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  1. A

    Zs on replacement accessories.

    Right, who does and who doesn't take a documented earth loop reading when they replace an accessory such as a light fitting, switch or socket? And does anyone know 🤔 if its a requirement that is written in GN3 or anywhere as direct replacement of electrical accessories. As a rule I have...
  2. M

    Recommendations for Metal Clad Accessories

    Looking for recommendations for a good range of metal clad accessories that are good value for money but also of decent quality. What are people using and any recommendations?
  3. M

    Recommendations for metal clad accessories

    Looking for recommendations on a good range of metal clad accessories that are good value but still of decent quality? What are people using?
  4. L

    Suitability of circuit accessories.

    Hi all, Hopefully this is being posted in the right place, apologies if not or if my question has been previously answered. I'm currently having a bit of a disagreement with my supervisor having carried out an inspection which is for all intents & purposes, a condition report on a living...
  5. G

    C1 + Accessories Connection, what is it for when connecting to a head unit. ignition?

    In my c1 handbook connection A4 is (+) Accessories. What is it for? Ignition? Thankyou!
  6. T

    Recycling Electrical Accessories e.g. faceplates

    Is anyone know of any companies that recycle electrical accessories, especially white urea formaldehyde faceplates? Not sure if they can be handled as WEEE; anyone know? Thanks
  7. S

    Galvanised accessories

    Hi, I have been asked to quote for a new café / deli and the owner is by trade a graphic designer. She is going for the industrial look. She wants all the wiring in visible galvanised conduit. However, she is not happy with any of the metal-clad accessory samples I have shown her. They are all...
  8. Josh_Fisk

    Accessories - Black Nickel

    Hello, I have for sale a large quantity of Knightsbridge black Nickel accessories. These were originally bought for a private job back in January that got put on hold. Unfortunately the owners no longer want these so they’re gathering dust and the wholesalers wont take them back. 3G Dimmer...
  9. Rockingit

    Accessories galore! - aka I'm having a clearout

    OK, I've crates of stuff looking for a new home, at make me a sensible offer kind of prices.... 40 x (4 boxes of 10) Knightsbridge white PVC dbl sockets 32 x Hager 2way 2G light switches 10 x Hager 2way 3G light switches 8 x Hager 3p shower iso switches 7 x Hager BT points (secondary) 5 x...
  10. D

    BG wiring accessories and Luceco led products

    Are these products reliable never used them before looking for feedback please before trying
  11. Pete999

    Cables running through accessories to feed another circuit.

    There was a post yesterday, can't recall the exact one. I'll start by saying I wouldn't do it and never have, there were several reasons and answers that, although they provided some sort of response, there was never any definitive proof as to whether it was against the BS 7671. Now I don't know...
  12. F

    Vintage/aged metal clad accessories

    Looking for a supplier of vintage/aged looking metal clad accessories. I have a client who has just purchased a run down cottage as a renovation project. The kitchen has painted brick walls, which she loves and wants to maintain. She would like the cable runs in steel conduit and the...
  13. Leesparkykent

    Retro touch accessories

    Any one fitted this carp before? Possibly the worst accessories I've had to install. Rocker Light Switches - RetroTouch Designer Light Switches & Plug Sockets - http://www.retrotouch.co.uk/rocker-light-switches.html Have to link out intermediates etc, terminal screws have a DIY Phillips head...
  14. O

    Dual Dry line boxes & metal accessories

    So, customer decided they wanted B&Q chrome switches, sockets etc.... being 2nd fixing today and the dual dryline box, for side by side S FCU's is a problem - the S FCU's are wider than "conventional" units so I can't fix them properly. So does anyone know of a dual dryline box, where the boxes...
  15. Leesparkykent

    Flate plate accessories

    I hate the stuff and haven't fitted it for years.......but have a customer that wont be persuaded and wants brushed steel screw less flat plate accessories. The job is huge (in the region of 600 points altogether) so want to find something that's not going to be a PITA. Any recommendations...
  16. B

    Recommended Wholesaler for 95mm singles / meter tails & accessories

    Hi We have a new 3 phase 200A supply installed which is to supply 4 flats & a low load landlord supply. We need to source 95mm singles that will connect from the ukpn 3 phase head into a stand alone isolator which will then connect into a 3 phase distribution board that will supply the 4 flat...
  17. Soulsurfer

    Awkward Customer.

    So I have a full rewire to do asap but customer is trying to live in upstairs of house while myself and builders are going to try ripping out and rewiring entire place, chasing in extras at same time but she doesn't want ceilings down to gain access to joists ! or many floorboards upstairs...
  18. S

    Identify plate switch make

    A distant customer that wants his accessories renewed has sent an image of the style of switch plate he wants to match. I cannot see a similar model on-line, without travelling many miles just to have a look, I wondered if anyone here may be able to identify the make? The switch keys appear...
  19. D

    Prefect pre2975 switch ?

