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    UK Adding new light from existing one-gang switch

    Hi all, Thanks for the help in my previous thread, I got things working well in the end: As to my new question, I have the following one-gang switch in my kitchen/diner which powers an outdoor PIR/LED floodlight: So this has a twin+earth and a 3 core+earth cable - I'm guessing the...
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    UK DIYer Newbie - adding additional sockets

    Hi, Newbie here so please excuse any stupid questions. There is a single 2.5 T&E running from a dedicated connection on my "old type" fuse box (photo available if needed) in the garage to a single 2 gang 3 pin socket (approx 3 metres away) - there is no return cable. I'm wanting to add extra...
  3. F

    Power to garage sockets and adding light.

    Hi everyone. I basically wanted to check to see if what I propose is correct. I had an electrician come round (pre covid) to install power to my garage (Detached from house). This is the setup he used. Spur off socket on ring main a short distance to a 13A switched FCU Cable from the FCU...
  4. S

    Adding outdoor socket

    Hi guys adding and outdoor socket for a hot tub just thinking should I come off the socket ring as there is a socket on the other side of the wall or would it be better to add fused spur and add the out door socket that way so it could be turned off and on ??
  5. A

    Adding outside socket to existing cable?

    Hello, I have an outside cable going from the house to a shed can I cut and splice a outside socket into it? Socket will go on the back of the shed
  6. E

    Double-check on wiring regs for adding socket

    Hi, As you may guess from the post title, I need to add a second socket. It is in an outhouse, built onto the main building. There is currently a single socket in the outhouse, which is spurred off the first-floor mains ring. I believe the regs say any additional socket must be daisy-chained...
  7. J

    Advice on adding Ethernet cable during a full house rewire

    So I am getting a house rewired and I have been unsure what is the best way to have some ethernet points in my house. I would probably need it in two rooms downstairs and two upstairs. It's something I would like but it's no way a dealbreaker. Sure I can use homeplug and wifi but nothing beats...
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    Outdoor lighting - adding to existing

    Hi all, Based in UK (not US although this is showing for some reason). New here but have a few electrical projects planned. Firstly, I have 2no outdoor lights served by a single switch (see attached photograph). I am doing the garden (new decking) and intend to add - 4no LED post lights -...
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    Adding bluetooth to an existing car stereo

    Hi Guy's, Greetings from Spain! hope everyone is doing well? Name is Dennis 33 years old and have a small small background in electrical engineering (when I was 20 years old I did 1 year at the university of applied science.) Happy to be here! So here is the explanation, I would like to add a...
  10. F

    Adding extra sockets

    I'm not a qualified electrician, just diy. I need to add 4 double sockets above the workbench in my study. The total load isn't going to exceed 13amps. I considered just using a 5m 8 gang extension lead from the existing socket on the other side of the room and pinning the cable to the skirting...
  11. Nightmer

    UK Earthing a vintage brass lamp to the lamp base

    I have a couple of old metal/brass lamps to which adding an earthed lampholder would be tricky (either the entry for 3 wires is VERY small or the lamp holder is integral to the lamp and is original). All of these lamps have a screw within the base which appear to be for an earth wire - is this...
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    Hello, thank you for adding me

    No doubt you've heard this before but... "I'm 40 years old and want to change career" I'm a chef. I work long hours in a hot and stressful environment with the constant pressure of maintaining the highest professional and personal standards. As much as I love what I do, I need a proper job...
  13. B

    Adding a 'spur' to a ring circuit.

    Hello All Possibly a silly question - can I add a 'spur' to a ring circuit at it's MCB in the CU, rather than cutting into the ring itself? I want to do this to add a power line adaptor to extend wifi coverage. Many thanks. Billio
  14. J

    Adding a PIR to existing light

    Hi, I have an outside light that I would like to add a PIR to while keeping the ability to continue to use the switch as normal, do I simply add the PIR in parallel to the switch as shown in my excellent high quality attached drawing? :) Or will this damage the PIR when the light is turned on...
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    Hi. I have an outside light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch.

    Hi. I have an outside porch light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch. I have ran 1mm cable from the switch line and neutral & earth to the new light and continued that to the 2nd new light. When I switch the...
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    Adding outside light and moving cables?

    Hi, I have removed a canopy from above my front door in preparation for a new door and glass panel being fitted. I’ve come across some very poor electrical work which I’ll need to tidy up. But to cut a long story short. The cable before to the outside light was run in the canopy then dropped...
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    Adding a radial lights

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to add 2 new pendant lights to my hallway. I originally had one pendant and have added two more in a radial configuration rather than a daisy chain. I cut the cable to the original light and added a 4 way junction box (see diagram). I have connected all the live/neutral and...
  18. N

    Adding outdoor light to existing circuit

    Hi, I simply want to add an outside light to an existing circuit in the garage. There is a single switch operating a ceiling light in the garage, would it be ok to change the single switch to a double switch to connect the outside light or is there a better way of doing that? Please let me...
  19. H

    Help adding more wall sockets in bedroom

    Hi guys, I have a double socket in my bedroom already but its not really enough and would love another double socket... i have the socket itself and have the tools to do it, i have the 25mm double earth wiring , i wanted to add a spur from the socket thats already there but when i undid the...
  20. T

    Adding a wireless switch to override a timeclock and photocell.

    i have some outside lights where the customer wants a wireless switch to bypass a timeclock and photocell. On the wireless switch receiver I have permanent live in and neutral then another neutral s/l to the lights. The time clock being used is a greenwood with a built in override switch...