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    Differing advice on FIT when adding more panels.

    Hi I am not an electrician but a solar enthusiast. I need some help before I invest more.-Please On Jan 10th 2011 I had installed 3.8 KW system installed and therefore receive 43 p a KW I would like to add 2 kw on another roof--same postal address. Some electricity suppliers say the 43p...
  2. W

    MCS sign off

    Hi Someone called me today and said they had a PV system installed by a Spanish company that is not MCS accredited. They asked if it is possible for someone MCS accredited here to inspect the install and sign off. I suspect this is not allowed does anyone know the answer? Thanks
  3. K

    Engineering Recommendation G83/1

    Hi We are a fully approved NICEIC electrical contractor as well as being an NICEIC approved domestic installer, who have been asked by one of our customers if we can carry out the final connections and issue certification (Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate and G83/1 certificate) for...
  4. E

    MCS Thin film

    Does anyone know of any MCS accredited flexible thin film products? I'm quoting for a 150kW PV system on a factory with a curved roof. It would be the most simple solution. They seem to be mainly used in America. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  5. R

    how does it work

    Is the installer MCS accredited or is it a company?how long does it take to become MCS accredited, start to finishCan you buy P.V. panels and then arrange for a MCS accredited person to fit the system and still qualify for the F.I.T.what is the going install cost for a 2.5Kw system
  6. D

    Calling all solar pv companies

  7. D

    Re-using panels

    I'm trying to find the definitive words on how re-using solar panels affects a customers ability to claim FiTs, I can't see it clearly defined in the Feed in Tarrif documentation anywhere. Say, for example, they wanted to re-install the panels to a new house, my understanding is that they...
  8. M

    Wanted PV Accredited Sub Contractor

    Hi Guys I'm looking for an accredited PV installer to work with on a sub contract basis. The work is in the North West. Please send me a private message with a phone contact if this is of interest to you. Cheers Mike
  9. T

    Help Regarding 3 Phase Installer.

    I live in London and need a 3 phase supply to my home. Can anybody let me know who i get to install 3 phase please, i have been quoted a small fortune from UK Power Networks and was hoping there would be a lloyds accredited contractor out there that could assist at a better rate. Thanks for your...
  10. L

    Minimalist Training Requirements

    God Afternoon All, This is my first post having had a brief look at recent postings on a a similar vein. I am a 52yr old (young?) Master Mariner with a keen interest in electronics as a hobby and renewable energy. I have already self-installed a 1.28kW solar PV system home which has been...
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