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  1. OfficialAsh

    UK Taking Level 2/Unit 204, 10 hour practical exam next week, need advice

    Hello, After my post back in 2018, I decided to take the plunge and complete the level 2 electrical installation course from City and Guilds. My local college was super helpful. Anyway I am doing the 10 hour practical exam next week, and I am curious to know what suggestions you guys may...
  2. G

    UK Advice needed on a course to get a foothold on a new career

    Hi, I'm 25 years old and I'm looking for a change to this field, with a hope of becoming an electrician. I currently working as a yardman in a building merchants, wouldn't say I'm adept but I'm fairly comfortable with non-technical DIY stuff. I've seen Tradeskills4u mentioned frequently in...
  3. N

    UK Non electrician - house rewire advice

    Hi, I hope I have posted this in the right place and the questions I have you don't get asked too often. I have tried searching but didn't find anything. I have just moved into a new 4 bed detached house, prior to doing so I had an EICR report done that recommended a full rewire. I have got...
  4. i=p/u

    Canada Working in Canada

    Hi, would love to go to Canada and work as electrician. I've only started reading about and was wondering can anyone point me in right direction as they have already been there. #canada #express entry
  5. B

    Adding a relay to the timer on my submersible 1/2hp 230v pump. It was recommended by the timer manufacturer.

    Looking for advice to add a relay to a well pump timer. 1/2 hp 230v submersible @750’. The timer is rated at 10amp. 1578238119 Does anyone have any recomendations?
  6. I

    Kiwi Sparky's in Aussie

    G'day - am after some registration advice under the TTMA - anyone have info? will be greatly appreciated.
  7. S

    UK Advice needed! Ive been to see a job for garage power, the previous electrician has taken a 4mm on a 32amp B MCB protected by a 30mA RCD. But hasnt do

    Advice needed! Ive been to see a job for garage power, the previous electrician has taken a 4mm on a 32amp B MCB protected by a 30mA RCD. But hasnt done anything with, apart from the fact there is no protection and its T&E all straight forward. My ownly question is do i gland straight into a...
  8. T

    Advice for a possible job change?

    Hi all, Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me in regards to where to begin my search for a new job. I’m currently a commercial/industrial electrician and have been with my current place for just over a year. I moved there from a domestic...
  9. L

    Advice for new electrician

    Hi I’m Louis, (aged 22) just looking for some advice, I have just finished my apprenticeship and will get my gold card any day now. When doing my apprenticeship I’ve just been doing domestic work and not much else. I’m looking for a next step in to doing something else but not sure what’s good...
  10. A

    Advice transferring from domestic to industrial

    Hello, I'm 23 years old and I have 4 years experience in the electrical world. (3 as an apprentice and 1 after I qualified) Next week I start my new job, but I am going from domestic to industrial. I've had experience with containment systems, SWA, FP, and a little bit of MICC and SY. In the...
  11. T

    UK Advice needed please: Electrical set-up in 1950s/60s Maisonette - Potential Purchase

    Hi, I'd be very grateful for any advice/views available please on the electrical set-up in a ground-floor maisonette that we are in the early stages of purchasing, our offer having been accepted. We went to the property today to inspect a few things, and noticed a lot of electrical wires/boxes...
  12. E

    UK Desperately need some advice on kettles!

    Hi everyone, I’ve just started uni and we’ve been told that you’re not allowed kettles in our rooms. I’m really curious as to why this might be? I know nothing about kettles or electrics so I desperately need as much advice as I can get. I did ask my uni if we would be allowed camping kettles...
  13. M

    Advice for wiring in walls with damp

    Hi all, Was called to a house with a tripping RCD this week, traced it to the basement socket ring. The house is a ground and basement floors, with the basement excavated and converted into the living room and is about 5 years old, DB is up on ground level. Very low IR readings across the main...
  14. S

