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  1. D

    BM223 Service Advice

    I am fixing an old BM223 for myself and have done well so far, got it a new battery holder, found the 12v zener shorted and a 1N4007 o/c next to the relay which looks to be part of that high voltage chain. My questions are :- are there any other faulty parts to check? What voltages would I see...
  2. S

    Advice with my next steps

    Hi guys, I've achieved my NVQ Level 3, 18th edition and 2391-52. Looking to go off by myself, work comprising all of domestic so signing off work is needed and EICRs. what's the best route to go down? Napit or the NICIEC? or something else I'm not aware of? Cheers!
  3. researchstudent123

    Research interview questions - advice on Wireless Charging

    Hello, I need to conduct interviews with experts in the relevant field for my university project. The topic and product that I’m developing a business plan for is a device that charges household appliances wirelessly – a Wireless Multi-Device Charging product. Could you provide me with your...
  4. David2632

    Is the width of 12x1220mmx2440mm plyboard enough for a test rig or would i need a 18x instead?

    So I'm starting out a new rig and I'm fresh out of college with my level 3 without any experience and I think that I need to still have the knowledge and the practice of terminating cables, stripping cables and having a good understanding of different circuits and how they work. I will also...
  5. David2632

    Can you work as an general labourer first and then find work as an electrician mate?

    So, I got a level 2-3 electrical installation diploma fresh out of college with no experience especially onsite. I was wondering whether working as a general labourer to get that onsite experience can lead me to any electrician mate roles via an agency later on. I am struggling to find any...
  6. J

    Blender/mixer circuit breaker Advice please

    Hi everyone, 1st post here. I'm a DIYer looking for some advise please. I've got a blender/mixer from India which has decided to pack up. I've narrowed the problem down to a circuit breaker (thermal overload protection switch) I'm not able to find a match on Google or on screwfix, does anybody...
  7. J

    Hi Everyone from Ipswich

    Hi everyone, DIYer here from Ipswich, im looking for advice of parts for a kitchen blender/mixer which I'll post in due course. Thanks in advance!
  8. Josh555

    Fuseboard change advice on running the pyro cables into the board

    I have a fuseboard change I need to do soon I’m putting in a FUSEBOX 7 or 10 way RCBO+ SPD My only concern is how I should run the pyro cables in the board. The board is in a small cupboard in the hallway. I know cables that are not in enclosures need to be double insulated as the pyro cables...
  9. J

    Just need some guidance

    Hey Everyone Just need some advice and what to look out for. I've installed some rocker switches 24vdc for a project and they keep blowing after a period of time. Any chance you can point us in the right direction and what to look out for? Thank you
  10. J

    Volt drop question and advice

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice on a volt drop query we have in our office. I'll explain the scenario and I would really appreciate any opinion's and advice. We were asked to wire a 3ph 100A supply into a barn, that would later be used to feed a new build house. The meter and supply comes...
  11. C

    Advice on reduced live-neutral reading

    Hello, I'm not an electrician, more one of those 'competent DIYers', so probably the worst kind :) My electric shower broke, the shower firm came out, he was in about 2 minutes I'd say. In that time he put his meter on the terminal block, said there was only a small 60v neutral-live, 190v on...
  12. 2

    Nuisance RCD Tripping - Diagnosis Advice PLEASE

    Hi all. Have an issue i'd love some advice on if anyone would be so kind. Will try to be brief. Thank you!! So, have an intermittent RCD trip at my home. Big old house with an installation of nearly all old tinned copper wiring, that for the last couple of years, hasn't missed a beat. Old...
  13. P

    Advice on new oven installation RE amps/fuse rating

    Hi all We are hoping to upgrade our oven. We currently have a single integrated oven and a separate induction hob. Each has its own red switch on the kitchen wall. The consumer unit has 2 "cooker" parts both labelled as B32. We are hoping to get a larger freestanding electric range style...
  14. S

    UK Wanting some quoting advice / am I about right/or too high-low

    Need help with a quote here. I’m wanting some sound advice. Was called out to the hot water not working so repaired the issue within the panel (micro switch had failed) Whilst I was there the guy asked me to price up a board change and to have all of this tidied up/put into one box, the hot...
  15. R

    Advice on fixing this outside mess

    Basically I’ve attended a friend house who asked me to see why his power to his sheds had stopped working. Any help or advice on fixing this mess please
  16. Q

    Wiring heater and thermostat advice please

    Hi - we have an inline heater for a vent system that appears to always be on. I believe the electrician may have wired it incorrectly with only a 2 core wire from thermostat to heater control board. Please find attached wiring diagram and photos of the heater control board and the thermostat...
  17. P

    DIY Electrical Advice: Spot Lights

    Hello, Looking for DIY electrical advice. I have 7 x spots, and each are fitted with 1 x T&E connector block fitting [see photo]. In the past I have had spot Fittings with an 'In and Out' connection as part of the fitting. I wrongly assumed they'd all be the same! These have a connector...
  18. D

    I’m currently an IT contractor but want to be able to do electrical work too.

    Hi there. I’m hoping for some advice. I currently run a small limited company that provides IT services, both commercial and domestic so I carry out a lot of data & fibre cabling work. Over the last couple of years I’ve found that a lot of clients / customers ask me about doing electrical...
  19. oldgregg

    Having issues and need some advice.

    I just had the electric company at my house to check the power lines coming to my house. Nothing is wrong on their end. The problem is that every time the air conditioner compressor turns on or off, it causes my TV to flicker off for a fraction of a second. The air conditioner is on a different...
  20. D

    Advice re voltage converter!

    Afternoon all! I was wondering if there were any electricians here who could share some knowledge please 🙏🏼. I have a Ninja dual zone air fryer that I want to take abroad. The country I’m taking it to is running on 110V, whereas the air fryer is 2470W. Would a voltage converter 110V to 220V-...
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