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    AEG ceramic hob wiring.

    Hi I have an AEG ceramic hob and it is 6.4kw nominal power can I use H05v2v2 ff heat resistant cable.
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    AEG T58870 tumble dryer will not start

    Hi all, I would appreciate your advice. Recently my AEG T58870 tumble dryer stopped working. It stopped in the middle of the drying cycle and the LCD screen just "died" (no digits on it at all). Since then, it won't start. I've tried using another socket which I know is working properly but no...
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    AEG Multi-voltage battery charger

    Hi Folks :-) got a query. Can my AEG AL9618 Battery charger that came with my BSB 18STX-R drill, also charge Li-Ion batteries? The drill originals are Ni-cd 2.0ah, and I wish to upgrade to 3.0ah Li-Ion ones. The front of the charger does show various images of what the lights should do. And it...
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