    Hi we have been working on a student accommodation site . And have been installing PREFECT PRE9275 hob timer switch in a small copact kitchen. These have been getting installed only half an arms length away from the sink on the splash back. I am just wondering what is the minimum distance from a...
  20. gazzamikes

    Lots of items for sale!

    Set of wolf race 5 stud alloy wheels, as brand new! Less than 1000miles selling due to changing vehicle fits vauxhall vw ford possibly more! £200 Ono need them out the way IPhone 4S 64gb white on we tmobile orange virgin. Good condition in box with accessories including a clip on extra battery...
  21. S

    Earth rod inspection pit keys

    On a job today and this pit is in position Toolstation > Electrical > Accessories > Earth Pit Plastic does anyone know where to get the keys for them, as I couldn't open it, it hasn't been opened for a long time and yet a full inspection was carried out in January for the sites ecr.
  22. L

    Toggle dimmer

    Hello everyone. My name is Luke, pleased to meet you all. I am after a little help/advice regarding a product I am trying to source. I have had my house fully rewired recently and the light switches I have are toggle switches in a chrome finish. I would like to change some of these...
  23. brucelee

    British General RCBO were to buy

    Hi could someone please tell me were i can buy a 6A Type B RCBO BSEN60898 6kA for a British general board I bought the board from scr????? and just tried to get a RCBO and theyre out of stock typical does anyone else know who sell these devices thanks
  24. kingeri

    EICR - estimating dates of alterations and additions

    I find it relatively easy to judge the age of additions and alterations to installations with some degree of accuracy (I think). One useful clue can be the date stamp or sticker on accessories and MCBs etc.. My problem is I don't know how to read most of them. Is there a method I am unaware...
  25. Rockingit

    This has me baffled!

    A rainy Sunday thread..... Right, this is MY house, which I rewired top to toe a couple of years ago (left some of the drops in where the cable was good to save on replastering). A couple of weeks ago, Mrs Rockingits laptop charger died, so I found a new one from a Bay shop and life continued...
  26. Sam_Butler

    Oil/grease + PVC in commercial kitchen: should I be concerned?

    Hi all. I just repaired some damage in a commercial kitchen which frankly I was shocked by. Not literally, of course... I may treat you to some of the "oh my god" pictures but more importantly, I noticed that everything in this kitchen tends to get covered in oil. They cook Italian food so...
  27. H

    China solar water heater export data, hope to do you a favor

    In 2010, China solar water heater exports 10.897 billion U.S. dollars, the accessories exports $ 32.5 billion. German imports $ 640 million solar water heaters from China, accessories is $ 1.98 billion, Italy imports $ 285 million solar water heaters, $ 2.1 billion accessories, India $ 364...
  28. T

    Inspection camera... Worth it?

    I know I have seen threads on these in the past, but I've searched and can't find them. Anyway, I found this http://www.ebuyer.com/product/264237 and wondered if anyone has one and what they think to them? Overview Product Description Allows for easy visual inspection of hard to reach...
  29. T

    Minor works certification

    Morning chaps! Just a query, what is the maximum work you can do without having too complete a minor works certificate?
  30. the pict

    Whats a new circuit

    I have quoted for remedial work after water damage to a domestic dwelling, after a weeks dehumidification and drying out the IR on lighting and ring finals are still unacceptable basically no resistance at all, So a rewire job, is this then a "new circuit" with the usuall implications, Pict
  31. R

    Bosch GOP 10.8V-LI Multi Cutter

    Hi all, Anyone got one of these or the corded equivalent. Good demo on here. Bosch GOP10.8V All Rounder Kit with 36 Accessories in Systainer Kit : Buy Bosch GOP10.8V All Rounder Kit with 36 Accessories in Systainer Kit at Axminster Power Tool Centre TIA
  32. H

    Previously installed cables

    I have been asked to finish off a job that was started 8 years ago. outbuilding turned into an office. the lighting and power circuits were installed back then and the room finished off with plasterboard etc. the guy wants me to bring power from the house to the building, put in small...
  33. K

    Which 110v transformer to buy?

    Hi everybody, first post of many i hope so be nice to the newbie :D Looking at making a few purchases within the next few days. Taking the spare unemployed time i've got to invest in some tools.:) Going to be getting :- Stepladders Transformer 110v sds ( already 90% made mind up on...
  34. E

    Single Gang 45A Cooker Switch

    Hi I have been asked to change all the white switches and sockets in a customers house to brushed steel. I have managed to source sockets, 1g, 2g & 3g switches for the lighting, telephone and tv points but cannot find anywhere that does a 1g cooker switch. This is what he has there now: All...
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