1. A

    Advice needed please

    Hello, what would I need for the following... A 40 meter cable run through fire partition walls, into a large plasterboard void to supply a switched fuse spur that will be used as power for a LED advertisement screen, unfortunately there's no forthcoming info on wattage. what cable size would...
  2. M

    EICR Report - Advice regarding remedials & final Certificate

    This is a Situation I haven't run into before, I do all the smaller to medium sized maintenance and electrical Jobs at a Local Educational Premises, this building was a new build in 2014 . There are 13 large three phase Distribution Boards, the last EICR in 2019 was completed by a Testing...
  3. B

    Flashing LED advice

    Hi All Was hoping to pick your brains regarding a job that had me scratching my head today. 6 x 6ft LED Ansell in a small garage, controlled via a PIR at either end. Been in for approximately 4 years no issue. They now (when triggered) all begin to flash (randomly along the fitting, not in one...
  4. S

    Electric meter advice

    To be clear I have no intention of messing with this, I just need to pick a few brains on the following. British gas are sending me this on a regular basis, a ploy I think to get me to install a smart meter which i don't want. "The radio service that supports your meter is being switched off...
  5. A

    UK starting electrical improvers role 4 years after completing level 3

    I’ve recently been offered a role as an electrical improver doing commercial and industrial work and I start in 2 weeks. The employer is aware that I’m going to be quite rusty as it’s been such a long time since I left college but I don’t want to go into this unprepared. I’ve been flicking...
  6. P

    UK Advice on becoming qualified

    Hi, I’m after some advice. Back in 2005/6 I did the city and guilds 2351 course but never completed the last log book to gain the NVQ level 3. The company who i was with sacked me and since then I’ve been working for a company since, got comfortable they pay me a good wage and I’ve never...
  7. 2

    Cabling in Trunking advice

    In preparation for an EVSE installation, I am running the supply cable from the main CU, via catenary, to a new CU in my garage. The cable is 6mm twin-core + cpc NYY-J (Tuf Sheath-type), which is not the easiest of cables to bend! I have a length of the cable coming out of a walk-in cupboard...
  8. R

    UK Looking for advice

    Hey all, I'm brand new to this world, im currently studying with TPA college to become an electrician just wondering if anyone has any advice for a complete beginner.
  9. Chrisamyphillip

    Bosch Cooker hood help/advice

    I have a Bosch DKE995EGB cooker hood that has stopped working completely - no lights or fan. I've confirmed power to the control module and checked the motor. Any pointers/ideas - or url's to other appropriate forums?
  10. Bingjamin

    Advice for repair dehumdifier cable

    Hi, The wire of my dehumdifier is broken (Meaco 20L Low Energy). The wire was being pulled over a period of time, which seems to have lead to a break in the wire. It got to the point where I had sparks and some flames/smoke which lead me to stop using it very promptly. Im really struggling to...
  11. lookingforradiators

    Electric radiator advice please

    Hi, I recently moved into a house with electric storage heaters and am looking to replace them with electric radiators. Gas and oil are not viable options for heating the house and heat pumps are too expensive, so I've narrowed it down to a choice between ceramic core radiators and...
  12. J

    Advice for the next step

    Hi guys I’m at one of the funny times in my career where I can’t decide on what I want to do. I’m wondering if one of you experiences folks can offer some advice. Here’s a bit about me: I’m now 27, I did an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering 17-21 a lot of metal work fabrication welding...
  13. T

    Advice on Shed Wiring

    Hi, I'm looking to get the lionshare of a small shed wired before a friendly electrician does the needful. I'm a confident DIYer, but I would appreciate any more experienced view to check my logic. My house was professionally rewired in 2022, but I would like to connect a small 8x6ft shed to a...
  14. sythai

    Is there a forum on here.... for Networking / data advice and help

    Hi Guys Is there a forum on here.... for Networking / data advice and help ? Before I post my queries on here. Thanks Sy
  15. Dan

    Welcome to the Irish (ROI) Electricians Advice Forum

    Welcome to the Irish (ROI) Electricians Advice Forum Please post your own new thread by clicking this link, give it a descriptive lengthy title, and you're on your way.
  16. Lou

    Helpful Forum Links For Americans

    We have got some other sections of the forum that I thought might be useful to you guys! They are for all countries but we have new tags that you can select before your title to mark it as USA. So please get involved all over the forum! Electrical Tools Electrical Engineering Lighting Forum...
  17. C

    Advice, help needed with training

    Hi to everyone, this is my first post so if is been already asked/answered please guide me to the relevant discussion/thread. I don't know exactly how to format this so i'll jump straight in, i am 31 y/o looking to train in the electrical field, multiple reasons for that but as for everyone...
  18. S

    Help need some advice on Economy 7 meter

    Hi, need some advice, I moved over from Sse in 2020 to Octpus energy. Whilst I was with SSE I was on E10 when I went over to octopus they put me on E7. I had a old type meter the meters had been installed in 2013 when the flats where built. Anyways I live alone in a 2 bed flat and I work from 8...
  19. D

    Hi I’m currently doing my level 3 hotel design project. I just need some advice regarding question 4 and 6.

    Question 4 mentions nothing of diversity so I’m confused wether to leave diversity until question 6 or not. But wouldn’t I need to apply diversity to get the right cable calcs and protective devices
  20. 2

    Lighting circuit advice please!!!

    Hello all. So I am sure the expertise on this forum will be able to decode this very easily. But it has completely baffled me. I'm in training so forgive the ignorance. Doing a bit of dead testing on a lighting circuit downstairs. Came across this at a light fitting. Appears that the colours...


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