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  1. sythai

    JIB card... after some advise please

    Hi Guys Thought I'd update my ECS Jib Gold card (not that I really need it these days), only expired in 2015! Looks like I'll have to do new application. Sorry if been asked before (and also being lazy, had quick scan of JIB website with no joy!) All I'd like to know is: I currently have...
  2. D

    new cooker 5 years ago still in packaging

    5yr old cooker brand new still in packaging, been sat in the kitchen. Will it be safe to connect and use it now?
  3. S

    Possible cause for light switches no longer turning on after smart dimmer install?

    I installed a smart dimmer switch in my dining room, which worked fine. The next day, I installed the same type of switch in my kitchen. Not only did it not power on, I noticed that the light switch in the dining room no longer turns on, and that the light switch in my foyer no longer works...
  4. P

    My RCD won't reset after testing

    my RCD's wont reset after testing. I have 6 RCD in my fuse box all in a row (and only 4 MCB - which doesn't seem usual). After pressing the test button, the RCD triggers. The RCD won't however allow itself to be reset. I have tried resetting with all the MCB turned off as well as all...
  5. sythai

    After some help please ;-)

    I can't seem to find where my old PM's are stored ? Could some one help me out please Thanks Sy
  6. M

    Short Circuit Line to Neutral where does the current go after the consumer unit?

    Short Circuit Line to Neutral where does the Current go after the consumer Unit? I assume it goes back to the Sub-Station where it is earthed but i'm trying to find this written in a official book etc but finding nothing. Thanks
  7. captaincaveman

    UK Re-energising after fire

    Hi guys and gals, I've been asked by a landlord to go to a property to check the electrics which were de-energised by the fire brigade after a smallish fire was started by candles. I've been told there is no obvious damage to the electrical installation but the fire brigade state "Gas and...
  8. S

    After some advise about getting back into electrical work.

    Hi there, I’m looking & hoping to get back into electrical work after nearly 15 years doing something else. I’m 44 now, have I left it too late in life now ? Is my age likely to put potential employers off ? I went back to college in 2004/05 to retrain as an electrician, completed the NVQ...
  9. S

    What’s after the 2330?

    I got my City & Guilds 2330 Level 3 back in 2012 and at the time I had about 3 years experience working on commercial sites. I took a different career path but would now like to get back into this industry but I am a bit overwhelmed and confused about all the information out there about...
  10. FatAlan

    The question is...are Wagos usable after at trip through the washing machine?

    As title. Based on wagos recovered from my washing machine. :)
  11. E

    Leaving a window shutter switch pressed after it ran its course

    Hello everyone, I have an electric window shutter in my aparment and it has these switches: When i press one of them I have to keep doing it until the shutter has closed/opened. Lately I started to stick a toothpick in the switch and let the shutter run its course by itself, and save those...
  12. E

    UK Contra charges after non payment

    Hi all. New here, just a question if any one has had a similar experience. Halfway through a small domestic rewire, builder wouldn’t pay so long story short, had to take to court, awarded my way, but builder refused to pay still. Got bailiff involved, builder paid and I haven’t been asked to go...
  13. I

    Kiwi Sparky's in Aussie

    G'day - am after some registration advice under the TTMA - anyone have info? will be greatly appreciated.
  14. L

    UK Are surge protection devices fitted before or after the main switch

    Are surge protection devices fitted before or after the main switch
  15. B

    Getting back into the game after over 10 years out

    Early Next year I will be taking my 18th edition course to get me up to date but am I allowed to trade before then (self employed) as I am only skilled to 16th edition. I understand all work will need to be to 18th standard which isn't an issue. I'm based in Scotland if that makes any...
  16. C

    LED fitting blowing after several days???

    Hi, i recently fitted 2 Searchlight LED globe pendant fittings in a property, straight forward job just a switch wire, neutral and earth in the fitting. Each controlled by a separate switch A day after fitting them both the customer told me that one of the fittings had blown and tripped the...
  17. R

    Fluorescent lamps flickering after installing new dimmer switch.

    As the title says today I replaced a simple 1 way 2 gang switch with a a 1 way 2 gang dimmer switch. The first switch controls 2 ceiling lights with gu10 fittings which dim fine. The second switch controls under cupboard lights which are fluorescent lamps, they originally come on and work...
  18. W

    Veritas R8 keypad unresponsive after power cut

    Hi, could somebody please give me some advice? I have a Texecom Veritas R8 alarm. I recently turned off the power for some DIY work, and the external alarm rang until the power turned back on. I’m aware that this is an issue with the battery, however the alarm usually works fine when power is...
  19. S

    New Bosch dishwasher very wet after cycle

    Hi I’ve just replaced my old Bosch dishwasher with a new Bosch one (SMV46GX00G). It washes well and dries the dishes reasonably well, however the inside of the machine is always covered in condensation after the cycle, as the photos show. I’ve been using the auto 45-65°C cycle, and I’ve tried...
  20. N

    Commercial Metal Halide still not working after control gear replacement

    So I've got incoming mains splitting (forking) off into 3 light fittings. They are HID metal halide lamps. The middle one (thats not working) is 70W, and the other 2 are 150W. I've replaced the control gear and bulb. It still just flickers blue and doesnt actaully start. It also buzzes at the...
  21. J

    HELP, lights not functioning properly after consumer unit change

    I changed an old fuse board for a new consumer unit and the lighting for this house was connected in two separate fuses. So I swapped one for one and put them into two 6 amp breakers. Now the light at the bottom of the stairs is permanently on and the light at the top is off. Light at top...
  22. K

    Low wattage after overloading MWBC

    So this is a long one.. The other night my dehumidifier turned on and suddenly everything in 2/3rds of the house began cycling on/off and the lights that were on started strobing as well (led bulbs btw). I unplugged everything and reset the breakers, even though none were tripped. At this...
  23. P

    Added additional LED down/up lighter and now RCD trips after about hour?

