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  1. Electrical2go

    NEW Products added to Electrical2Go - SANGAMO has arrived

    Sangamo Products added to Electrical2Go Available Now Time Switches and Heating Controls Don't forget EF Members get 5% off all products at Electrical2Go.co.uk if you don't have your code yet, message us!
  2. E

    Loft Sockets added to spur( FCU)

    Hi there looking to fit 4 double sockets in a loft , there are no existing sockets wired from the loft so it will require a cable to be rsn into the loft , im wondering if i spur off a socket can i then connect the 4 new sockets in a radial from the spur assuming the original socket circuit is a...
  3. M

    Domestic Aerial cable not working after new faceplate added to existing cable

    Hi all, Just had a complete rewire done (excellent job) but after they added a new faceplate to the aerial cable, I get no signal on the TV. Sadly the old faceplate is gone in the trash so I can't put it back. I've reconnected the cable several times to ensure no shorts and I've continuity...
  4. A

    Electrical Mate Aberdeen

    Looking to get some experience as an electricians mate (have ECS labourers card), temporary contract posts in the Aberdeen area. have worked as an e&i designer for the past 15 years.
  5. goldie

    faulty photocell

    Hi all. Any one had and probs controlling leds from ss4 dusk/dawn photocells? I replaced 3 150w metal halides with 3 70w led floods. Worked perfectly fine and the customer asked me to fit some extra led strips for his sign lighting 4weeks later (L.v complete with trannys) . The lights stayed on...
  6. N

    What certificates/paperwork should I expect?

    We've had the following work done by an electrician, with the understanding we'd want any/all certificates etc we could get for the work done. Here's a rough list of what's been done and I'm wondering if some kind individual could give me an idea of what certificate(s)/paperwork we should...
  7. B

    Query on bathroom down lighters and RCD protection

    Hi Wonder if anyone can help. I have been asked to replace some broken down lighters in a couple of bathrooms and change to LEDs. Now The bathroom is in good order but is not protected by a RCD. Now I know the regs cannot be applied retrospectively and if I was adding something then I would...
  8. W

    Bloody Builders...

    Quote 285 for a 12 way dual rcd consumer unit change and 275 to swop a 4 pole rcd for a time delay version and the barstards stick £200 on top of my quote... Bye Bye goes that job!
  9. H


    Hi could someone help me as i have just completed my first installation on a two storey extension and i added a extraction fan a shaver socket and 1 additional light to an existing lighting circuit in a bathroom and then added two lights for the additional rooms of the extension to the same 6...
  10. F

    £10 free to your paypal account

    Not a scam, buy a £5 voucher from gumtree deals and paypal will deposit £15 to your account Gumtree Daily Deals » £5 for £15 added to your PayPal account
  11. E

    Lighting RCD problem

    I have been called to a job where an RCBO has been added to a newish board, (a fan has been added and bathroom lights altered). The Part P guy who fitted them called me out as 1) There is an insulation fault L/N, 0.00 reading (dead short) I initially put this down to some piece of equipment...
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