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  1. 1

    Suggestions / advice / help.....

    Hi all, me again. Hopefully this is the right thread if not I'm sure it will get moved. As some of you may know from my earlier post I am offering free labour in return for experience. For those that don't know, in a nutshell I was leaving the military, completed the domestic installer course...
  2. PJH2903

    MICC/PYRO advice please

    Been to a quote for a job this morning. Customer has just bought the house and wanted me to quote to replace/move an old fuse board as there were 2 in the house. On looking at the job it appears that the old unit in the kitchen is being fed from the newer unit under the stairs in MICC/Pyro, the...
  3. B

    Any advice for 18th edition course and exam

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get 18th edition certificate and booked a 3 days course and ordered the blue book. Once the book arrive us, I will start to study and my course will start on 1st July. I am new in England. Before I came to England, I worked 5 years in Turkey and 6 months in Italy as...
  4. PJH2903

    Downlights lath and plaster ceiling advice please

    Been asked to put a load of downlights into a lath and plaster ceiling. Done plasterboard but not lath and plaster. Is it easy enough to do or will it be a right pain?
  5. stuarth

    Domestic MK 63amp RCD that fails Ix5 test everything else tests fine on the board

    I have a brand new MK 63amp RCD that fails Ix5 test everything else tests fine on the board, I tested with all circuits off everything unplugged so swapped it for another thinking must have a faulty one but the same result, it will trip at 50ms and ramp tested at 33ma, ze=0.18 what could be...
  6. D

    Trainee Apprentice tools and advice

    Hi all I am new to this forum and was just wondering any of your advice on tools and anything I should know as I start an apprenticeship next Monday doing most domestic and local leisure centre's Any advice really appreciated Dylan :)
  7. M

    Advice needed

    Hi guys I'm in massive need of advice cause as I feel like I'm smashing my head against a brick wall at the moment. Its a bit long winded but bare with me cause without the background I cant get to the issue. Having spent 15years in accounts I got made redundant and 2014 I decided to retrain...
  8. C

    Advice on getting back into the industry

    Evening Guys, I started training as an electrician when I left school at 16 but left the industry behind before I was fully qualified. At the time I wasn't really enjoying the work and thought I knew better, naively leaving the 9-5 behind to 'travel the world'. I completed my C&G level 2 and...
  9. M

    Domestic Electric knife: strange wiring: request advice

    The knife is Russell-Hobbs, ECO1255, model 13892. I work for a charity which receives (among other things) electrical goods which must be tested before we can give them to recipients. The PAT meter gave weird results: normally when the device being tested is switched off the meter says "lo...
  10. B

    Domestic Advice on faults and Ideas for fixes

    Hi guys, I'm not a sparks so i'm looking for some advice and help on a few issues. I've recently had all my sockets chased back and new switches chased in and some replaced as well as other work. My first issue. I've had all my sockets moved up a few inches from there original locations to...
  11. C

    advice - two wall nights and one dimmer switch wired wrong!

    Long story short i had a friend helping me out with some DIY today and I have realised that he left the wiring like pictured. I have and voltage tester so i have worked out that the middle red wire is the live one. Long story short they are now not working (i have tried some variations based...
  12. S

    New and need advice.

    Hi, all I'm here for some advice/help. I'll post it in the (hopefully) right forum area!
  13. B

    Domestic New member seeking advice

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick hello as a new member. I'm not an electrician and would like to ask some questions, if I may, re house wiring/safety, audio hum etc., before calling in the calvary. I'm retired and live in NW London. Thanks, Bob ,
  14. B

    advice required On beam strength loss

    Hey guys I’m currently re wiring a dormer bungalow and decided to check the bathroom fitters electrical work To my horror the dope decided to drill out notches in the beams instead of moving these four lights to a clear location Can anyone help on how much strength has been lost due to this...
  15. J

    Compex Ex 01 - 04 course help (notes & advice)

    Hi all, I am due to start the compex ex 01 - 04 at the end of June. From hearing back about a number of people who have failed the course it sounds like a tough, tricky course indeed. If you have any notes at hand to help with the course it would be great. Thanks. John
  16. E

    Domestic RCD not tripping - tech advice

    Hi Hopefully some can explain this perplexing issue I'll try and explain the situation as best I can, hopefully its not to rambling -maybe its common knowledge but I'll bow to anyones supperior understanding During an EICR checked test button RCD would not trip - checked with tester no...
  17. D

    Domestic New small solar system advice needed

    Hi all, just got hold of 2 12v 98amh deep charge batteries could someone advice the cheapest way to complete solar system. I want to use it at my allotment to power mist spray bench, grow lights in greenhouse a small water pump and possibly lights and stuff in shed. I assume the batteries would...
  18. S

    Need Advice - New Kitchen Rewire

    Hi Guys New to forum and enjoying reading the threads, all interesting, so.. Looking to re-wire my kitchen due to re-fit and some of you will be unhappy (understandibly) as I am not a qualified sparky, but I will notify building control and get the work certified and passed. This is simply an...
  19. P

    Electrical Advice needed

    Hi, I'm after some advice /information about moving back into the installation industry. I've been working in the electrical sector for 11 years now, I'm fully apprentice trained and qualified, C&G's, NVQ3, AM2, 17th Ed, JIB Gold Card etc...I've done most kinds of electrical installation work...
  20. R

    Looking for advice, want to change career.

    Hi All. So i am 30 years old and thinking to change my career. At this moment i am working for a builders merchant as a manager and earning 28k, but I really want to change my career. Thinking to lear electrician trade, but not sure how to start and where to start. I have a family and i need...
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