    I am a DIY house renovator. I have 5 outside lights connected to a switch in the hall. Power from the switch goes up the 2 core + earth to the first light, then all of the other 4 lights are daisy chained to each other. (Have 2 cables coming out of each light except the last one) all worked fine...
  24. M

    No power to CU or meter after resetting RCD

    I was working on a lighting circuit connected to a 3 phase board. The board has a single RCD effectively acting as the main switch. After tripping the RCD by cutting a wire (the old circuit isolated via MCB but Neutral still connected reason), I found that the power to the board didn't come back...
  25. M

    UK Certification after remedial works

    Folks what certification would generally be issued to the client ,after completing remedial works originating from an EICR I am assuming the client would love to have the original EICR fully completed with the words Satisfactory on the front page But this is not always practible depending on the...
  26. M

    Post 2365 Help....Life after the course!

    Hi, just completed my 2365 and 18th edition last week, was just wondering if anyone can help me on a few of these points: 1) Acquiring an ECS card......I qualified last Thursday, the centre say my certs won't be ready for 4-8 weeks, when I rang up the ECS they said before I can apply for my...
  27. jj2005

    Neff Oven Overheating after replacing fan element which initially tripped

    I have a 12 year old Neff Oven b1442n0gb who's fan element stopped working. I bought a generic element from amazon (NEFF Fan Oven COOKER ELEMENT 2400w eq2 499003 spares: Amazon.co.uk: Large Appliances -...
  28. H

    Boiler comes on after time clock has been removed from wall

    Hi just looking peoples thoughts on this one. I went to check out a 3 channel hortsmann time clock. I found it to be faulty as the display came and went. It’s about 12 years old and apparently when the internal battery fails it time to change the clock as you can’t access the battery. Anyway, I...
  29. S

    Help finding fault after a short Circuit( Com with Neutral )

    Hi there Im reaching out here as I have given up trying and couldn't find a local electrician to help today . so the issue . after painting the wall I was try to fit the light switch back into the wall and somehow the com cable touched the metal surround on the wall. the lighting RCBO...
  30. N

    How to find work after obtaining Level 3 Diploma?

    Hey guys, Sorry to bother you all and any information you give me will be greatly appreciated. I have recently completed my Level 3 diploma in electrical installations. I now wish to find work as an electrician's mate. However, I did not realize you needed an employer reference to get an ECS...
  31. Dan

    Advice provided to and sought after with regards to Electric Vehicles in this forum :)

    Advice provided to and sought after with regards to Electric Vehicles in this forum :) Please post a new thread, so the electrical vehicle advice has a thread of its own. Rather than replying to this electrical vehicle advice thread.
  32. JayKay70

    Dimmers keep failing after 4-5 weeks

    Hi all, The dimmer push button still works but the dimmer stopped working when i turn the button, i heard a pop noise and it was then when it stopped working. This is the second dimmer now and it has happened to both of them, not straight away, each one lasted about 4-5 weeks. I wonder if...
  33. A

    Commercial Fridge tripping

    Hi My name is Allen Brauteseth from Cape Town South Africa. I am a Qualified electrician and am sitting with a problem being I have a commercial fridge for cold drinks that trips out the earth leakage after running for 10 minutes please could someone help me as the supplier says there isn't...
  34. M

    Domestic What is a good start after getting level 2 and 3

    I am about to finish my level 3 city and guild 2365 qualification that I did for resettlement from the army, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I should expect for pay and what kind of job I should be going for with no experience.
  35. C

    Looking for Solar Inspection form s and tests after an installation was done

    Looking for Solar Inspection form s and tests after an installation was done
  36. J

    Switch before or after transformer?

    Hello- I'm planning to install a bunch of LED lights in my kitchen cabinets. The idea is to have a small LED strip turn on automatically when opening the cabinet door. I've found a 12v LED strip that can be cut into 30cm long sections that will be perfect for my application, along with some...
  37. M

    Nuisance tripping after splitting a ring main

    Evening everyone Had to re post as I started a post within a post:grimacing: here's hoping I'm posting in the right part or I have started off on the wrong foot. Long story Asked by a friend to look at his friends electrics as the kitchen ring was tripping the RCD. New colours cable on 32amp...
  38. littlespark

    Employment. Taking a day off AFTER giving notice.

    Does anyone know about employment rules, other than electrician/construction? My wife works for local council as an early years practitioner…. old title, nursery teacher. Now, due to various reasons, she has given 4 weeks notice to leave. She has a new job starting, but they have asked if she...
  39. T

    Testing after a consumer unit change

    Had to change 40 consumer units the other day in a hostel/hotel/b&b and it come to the testing stage I spoke to the NICEIC who said you need to test circuits for " safety only ". He said doing a global IR test (testing each individual circuit if less than 1M), and earth fault loop, RCD and...
  40. F

    Domestic Hapless new member hoping what I'm after is even possible ...

    Hi all New to these forums ... I have no electrical experience, my brother-in-law is a qualified electrician who kindly does most work we need for us. As I imagine will be only too well known to a lot of you though, as someone with no electrical experience I have ideas as to what I'd like to...
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