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  1. Dan

    Update: Push Notifications from ElectriciansForums.co.uk

    If you get PushOver: Pushover: Device Clients (Pushover Android APK, Pushover iPhone IPA) - https://pushover.net/clients Sign up, download the apps to your devices, make sure you're using the same email address on the forum and on PushOver. Then go here...
  2. Murdoch

    Making Tax Digital - impact on the self employed....

    I was listening to BBC's Money Box yesterday and it sounds as if this will catch the self employed in FY2018 Tax simplification. It's complicated, Money Box - BBC Radio 4 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08byfhs its the first 10 minutes you need to listen to.. So we are going to have to...
  3. Dan

    Login with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ - Please test this for me?

    http://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/account/external-accounts You should be able to associate your forum account with your social media accounts now, and like / share stuff (you'll see some options at the bottom of a thread below the 'similar threads' feature). Pretty sure I've set them up...
  4. S

    Bedroom light wont work

    Hey all! A few weeks ago my bedroom light was on when all of a sudden the light flickered badly while making a crackling sound then BANG, it blew and the light went off. The next day I could see the light bulb fitting was a bit charred and all the upstairs lights had gone. I changed the...
  5. P

    Hi Guys . 5yrs with NIC- hate em-want to rant. Giving Stroma a try- let u know!

    Hi all Found this forum whilst looking to change scam provider, due to the sheer hell NIC have put me through since they mixed one of my assessment addresses with someone else's. (Get in touch if you did take an inspector to a flat in Regal Ct, Chelmsford- How did they treat you?). Was...
  6. D

    Accounting / Invoicing / Expense FREE

    found this software online and well im absoloutly amazed..! Free Online Accounting Software in the UK | Quick File its cloud based so can access from anywhere! i have used excel, books and Sage instant accounts combined with SLIQ for invoicing...! i have now transfered all my 12/13 accounts...
  7. D


    now that year end is upon us i want to streamline my accounts system!!1 currently using a spreadsheet and a invoicing software package and collating to form a set of accounts for my accountant!! looking at integrating it all together into sage instant accounts plus! that way every thing is...
  8. Jay Sparks

    Monthly accounts help

    Hi Guys, Ive just started subbying for an electrical company doing testing and some day rate work. Ive sorted out how to do my invoice and day work sheet but I cant figure out how to SET out my monthly accounts on a piece of A4. Basically I will have roughly 4 incoming invoices and then what...
  9. Tapouchoke

    advice on invoicing software

    Hi all, Just wanted some advice on invoicing software, Which one do you use?? How do you rate them? Have been using invoice2go but find it a bit flaky and it is too easy to trash all of your invoices in about 4 clicks, backups arnt perfect hence need a new program All thoughts and advice...
  10. C


    anyone got suggestion fo a simple excel type spreadsheet available for download to do my accounts? Im self employed but not vat registered, iv done my own returns last 2 years and plan to continue but iv done the accounts to get figures from my own typed up spreadsheet which is complicated to...
  11. M


    Hi i would just like to know which accounting software do most of you use.
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