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  1. G

    Adding outside light and moving cables?

    Hi, I have removed a canopy from above my front door in preparation for a new door and glass panel being fitted. I’ve come across some very poor electrical work which I’ll need to tidy up. But to cut a long story short. The cable before to the outside light was run in the canopy then dropped...
  2. D

    Adding a radial lights

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to add 2 new pendant lights to my hallway. I originally had one pendant and have added two more in a radial configuration rather than a daisy chain. I cut the cable to the original light and added a 4 way junction box (see diagram). I have connected all the live/neutral and...
  3. N

    Adding outdoor light to existing circuit

    Hi, I simply want to add an outside light to an existing circuit in the garage. There is a single switch operating a ceiling light in the garage, would it be ok to change the single switch to a double switch to connect the outside light or is there a better way of doing that? Please let me...
  4. H

    Help adding more wall sockets in bedroom

    Hi guys, I have a double socket in my bedroom already but its not really enough and would love another double socket... i have the socket itself and have the tools to do it, i have the 25mm double earth wiring , i wanted to add a spur from the socket thats already there but when i undid the...
  5. T

    Adding a wireless switch to override a timeclock and photocell.

    i have some outside lights where the customer wants a wireless switch to bypass a timeclock and photocell. On the wireless switch receiver I have permanent live in and neutral then another neutral s/l to the lights. The time clock being used is a greenwood with a built in override switch...
  6. R

    UK Adding another DB

    Hi Just a quick one, I am a qualified electrician but i haven't been on the tools for a while and won't be doing the work but just trying to help a friend out. Basically they are having a new kitchen diner and they currently have gas hob and small single oven which are fed off the ring main...
  7. B

    Adding a relay to the timer on my submersible 1/2hp 230v pump. It was recommended by the timer manufacturer.

    Looking for advice to add a relay to a well pump timer. 1/2 hp 230v submersible @750’. The timer is rated at 10amp. 1578238119 Does anyone have any recomendations?
  8. X

    adding power and lighting to my extention

    okay so any advice or pointers would be awesome it may be messy but here goes i plan to run wires through my extension with trunking that will be waterproof so i got abit thicker cable to handle 23amps so they manage and reduce heat my main socket will have double socket double rail 13amp mk...
  9. H

    UK Adding a 16 amp socket to ring main

    Hi there, I have just bought a hot tub that plugs in to a 16 amp, 3 pin socket. I have an outdoor supply that was fitted on my house (professionally fitted on a new build property. It runs of a 32 amp breaker on the ring main. The supply does not have a socket, just a blank face plate...
  10. S

    UK Adding RCD spur doesn't set but consumer RCD is fine

    Hi all, I have ran added a fused RCD spur off a socket to feed some electric gates. I figured as it was going outside I would put an RCD on the spur on it as I had one kicking around I believe it's probably unnecessary but when I connect it to the supply it will never set and constantly trips...
  11. T

    Adding LED Lights for Wardrobe

    I am wanting to add some LED lights into my wardrobe shelving. I have seen a few around but I am not sure if they will work to my needs. Basically, each shelf is quite dark and it’s hard to see things clearly, so I want to add lighting to each of them. What I am looking for is when I open the...
  12. N

    Spur off a spur, & new socket with 13A SFCU?

    Hi all, I have a frustrating problem: I had planned to add a new double socket in my living room, which has no power cable run/sockets down one wall. This is an interior masonry wall adjoining my kitchen, with sockets on the other side feeding under-counter washing machibe and dishwasher. So...
  13. R

    hallway light double switch to a triple so I can add an outside light

    Afternoon i have changed hallway light double switch to a triple so I can add an outside light. i have wired first switch for hallway second switch is for landing which works both ways upstairs and down so both work as normal. so I have a third switch I would like to use as outside light but...
  14. B

