1. Dan

    Delete your own account - whenever you want to

    You can now erase your own account. You'll get a 3-day cooling off period, and a reminder 2 days in. Other than that, it'll get erased. Each time you log back in it'll reset. No need to post "that's it I've had enough"-type threads to get attention from others. Just delete your account and...
  2. S

    Best LED downlights? Favourite brand for ease of fitting / quality and longevity of unit

    Hi all, just wondered what people's go to LED downlights are. I've worked for a couple of companies and both seemed to have cheap and cheerful as a preference- just replacing as required if they stopped working. What would u fit if u were to fit them for yourself? Preferably changeable with...
  3. P

    Outlook 365 Account chnages

    Anyone else experienced problems when trying to amend settings for existing IMAP accounts. We ended up having to back up all emails and add the accounts from scratch when all we wanted to do was update the server details for the accounts. It just kept saying the informatin was incorrect when...
  4. littlespark

    Free gift for opening trade account

    Just opened a trade account with Howdens and was offered a Milwaukee 18v multi tool like this FOC Milwaukee M18BMT-0 M18 Multi-Tool I'll confirm the specs when I pick it up, but are these tools any good? I am assuming it comes with a battery and charger
  5. M

    New Member - Help Needed

    Hi everyone, I have only just found this forum and thought I would sign up. I am in the 3rd year of my apprenticeship even though I am 36 years of age (probably the oldest apprentice in the south east) Anyway my best mate is my boss and I am getting more involved in the day to day running of...
  6. L

    Wireless Intruder Alarm recommendations

    Evening gents, could you lads with experience in wireless intruders please recommend one for me please as I have the need to get one fitted at home! Thanks in advance, Jim
  7. punkin

    pls ignore

    posted this to keep my account going Pete
  8. R

    Industrial What are CEF like for prices?

    What are CEF like for prices, my work has an account for them, but the account is held at a different branch to the one we use. Just want to make sure we are not paying silly prices as they can't give us a price for parts unless they phone the branch we have the account with apparently. Is it...
  9. rolyberkin

    City Electrical factors - On The Up!

    Well I never thought I would say it but I went into CEF Chelmsford today and was pleasantly surprised, credit where credit is due. I normally only go in there when I absolutely cannot get stuff elsewhere. Chelmsford has a new female member of staff who is obviously learning the ropes, she...
  10. Dan

    Login with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ - Please test this for me? You should be able to associate your forum account with your social media accounts now, and like / share stuff (you'll see some options at the bottom of a thread below the 'similar threads' feature). Pretty sure I've set them up...
  11. H

    Business bank account

    Looking at setting up a business bank account, any recommendations? HSBC look the best deal but anything to add anyone?
  12. Skimpy Wan

    Accountant needed around North London / Herts area

    Hi, Anybody know of any accountants that can advise me on what's claimable as a self-employed individual?
  13. Dizzy_Maskell

    Business bank account

    So I'm taking plunge and going for the ltd company route. I know I need set up a business bank account who uses what and why Llyods small business account looks good but any advice greatly accepted
  14. M

    Accountants & AVN

    Hello All Been with Accountant for quite a few years ago has helped my business know end, Looking forward we are now looking at using a tool for accountants called AVN, Has anyone used this tool & if so what do you think of the system. From My point of view it seems quite a good tool if i...
  15. J

    Interesting youtube account -Electrician Marketing

    Evening I have came across a guy called 'James Dewane' on youtube I guess he is like a electricians marketing guru? Not so much business related but more aimed towards marketing your business Thought some of you may be interested... he is more than likely a forum member too haha
  16. G

    hi can you please delete my account and all my details please admin

    Hi can you please delete my account and all my details please admin as I feel I have given to many of my details away signing up to trainee forum as my college tutor advised me to have the account deleted and all details removed from forum thankyou
  17. J

    zs testing

    Im on an electrical installation course in college and currently on a 3 month trial as an apprentice so thats why im asking zs testing from what i understand in college they teach it you as zs=ze + r1/r2 which i understand but when i go and actually look at zs test myself say on youtube they...
  18. Tidy Max

    Book keeping, accounts, client software?

    Hola amigos. Well i am fast approaching the end of my second year of trading.. and i think my accountant is going to go mental. I have zero control over the ins and outs of my accounts and i need to reign it in! I have arranged all of my wholesalers invoices to come direct into my email...
  19. T

    Accountancy question

    I'm in the process of setting up on my own, and I'm looking into getting a van on finance. My question is having set up a ltd company if I get the finance on the van in my name can I claim the vat back and tax through the company or would the loan have to be under the company name (think I will...
  20. C


    Hi does anyone else pay a yearly insurance premium to protect against professional fees(accountants) if investigated by Hmrc? My accountant trying to sell me a £320 one off payment to cover all cost if I got investigated . Stewart