone knows if there's a code for building more than 100 feet. Thanks " 504.4 Rooftop Access and Obstructions The rooftops of buildings 100 feet (30 480 mm) or less in height, except rooftops with a slope exceeding 20 degrees (0.35 rad) from the...
  8. BruvDunk

    Access to the Pub ??

    Any moderators about to open up access to the Pub please.... Cheers
  9. Dan

    Change "Arms Access" banner / tag to "Professional"?

    Change "Arms Access" banner / tag to "Pro Electrician" "Professional"? What would you guys say? I assume everybody with the current Electricians Arms tag is an actual Professional Electrician? (Been a while since I've admin'd here to be fair) So I'm squishing out content that doesn't make...
  10. John Matrix

    Moving to Alarms, CCTV, Door access

    Hello lads. Just want to ask how much learning is involved with moving into Alarms, CCTV an Door Access. I’ve done a lot of Fire for Protec Fire Detection, both addressable and Conventional, Vespa- Cirrus Pro, a little bit on PA systems etc. I basically have limited installation experience on...
  11. John Matrix

    Moving into Alarms, Door Access and CCTV

    Hello lads. Just want to ask how much learning is involved with moving into Alarms, CCTV an Door Access. I’ve done a lot of Fire for Protec Fire Detection, both addressable and Conventional, Vespa- Cirrus Pro, a little bit on PA systems etc. I basically have limited installation experience on...
  12. O

    Electric meter installation - need access to neighbour's flat

    Hi there I'm new here so apologies if this is the wrong place, My prepayment electric meter screen went blank last week, I was advised this was to do with a power cut, I am currently on supply. I live in a block of flats and the electrician that came out advised that they would need access to...
  13. Lucien Nunes

    DIY access status badge

    Just a quick thought... I don't especially like that professionals who have access to the section to give advice, get a badge that just says 'DIY'. We understand what it means, but the casual reader or Googler might get the wrong impression if they don't work out its significance. The 'Trainee...
  14. J

    Replacement access door on SECTOR consumer unit

    Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I managed to smash to smithereens the transparent plastic access door/cover on my sector consumer unit, that's at the top of my stairs. I need to get a new door/cover to replace it. I know all C/U's now are metal, but I was wondering if anyone has an old one, or...
  15. T

    Commercial DB location, client access to breakers

    What are your thoughts on letting customers access a fuseboard? I'm working for a company that rents out rooms by the hour for people to play musical instruments and they often trip the power. These are unmanned premises. I've been asked to place a fuseboard in the corridor with RCBOs for the...
  16. T

    Can I Have Access to the Pub Please

    Any mods able to give me access to the pub? Thanks,
  17. P

    Access to the trainee-only forum

    Hi Guys, I have recently join your forum. I'm doing course with New Trades Career at this moment. It is going to last around 24 months. Its a home study with 10-week practice assessment. I have done 2 months of studying already. Soon I will be able to go for my first 2 weeks practice. I'm...
  18. C

    Access training Cardiff electrical course, is it worth doing?

    Hi I was hoping someone people on here could give me some advice on a electrical course with access training. I’ve seen mixed reviews but would like to hear from someone who has done the course. Has anyone done this course or know if it’s any good? And I’ve been told by them that after...
  19. Sintra

    Trainee How to access trainee forum.

    Edit - There is a form to fill in now. No need to copy and paste anything. :) See the rest of this thread as to what to do to gain access now. Thanks Dan
  20. E

    Regs question re socket access from bathroom

    Next to bathroom I have an airing cupboard. I am planning to add a switched socket in there. I then want to run some conduit back in to bathroom which will have an DC cable fed for Amazon Alexa speaker. The cable run and Alexa will be on a windowsill, outside zone 2. Is there any regs position...
  21. edexlab

    How to tighten a 50mm SWA gland with no access to locknut

    Hello all I'm doing a Job in France for my company where we are installing SWA for power to our own control panels The issue is the DB is a new modular Schneider panel with removable sides all busbars switchgear etc is at the front and the access is really limited it's bolted to the floor...
  22. Baddegg

    Can’t access main bond to water pipe.....