    Adding batteries to existing solar panel installation

    I am working with an licensed electrician but might need to find one with more experience. I understand electronics extremely well but again, am using a licensed electrician. Our house has 10 solar panels. A small inverter is mounted beneath each panel. All ten inverters are wired together...
  15. R

    Help with adding a circuit breaker

    I finished framing my bathroom and wired an outlet and switch. I want to connect a 20 amp circuit breaker to the panel. I know the black hot wire is connected to the circuit breaker and it snaps into the panel. Does the ground and nuetral wire connect to the bar on the left? I see there is a mix...
  16. F

    Adding socket to upstairs hall

    Hi, looking for advice... Upstairs hall has no socket, I'd like to add one. Looked at adding a spur off the lighting circuit but this doesn't seem to be a good idea. Thought about taking it off the shower supply but this isn't recommended. I have a plug socket in a bedroom, thinking about...
  17. T

    Adding loft lighting

    I've added a junction box with 3 connection blocks to a lighting cable in the loft in order to add a spur for loft lighting. The cable I've broken into operates the landing light and other on the upstairs floor. I've followed 2 wiring diagrams, both of which have identical layouts, but I can't...
  18. J

    Adding a dimmer switch to in wall timer

    I put in led high hats in my soffit outside. They are operated by a timer switch. The problem is the lights are too bright. I want to add a dimmer switch to tone down the brightness. I tried to do it myself by adding a dimmer switch in between timer and lights. I tried all combinations...
  19. A

    adding extra solar panels to motorhome

    hello guys this is my first post, i hope I am posting this one on the right section. aamseee I am looking for some advise. i have bought a Motorhome which has a solar panel (100w) and a leisure battery 110ah i am thinking of upgrade the solar panel by adding 1 or 2 two 100 Watts panels, my...
  20. E

    USA Adding two lights to an existing 3-way switch?

    Current situation: Great room is greatly deprived of light in one-half of the room. Solution: Add two recessed lights to the current figuration. I'm not sure how exactly to connect the new lights to the existing lights. I have seen where some explain to connect directly to one light and not...
  21. L

    Adding wall lights

    Hi chaps, I'm wanting to add a couple of wall lights in my dining room, which currently only has a single pendant which is wired through a junction box some where, now do wall lights require a neutral? If so what's the easiest way to get a neutral to switch? I know I will have to swap the...
  22. S

    Adding PV diverter to battery system - using delay switch??

    I am trying to add an Apollo Gem diverter to my battery grid tied system (Victron ESS). It is not going to work because both systems are fighting for the surplus solar power to either charge the battery or divert to immersion. If I add a delay timer switch in the immersion circuit so the load to...
  23. K

    adding to my installation

    I have a standard 16 Panels = 4KW of power from my installation doing 50/50 split between powering the house and back to the grid (FIT) I want to add 2 of these: 400W 12V white Wind Turbine Generator Lanterns Vertical Axis Controller 5 Blades how easy is it to connect into the inverter etc ...
  24. chris83

    Adding to kitchen wiring does cooker circuit need RCD protection?

    Hello all, first post by a new member so apologies for any posting faux pas in advance. (Hopefully this is the correct place to ask this rather long question) I’m in the process of re fitting my kitchen and was planning on making a couple of minor changes to the wiring installation. All of the...
  25. B

    Adding Light to Power circuit.

    Adding a light to a Radial Power Circuit - the circuit is wired in 2.5mm and on a 20A MCB Now if I add a FCU to my Radial and then wire my light in 1.5mm this should be safe? But what if I don't use a FCU but wire the light with 2.5mm cable? what dangers are there.
  26. happyhippydad

    Adding to an old mem board?