    Chasing Cables for Shower Advice

    Hi, we are having a shower fitted - the electrician has run the cable vertically over the top of the noggins, meaning when we make the wall good the filler will encompass the 10mm cable he has pinned to them. I'm certain this is not correct, so I'm tempted to retrospectively cut the cabling into...
  15. S

    Chasing Vertical Cables for Shower Advice

    Hi, we are having a shower fitted - the electrician has run the cable vertically over the top of the noggins, meaning when we make the wall good the filler will encompass the 10mm cable he has pinned to them. I'm certain this is not correct, so I'm tempted to retrospectively cut the cabling into...
  16. H

    Seeking some advice following am2 results

    Good evening, So I have recently sat my am2 and just received my results. I passed with the installation, theory, fault finding etc but failed on the testing due an issue with insulation resistance and also the initial safe isolation section. I can only think that I didn't carry out all the...
  17. A

    Will soon be starting my NVQ advice required

    Evening all, I will be starting my NVQ in the new year through my new employer. I was hoping someone might be able to suggest any advance reading/swatting, That I could get started with over the Christmas period to get a little better prepared. Also what are peoples experiences with time to...
  18. T

    What kind of qualifications do you need to be able to work as an Electrician or be hired by a company?

    What kind of qualifications do you need to be able to work as an Electrician or be hired by a company? this could be from your personal experience what helped you get the job without the help of knowing someone who works for a particular trade. What would be the best route to be able to get...
  19. T

    Advice on 461.2 needed

    Hi folks, Just need a bit of advice regarding whether or not neutrals require switching. - 3 phase board, 3 pole main switch, neutral is un-switched. 416.2 (ii) states that switching of the neutral is not required if the conductor is reliably connected to earth by a low resistance to meet the...
  20. J

    Advice needed re: burnt 60A breaker

    Hi, I'm really sorry if I've joined and asked the wrong forum for this question, but really need advice... I live in a developing country (Myanmar) and have issues understanding the electrics here... might be a situation of knowing a little, but but not understanding... I live in an...
  21. P

    Advice on RCD tripping

    I was called to a job with a light circuit fault tripping the RCD. There are numerous 12 volt downlights on the circuit so I did lives to CPC and got 0.3 Megs on an IR test. I switched off all MCBs controlled by the second RCD and there was no tripping from the faulty light circuit, but once...
  22. R

    Is someone trying to rip a customer off? Advice on a Fire Risk Assessment

    Hi So a customer of mine has just had his fire extinguishers tested and for some reason the guy doing the fire extinguisher check removed this 600x600 flat LED panel and looked above it and said that what he sees is not safe and it's a fire risk. He proceeded to quote £600 to have 7 of these...
  23. S

    Damaged RFC advice

    I have just wired a converted toilet, did my first fix last week, went back today to do 2nd fix. When the plasterer has been in and boarded the room, a screw I assume, has hit the wiring. The extended ring went from a double socket to a 5A FCU for the lights and a 13A FCU for the electric...
  24. GBDamo

    Code advice.

    Just finished an EICR on an ex assisted housing flat, in a block of 4, since converted into normal flats. Generally the condition isn't horrendous, a couple of damaged accessories(C1) but two odd ones. 1, The CU is in the meter cupboard, outside. Now it wasn't in too nad shape to be honest but...
  25. T

    (Wrong category I know) Need advice on plumbing my own house?

    Firstly I know I’ve posted this in the wrong category, I couldn’t find the right one for some reason. I’m a industrial/domestic electrician, I’m doing a rear extension and loft conversion on my bungalow myself. I’m of course doing the electrics myself and I’m looking at plumbing the CH and...
  26. M

    2391 coming up any advice?

