1. timhoward

    Advice for moving a supply

    I'd appreciate the wisdom of the find minds here regarding this job. Yes, I've drifted into Wales again.... An extension is being planned as crudely depicted. The existing overhead supply is in the way. There's quite a lot of house around the corner to the left fed from the existing supply...
  2. C

    Looking for advice on training

    I'm looking to re-train and get into the trade. I'm thinking of going with evening classes (2 evenings a week) to get the 2365 level 2&3 but this won't start until October this year. I have no formal training and was thinking in the meantime would it be worth my while contacting local firms and...
  3. R

    bathroom extractor fan advice

    My extractor fan has given up the ghost this week and I was hoping to replace it myself, however I cannot do a like for like swap as the current fan is rated for zone 2, operated by a switch on the fan housing but located within zone 1, My plan is to replace the old fan with a zone 1 rated...
  4. S

    NEMA 6-50 on 6/3 wiring advice

    Hi - I am adding a NEMA 6-50r outlet in the garage for my welder. I pulled 6/3 Romex back to the panel where I will install a 50 amp breaker. The NEMA 6-50r outlet does not need the white neutral that's present in the 6/3, but I wanted it in the box in case I ever purchase an EV and switch...
  5. D

    Broken MVHR unit advice

    Hello all, I’m looking for some advice regarding a recently broken MVHR unit in my flat, model Heatrae Sadia Advance. The unit is out of warranty and Baxi, who provide product support, have suggested I employ a Heating & Ventilation engineer to diagnose the problem. Before I do, I would like...
  6. deamonata

    Sonoff BASICR2 Mounting Advice

    Hi there, I've fitted a Sonoff BASICR2 smart switch for controlling my outside lights. I was just wondering if it needs to be contained in an enclosure or if it can be left as is?
  7. deamonata

    Advice for dealing with dodgy electrical work

    Hi there, We're currently having a new kitchen fitted and in the process we've had some new electrical work done. The electricains are comeing back on friday to install a new fuse as they didn't have a 16A one with them for the outside sockets (the cable is apparently not suitable for the size...
  8. RoisinFletcher

    Advice on a London fast course to get C+G 2365 Level 2

    Advice on a London fast course to get C+G 2365 Level 2 - I am on a site in London as an electrical improver but I do need to finish my level 2 because I am an idiot and dropped out of college for a job 4 weeks before completing the year. I am now trying to quickly get back on track to be back at...
  9. K

    Advice needed about Canada's countertop outlets

    I am about to install two electrical receptacle outlets above a kitchen countertop. 50+ years ago, the original house wiring had no outlets there. 1) Do both outlets need to be GFCI, and each with their own individual 15 amp/or 20 amp circuit breakers? Or can both GFCI's be connected together...
  10. C

    Work has gone quiet … Advice!

    Hi Just curious to see what people do if the work starts to go quiet. Not really happened to us before!!!!! We are general contractors, bit of everything (Schools, Restaurants, HVAC that sort of thing) - Do you ring round existing customers just as a ‘Hello we are still here’ sort of thing...
  11. J

    Scottish Electrician Advice

    Hello, I'm currently in Scotland and I am looking to retrain to be an Electrician. I was looking at going down to England and sitting my C&G 3 diploma (2365), Inspection and testing (2391-52), and 18th edition ( 2382-18). Once I have these what work I am actually allowed to carry out and...
  12. LocoMoco

    Advice on next steps?

    So I recently completed a 4 year apprenticeship, EAL Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and HNC in Electronic and Electrical and now a qualified technician and got the job. I work with a lot of electromechanical equipment (conveyors mostly) but despite learning about...
  13. Kristo75

    What type of switch is this?

  14. M

    Temp/Agency work and gold card advice

    Hi all, looking for abit of help/ advice, no one to really ask in person so thought i would post it up here. im an industrial maintenance electrician soon to be redundant unfortunately, rather than jumping at the first factory I see, would rather take my time seeing whats out there and in the...
  15. Philwdavies

    Smart switch wiring advice

    I am replacing a 2 way switch with a smart switch. The old switch has three sockets - common, L1 and L2. I can see where the wire that went into 'common' goes on the new switch, hit the new one also has 'P' and 'L' instead of L1 and L2 - which wire goes where?
  16. C

    Advice on Finding Work - No Experience

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right place to ask since it's more of a general question. I'm looking for a bit of advice. I completed my level 2 and 3 a few years ago and I'm now looking to get into electrics full time. The problem I have is I have no on-site experience. I technically have...
  17. B

    Bathroom wiring advice

    1. Does every powered item in bathroom needs fused spur outside? 2. Can separate RCD be required even if the supplied power is under CU RCD (for example whirlpool bath or underfloor heating)? Please check and comment rough wiring diagram (there is no details like L N G etc, just rough...
  18. B

    Advice on wiring a lightbulb

    Recently moved into a house and there are exposed wires (3 wires) for overhead lights. I just need simple lightbulbs put in, so I got lightbulb connectors (see picture). I have a couple of questions. The 3 wires have this little attachment with two screws on them (see the picture - I took it...
  19. J

    Electrician Looking for advice on different electrical roles.

    Hi, I’m currently working as an electrical maintenance technician for the RAF. Although the apprenticeship scheme was top class, working life post apprenticeship hasn’t been what I’d hope for in terms of work load. Some weeks you can go a full week without doing any trade specific work...
  20. A

    Please help, I need advice to build a case

    I am in a bit of a pinch at the moment and trying to argue a massive amount of used of electricity with my provider which I find it hard to believe for my living circumstances. I am a single person who lives in a one bed flat and is out of the house from 9-5 during the week days, I am on an...
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