1. J

    Career advice (next steps)

    Hi all, i am currently coming to the end of my level 3 apprenticeship just waiting on AM2s date so now I’m thinking about what steps to take next in my career. I did quite well in college therefore feel I could progress further if I wanted, so looking for some advice on what courses/route I...
  2. T

    Downlight ID -- advice needed !

    Hi all, I'm struggling to replace the bulb in this outdoor downlight, it doesn't twist out like i'm accustomed to. It's tiltable. I can pull down the unit a bit but not sure how hard to pull as i'm pulling pretty hard and feel like i'm gonna break something. I really can't seem to access the...
  3. T

    Advice boiler wiring

    Hello all Looking for some electrical advice if possible. We had a boiler and complete new central heating system installed in our house 3 years ago. This has been working fine until recently when we had a new consumer unit with rcd protection installed to upgrade. From the day this was...
  4. D

    Electrician advice please

    Hi all recently had smart meters fit, after the installation the technician couldn't get the sockets to turn on they just kept tripping. Turns out all the sockets in the house are on one RCD which I believe that's a problem in its self. But after 43 hours of no sockets in the house not working...
  5. fluffy78

    i'm a diy guy i need some straight forward advice on a module loamp

    I have a teris lamp just like the game its made of blocks that can be changed around inside each block is 4 metal coated prongs 2 have a tiny spring that holds a removed led circuit board. One of the prongs have broken what type of strong glue could i use to refix it into place without loosing...
  6. sythai

    ECODAN ASHP... anyone hooked up one of these

    Hi Guys Just seeing anyone hooked one of these pre plumbed units up before : Mitsubishi Ecodan Assuming fairly straight forward compared some 'head scratchers' I've done recently. Possibly a power supply to inside unit + supply to outside unit + comms cable between + SL from heating 🤔 Plumber...
  7. W

    Sanity Check and Cable Sizing: Adding RV Subpanel

    Hi folks, I have been researching the NEC and forums on the Internet in preparation for adding an RV subpanel electrical hookup. I could use a sanity check to make sure that I'm buying the right type of cable(s), and that I'm adhering to code as best I can. I have 200a service to my main...
  8. richardh

    Advice on my installed solar system - missing optimisers?

    TLDR - I have a system that is supposed to have optimisers fitted, but I am not sure they have been fitted. The detail: Back in March I had a solar system installed. It was installed on two outbuildings, and as one of the outbuildings has a tree near it which can cause some shading, I was...
  9. C

    Some advice required

    Hello. I am having a problem with the electrics where I live and I wanted to ask your professional opinion. There is a plug in the kitchen that has damaged several appliances: a food processor. a kettle, a vacuum cleaner, the fridge. Also, 2 ovens that are next to that socket have burned out...
  10. R

    UPS via generator. Advice needed

    Hi All Had an enquiry about installing a generator fed UPS to a house. I have a minimal amount of experience with UPS but am certainly no expert, the ones I've been involved with were manual changeover and didn't have anything attached (generator was to be hired in the event of a failure)...
  11. sythai

    Tesla equipment advice..?

    Hi Guys On my list is sorting this right old mess out, along with a DB upgrade. Question is anything I need to aware about with this Tesla set up, guessing some sort battery set up 🤔 (not come across one yet) So I dont blow myself up and/ or mess up any of it up💥💥 Thanks Sy
  12. R

    Fitting solar advice qualifications

    Afternoon, Just looking at expanding my business and getting more into solar. I am part p niceic18th edition which means I can supply new circuit for solar up to the isolator and sign it off. Just wondering what I need to get to fit inverter legally if anything. Do I need to be Mcs accredited...
  13. J

    Advice with car charger

    Hi, I’m after some advice for an existing car charger that’s on one of our newly inherited sites. We have a Rolec 2x 7.2kw pedestal charger, just the basic model, no o-pen detection or anything like that. Whoever installed it only ran a 32A supply to it so if both sockets are in use it trips...
  14. RainbowBear154

    Need advice re fused spur switch and installing a Dishwasher

    I wonder if any one can give me some advice. I live in a fairly new build house it's 11 years old. In our kitchen there is a fused spur switch on wall above worktop and below is a socket that's connected to it this is where we have our Washing machine. Over the other side of kitchen there is...
  15. Nakulsharma647

    Made a big mistake on a job need advice

    I think i was rushing to fit a new light fitting. And got some cables trapped . Long story short light fitting smoked and went black. Have replaced fitting but really knocked my confidence is this just part of the job.feeling like a damn cowboy
  16. jasonvr

    Advice on conflict between generator interlock kit and subpanel requirements (Siemens Panel)

    I recently had my 50yr old 100A main panel replaced with a 200A Siemens panel (MC2040B1200EFC). It is the incarnation with the 200A main breaker at the bottom (earlier versions were center fed which would have alleviated my problem). At the same time I had the electrician add a 50A inlet for a...
  17. CTJXtan

    Industrial ELCD trip at my office. need help

    I live in Malaysia and this happened to the office i'm working at. There's a MCB that controls the light in room A and the stairwell. Either the MCB or the ELCB will trip randomly even though no one is playing with the switches. I tried to troubleshoot it myself. So far the situation is 1. The...
  18. highlanders317

    Advice for home pc area and extra sockets

    Hi All, I am having fibre to the premises fitted tomorrow, much earlier than expected, supposed to be another month or so. I looking for some advice on what to get to replace the current 1x4 sockets with 3 extension leads for pc, tv and always on. I am not looking doing the work myself, just...
  19. C

    Solar Panels Advice on off grid inverter wanted

    I've been asked to fit a Growatt spf 5000 es inverter which will have batteries (not sure what yet) and tied to the 230v domestic mains supply. Although I'm qualified to fit pv systems, I've never actually fitted any battery systems so not sure how they work in relation to connecting to the...
  20. D

    Advice on if quote / estimate is pricey

    Hi all, I am a new home owner and have had a quote on some electrical work I wanted done in my home. I was wondering on if someone could give some advice on if the estimate I have been given is over priced: Estimate for the following electrical work - • Full electrical installation condition...
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