    Can’t access connection of main bond to water pipe due to being (I assume under hardwood flooring) have confirmed continuity by disconnecting the 10mm at Met clamping on and testing with wander lead to copper pipe where it enters out of kitchen floor, but I can’t confirm the condition of the...
  23. E

    ive been sorely missed on this forum

    its obvious you missed me
  24. Steve Harris

    Access control / video entry

    Hi all, Is there a dedicated area for conversations about access control and notably video entry? Thanks Steve
  25. R

    Access to utility network plans

    Can anyone help me with a utility network plan for a site I’m currently working on? Iv tried sp energy networks, rang the number it says on their website, got passed pillar to post for 35 minutes then hung up on by the last department they were transferring me to! Ideally needed before...
  26. bigash

    Access control (cannot get access to main forum)

    Ok asking for some advice here. On a job at the moment and an elderly couple have had someone out who seems well to me to of buggered the system due to wrong wiring at the relay. The relay is set to be NO circuit. At the moment the wiring is this everything in the diagram is correct and wired...
  27. G

    Fan isolator switch access

    I have attached a photo of an isolator switch which is for an extraction fan in my kitchen. The only way I have found to switch it off is to take the front plate off which then gives acces to the switch. Is there a key/tool that can be used to turn the switch off/on through the slot in the front...
  28. Marvo


    We have a trainee forum which is free of charge and has experienced mentors on hand to assist trainees with their studies. There's no strings attached, it's just experienced guys in the electrical industry helping out the next generation of tradesmen. In the Trainee Forum all questions...
  29. Sparky_marky2

    Cable preference for corridors and public access areas

    Hi all Friday at last! Just like to get your thoughts and opinions on this, just been on site today for a new 16 x studio flats over 4 floors in the center there is a donut shaped stairwell and in the center of the donut is a lift access for each floor (check photo) According to the client (an...
  30. HumbleWorker 91RT

    Posted for trainee access area but no response

    Anyone able to help cheers. Cheers HW
  31. Joshua

    Officially starting out on my lonely (NICEIC, Arms access advice)

    A little back story. . . I've been a self employed sub contractor for 6 years now. Mainly working on new build flats and houses with the odd bit of commercial thrown in for good measure. I'm finally taking the plunge to start my own fully fledged company. At the moment I'm still doing site...
  32. C

    New member question on testing and also on how to gain access to ' Trainee Area'

    Good evening all, was told that the trainee area would be a good area for me to go in and I've messaged Admin a couple of days back but haven't heard anything back yet. Just wondered if anyone else would be able to help on this And also If I could post a little bit I got stuck on in my work...
  33. Lit_by_Sparks

    Tenant refusing access for test and inspection

    Good afternoon, A client wants my company to access a commercial property (shop) to carry out some remedial works and subsequent test. The owner of the company is refusing to shut down his business (perhaps understandably) to allow this to happen. I was just wondering what the usual procedure...
  34. G

    Course Access Training

    Hey everyone, I'm Greg. I'm a new member of that forum. Would like to be trained as a electrician but don't really know which way I should go. Someone introduced me to access training academy and they course but I'm not sure if that's the good way for a start. It's fast track course. Have a look...
  35. J

    Access training Cardiff Electrician Course

    I'm interested in Doing a Electrician Fast Track Course at Access Training, They said I could get a City and guilds Qualification Equivalent to a NVQ 3 and get a Gold card, I'm interested in working for a Agency I have Worked with doing Demolition, would I be able to Get Electrical Work After...
  36. J

    access panel in ceiling in shower room for extractor fan

    hi guys got asked a question today if it is possible to install an access panel in the ceiling to access extractor fan motor that is within the ceiling iv done some research but cannot find anything on this. I'm sure that if it is possible it would need to be moisture resistant. thanks joe
  37. Anthony_wayne

    Electricians arms...

    evening folks, How do I get the sufficient privileges to gain access to the pub?! I couldn't see a "contact us" page. Thanks in advance Anthony
  38. happyhippydad

    Cut out questions?

    Hello all.. I have 2 questions about the picture below. I carried out an EICR and you can see that part of the cover is missing near where the CPC enters the cut out enclosure. I realise that this is not in my remit to code, is it simply a matter of informing the DNO? Also, usually I see a...
  39. Leader

    Rod set - worth it?

    I'm wondering whether it's worth investing in a rod set? They seem quite expensive so are they worth it? How often do you use them? Do they work round tight corners? I currently use the old string method which sometimes works great but obviously has it's drawbacks!
  40. D

    Removal of panels - Small job, anyone?

    Hi, Is there a Solar electrician/installer available to help out for this small cash job, please? I'm after 2Kw worth (9 from memory) panels and their supporting frames to be uninstalled/removed from a north facing side roof in London E13. Pretty flexible with dates, still nothing planned as...
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