    Morning.. I need to get a shower supply from the 45a mem fuse in the picture below, this will first go to an RCD enclosure next to the board. I haven't added to a REALLY old mem board before (fuses). I realise it may be a silly question but is it ok to add a circuit to this board? With the...
  27. C

    Adding socket on to kitchen ring-no rcd

    Hi all, I was asked today to add 2 extra sockets on to an existing kitchen ring, however the board is an old wylex with the push in MCBs so no rcd protection. To add the extra sockets would it require A board change/rcd isolater? Thanks
  28. W

    Commercial Adding to an existing PV array - Feed in metering

    We have customers who want to add to an existing PV array. I know they cannot receive FIT generation payments, but what about additional power returned to the grid - can they be paid for any additional power fed back?
  29. J

    extending ring and adding smoke alarms to lighting circuit on new extension cert?

    hi i'm going to be having some wiring carried out on my new first floor extension (new bedroom) which just entails extending the ring main, and lighting circuit and adding interlinked mains smoke alarms to the upstairs lighting circuit, including a heat alarm in the kitchen. i've spoke to...
  30. Andy5678

    Adding RCD protection to existing circuits

    Here’s a commercial scenario for you to comment on over you nightly dram. So there is an existing consumer unit with older style MCBs or bs88 fuses. RCBOs cannot be added to existing and customer wont pay for a new consumer unit. My soloution is to add a garage unit onto the side. Remove...
  31. N

    Schedule of results when adding to installation

    When adding just a couple of circuits to an existing installation, what exactly do you put on the schedule of results with regards to the old circuits. Just the circuit number and name or do you add the breaker details also like bsen, type, breaking capacity, rating. Obviously can't add ref...
  32. E

    Adding Mini LED (Marker) Lights to Lighting circuit

    I would like to add a couple of cabinet marker lights in to the lighting circuit, on a separate 1-way switch. Only ever added LED GU10 downlights before which is straight forward but the use of transformers/drivers in lighting is new to me. Seems some markers are DC 12v constant voltage and...
  33. N

    Adding plug sockets from existing sockets

    I need to add a couple of extra double plug sockets in a room in my house, was looking to run off existing plug sockets. I've been told by a friend (newly qualified electrician) that i need to use fused sockets, is this the case, have been looking on internet and can't seem to find double fused...
  34. O

    Adding a circuit to a CU your not happy with

    Hi, I have been coming across situations where I need to add a MCB into a CU and for example the CU is at the wrong height, new builds, but they are either really high or low, or wrong glands used, multiple circuits in one MCB etc etc. What do I do in this situation? Sorry I can't do the job...
  35. Steven Welon

    AV/Security installer adding electrical install to skillset

    Hi all, I've been doing aerial/satellite/CCTV/intruder alarm/voice & data networks (wired & wireless) installs for a long time. I run a small company, sub work out & in depending on job size. Mainly new builds & refurbs. I can first & second fix bog standard small domestic houses but not much...
  36. littlespark

    Adding a run on timer to an existing fan

    Is there such a thing? Job i'm looking at has a bathroom with no window. There is a 230v inline fan in the roofspace, vented from above the shower cubicle to... well... the extraction doesn't go anywhere, but that's another problem. Taking the grill down I can see the fan, but its screwed to...
  37. S

    adding fused FCU to radial circuit in kitchen

    Hi, I am fitting a new kitchen and would like to know if it's ok to connect switched 13amp FCU onto a radial circuit. The kitchen has a radial circuit with 4 x double sockets fitted - 2.5 twin and earth cable. I would like to add 4 x 13amp switched FCU's - one from each double socket so as I can...
  38. S

    Adding new circuits to all insulated consumer units

    hi guys, Is it still ok to add a new circuit to an all insulated consumer unit in a domestic dwelling. I only ask as my previous employer always changed consumer units for metal when adding a circuit. I know this is probably a stupid question. Thanks for replies
  39. M

    Adding a PIR outside light to existing lighting circuit

    Hi all, I have been asked to install a PIR outside light on a commercial property. The feed has to come from the existing lighting circuit inside the stockroom which is on a two way switch system. I need the PIR light to work independently from the switched inside lights. The outside light come...
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