    Hi guys week after next I have my 2391 and was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to expect, tips, links to websites that might help or any links to any other threads. Cheers guys
  27. A

    Design book advice

    Hi, I'm after a single book that has all of the relevant information in to design circuits, I currently use a selection but it would be very handy if I just had 1 that I could work from... does 1 exist Many thanks
  28. M

    Advice regarding storage heater

    I am refurbishing a modern flat that I have recently bought and it is all electric. All the old heating, which was a mix of convectors and a large storage heater have been scrapped. The storage heater is located in the lounge/dining area and I wish to replace it with a slightly larger unit to...
  29. H

    Looking for some advice regarding a Cummins Genset

    Hi, So I am currently troubleshooting a cummins generator that only seems to be able to switch from idle and rated speed mode during only after running for about ten minutes, any longer than that everytime i switch back to idle from running, there is no change and when i change it back to...
  30. M

    Cooker circuit advice.

    currently doing a re wire waiting for the kitchen spec. Customer has planned for a halogen hob in an island which will get its own supply however he’s also after 2 single ovens stacked on top of each other on the opposite side of the room. It’s likely that both ovens will be on together so I...
  31. C

    DIY Advice - Bathroom lights

    I have 3 LED lights in my bathroom ceiling, and when the cord is pulled these flicker and stay off, or occasionally turn on normally (10% of the time). Having spoken to an electrician I know, I replaced the lamps, however this hasn't helped. Each lamp is attached to it's own transformer - see...
  32. rolyberkin

    SON Floodlight advice please.

    Unbeliveably I have never come across a dead son floodlight, have a client who has about 6 which are not working, not sure what power the lamps are yet yet as it was too wet today to get the ladder off the van!;-) Thinking ahead in peoples experience is it worth changing the bulbs for an LED...
  33. J

    Looking for electricians mate work in Derbyshire

    I am currently studying one night a week C&G Level 2 Installations. Got my CSCS card, currently going down the route of ECS as well, I work one day a week at a lighting company with a maintenance electrician and, from the one day a week, I am learning a little bit from them and I enjoy iy. I...
  34. stuarth

    Max demand & diversity advice needed

    I have been asked to do some work on a large 25 room mini mansion spread over 3 old properties made in to 1 with 6 consumer units on a single phase 100amp supply. The total loading of the breakers is 452 amps if I apply diversity at 40% I arrive at 180.8amps demand but this dose not take in to...
  35. C

    I have recently moved to Bulgaria.

    I have recently moved to Bulgaria to live. I want to work to help fund my small holding. I have found a country with little regulations. My electrical experience was on trains air conditioning. I’ve always done my own homes electrical stuff, I’m not a complete novice. It has been over 20 years...
  36. R

    Advice on wiring into an existing single light, 2 switch circuit

    Good evening guys, New to this forum but seeking some advice if possible. I am in the process on installing downlight in my bedroom as the single light is just not enough to cover the room, and am hoping to daisy chain them together. My current set up is a single light fitting with 2 switches...
  37. C

    UK Some advice regarding exterior lighting.

    Hi forum, I'm after some advice regarding exterior lighting. We have installed some plug and play 12v lighting into a clients garden via the ecisting external sockets. In the same garden in a different area the client has a ground level floodlight which is wired via an external switch on an...
  38. K

    Advice on pat testing

    Hi Experts I would like some advise on pat testing. i am converting old Bakelite radios, taking out all the original electrics and valves and installing bought 12V amp/Bluetooth board, speaker and 12V power adaptor. Some wiring and soldiering is involved, but very basic My question is, as i...
  39. K

    Non-standard install advice

    Hello, I am currently in the process of trying to get a charging point fitted to a detached double garage and it is proving to be a bit of nightmare. The existing wiring can only support 16amp and there is also a powered roller shutter door so the one EV charge point installer that has been...
  40. Dan

    DIY Looking for DIY Advice on - Also, we're looking for professional electricians to help out in there

    DIY Looking for DIY Advice on - Also, we're looking for professional electricians to help out in there. I know this is a touchy subject. We also run, and that has Gas and Oil Engineers on, and that's clearly not just a regulated industry, but it has...
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