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  1. chris83

    Adding to kitchen wiring does cooker circuit need RCD protection?

    Hello all, first post by a new member so apologies for any posting faux pas in advance. (Hopefully this is the correct place to ask this rather long question) I’m in the process of re fitting my kitchen and was planning on making a couple of minor changes to the wiring installation. All of the...
  2. B

    Adding Light to Power circuit.

    Adding a light to a Radial Power Circuit - the circuit is wired in 2.5mm and on a 20A MCB Now if I add a FCU to my Radial and then wire my light in 1.5mm this should be safe? But what if I don't use a FCU but wire the light with 2.5mm cable? what dangers are there.
  3. happyhippydad

    Adding to an old mem board?

    Morning.. I need to get a shower supply from the 45a mem fuse in the picture below, this will first go to an RCD enclosure next to the board. I haven't added to a REALLY old mem board before (fuses). I realise it may be a silly question but is it ok to add a circuit to this board? With the...
  4. C

    Adding socket on to kitchen ring-no rcd

    Hi all, I was asked today to add 2 extra sockets on to an existing kitchen ring, however the board is an old wylex with the push in MCBs so no rcd protection. To add the extra sockets would it require A board change/rcd isolater? Thanks
  5. W

    Commercial Adding to an existing PV array - Feed in metering

    We have customers who want to add to an existing PV array. I know they cannot receive FIT generation payments, but what about additional power returned to the grid - can they be paid for any additional power fed back?
  6. J

    extending ring and adding smoke alarms to lighting circuit on new extension cert?

    hi i'm going to be having some wiring carried out on my new first floor extension (new bedroom) which just entails extending the ring main, and lighting circuit and adding interlinked mains smoke alarms to the upstairs lighting circuit, including a heat alarm in the kitchen. i've spoke to...
  7. Andy5678

    Adding RCD protection to existing circuits

    Here’s a commercial scenario for you to comment on over you nightly dram. So there is an existing consumer unit with older style MCBs or bs88 fuses. RCBOs cannot be added to existing and customer wont pay for a new consumer unit. My soloution is to add a garage unit onto the side. Remove...
  8. N

    Schedule of results when adding to installation

    When adding just a couple of circuits to an existing installation, what exactly do you put on the schedule of results with regards to the old circuits. Just the circuit number and name or do you add the breaker details also like bsen, type, breaking capacity, rating. Obviously can't add ref...
  9. E

    Adding Mini LED (Marker) Lights to Lighting circuit

    I would like to add a couple of cabinet marker lights in to the lighting circuit, on a separate 1-way switch. Only ever added LED GU10 downlights before which is straight forward but the use of transformers/drivers in lighting is new to me. Seems some markers are DC 12v constant voltage and...
  10. N

    Adding plug sockets from existing sockets

    I need to add a couple of extra double plug sockets in a room in my house, was looking to run off existing plug sockets. I've been told by a friend (newly qualified electrician) that i need to use fused sockets, is this the case, have been looking on internet and can't seem to find double fused...
  11. O

    Adding a circuit to a CU your not happy with

    Hi, I have been coming across situations where I need to add a MCB into a CU and for example the CU is at the wrong height, new builds, but they are either really high or low, or wrong glands used, multiple circuits in one MCB etc etc. What do I do in this situation? Sorry I can't do the job...
  12. Steven Welon

    AV/Security installer adding electrical install to skillset

    Hi all, I've been doing aerial/satellite/CCTV/intruder alarm/voice & data networks (wired & wireless) installs for a long time. I run a small company, sub work out & in depending on job size. Mainly new builds & refurbs. I can first & second fix bog standard small domestic houses but not much...
  13. littlespark

    Adding a run on timer to an existing fan

    Is there such a thing? Job i'm looking at has a bathroom with no window. There is a 230v inline fan in the roofspace, vented from above the shower cubicle to... well... the extraction doesn't go anywhere, but that's another problem. Taking the grill down I can see the fan, but its screwed to...
  14. S

    adding fused FCU to radial circuit in kitchen

    Hi, I am fitting a new kitchen and would like to know if it's ok to connect switched 13amp FCU onto a radial circuit. The kitchen has a radial circuit with 4 x double sockets fitted - 2.5 twin and earth cable. I would like to add 4 x 13amp switched FCU's - one from each double socket so as I can...
  15. S

    Adding new circuits to all insulated consumer units

    hi guys, Is it still ok to add a new circuit to an all insulated consumer unit in a domestic dwelling. I only ask as my previous employer always changed consumer units for metal when adding a circuit. I know this is probably a stupid question. Thanks for replies
  16. M

    Adding a PIR outside light to existing lighting circuit

    Hi all, I have been asked to install a PIR outside light on a commercial property. The feed has to come from the existing lighting circuit inside the stockroom which is on a two way switch system. I need the PIR light to work independently from the switched inside lights. The outside light come...
  17. S

    Adding switch to bathroom cabinet light.

    Trying to replace an old bathroom light fitting that had a pull cord with a light from Ikea that fits over a cabinet. It looks great, but because it hasnt got a switch it would be permanently on! Not very practical. Is there an easy way to add a switch, perhaps a sensor one? presumably switch...
  18. A

    Adding a wired bell (with transformer) to a 2 way intercom

    Hello folks, I'm just your standard 'diy'er! I don't seem to be able to achieve the above, can anybody give me some pointers? We have an existing 2 way intercom which goes to only one part of the house. we want to add a wired doorbell (Byron 766 inc transformer) so the rest of the house gets a...
  19. P

    Adding more lights to an existing garden lighting circuit

    Hello guys I am new and have just finished my level 3 2357 electrical installation and waiting to carry out my AM2. My uncle has asked me to do a small job for him . He wants more lights added on to his existing garden lights. At the moment he has 4 spike lights , he wants another 4 spike...
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