1. J

    Would having upstairs/downstairs rings on same rcd speed up powerline adaptors

    Hi i'm trying to get the best speed i can from powerline adaptors scattered around the house. between the downstairs ones the speed is 784mbps, however to the upstairs ones only get 40mbps. i've eliminated all the interference i can around the house that was affecting the speed. if the upstairs...
  2. E

    Melting adaptors in Mauritius

    Hi people, I recently moved to Mauritius which has a UK 3-pin plug system, however the vast majority of appliances on the market are imported from Europe and therefore have European 2 pin plugs on them. As a result everyone here runs all their appliances on block plug adaptors and extension...
  3. multimick

    extension leads with surge adaptors

    don't do much pa testing but noticed a couple of times these show reverse polarity on my megger pat 120 ,but test the pins for continuity and its ok on neutral and earth but no continuity on line,they all work ok ,is the electronics causing problems ?
  4. happyhippydad

    E14 to E27 adaptors.... safe?

    Evening... Does anyone know if these adaptors are safe? The adaptor would allow a physically larger and heavier lamp to be used so as long as the fitting can accomadate that that is one possible danger overcome? Also, the fitting may have a max wattage allowed on an E14 with regards max heat...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    Product recall of remote control plug adaptors

    Had an email pop up in my inbox announcing a product recall of some remote control plug adaptors. They were sold in B and Q until recently. Have attached the email in a pdf below. In all honesty I am surprised not to have more of these emails given the poor quality and cheap tat a lot of the diy...
  6. Pete999

    Stupid Bosses

    Me and another Sparky got sent oversea to do some maintenance, which included replacing some A/C units, we had been there about 2 weeks, anxious to get home, last job was replacing the A/C units, now the bloke in charge was a right pillock, everything by the book, it got so bad that every time...
  7. O

    Cheapest place for 20mm black plastic conduit adaptors?

    Anyone give me some pointers towards somewhere I can get 20mm black plastic conduit adaptors (for joining to metal clad boxed - adaptor male or female) without getting my pants taken down on pricing... got some stuffing glands on ebay from a uk company for a good price for a bag of 100...
  8. E

    Radio adverts about overloading sockets.

    Has anyone else heard the new advert along the lines of 'don't plug in too much into an extension lead it will overload the electrical socket' Surely the 13a fuse in extension lead's plug top is to stop this very occurence?? Ok, a 13a fuse doesn't break at 13a as we all know but surely the...
  9. K

    Contactum RCBO, Old 71 type MCB replacement

    Any one got or know where I can get two 6A Contactum RCBOs (90603SP/B) to replace 71 type MCBs. The new Contactum RCBOs do not fit and and no one I have talked to has the old ones in stock. I am being quoted over £80.00 each + VAT for a wholesaler to order them from Contactum. At that price I...
  10. O

    Domestic Powerline adaptor fault

    Hi, I got a phonecall from a client the other day, (replaced the CCU for a split loader) he says that he uses powerline adaptors to network the internet and has noticed that some of them haven't been working since the board change (says the sockets themselves are working fine) does anyone have...
  11. F

    Domestic Melting plug socket

    So I hope this is in the right forum area for starters for a first post, sorry if otherwise. I am new here and do not have any electrician background but needed help from people who do. I live in the North West of England and currently have been having a problem with my plug socket and...
  12. P

    P.A.T. Testing help needed.

    Hi, I'm a in the 3rd year of my C&G 2330 electrical installation course and some time ago I completed a PAT testing course. I haven't done any PAT testing yet - other than the small amount required on the course. I have my first job coming up soon - a small engineering firm and I could use a...
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