1. A

    Domestic Lighting circuit through airing cupboard

    Hi I am running a new upstairs lighting circuit and need to find a route down to the consumer unit which is in the cupboard under the stairs. The easiest and least disruptive route would be via the airing cupboard, in trunking, then under the floor from which I can drop down through the ceiling...
  2. Amateur

    FSU In Bathroom Airing Cupboard

    Hi all, first post on here but have been visiting the site for a while. Here goes as it seems to be a bit of a grey area this one! - In my bathroom there is an airing cupboard with a full size solid door on it at the end of the bath which houses the combi boiler. Originally the combi was...
  3. S

    CO alarm

    Boiler in airing cupboard upstairs, gas appliance in kitchen. Does this mean I need to install CO alarms at both locations or just 1? if both, do they have to be interlinked? Guessing I wouldn't be expected to install in airing cupboard so outside airing cupboard door on landing??? Thanks in...
  4. T

    Question re Airing cupboard in bathroom

    My son has just bought a victorian house and I've been checking out the electrical installation. I'm happy generally about it but there are a couple of points I was not happy about. 1) The bathroom has an airing cupboard, with the usual hot water cylinder/central heating wiring...
  5. cprfenom

    Pump shower, immersion on plug tops

    Hi people I have been asked to have a look at a house where another firm has put a pump shower 3A and an immersion 3kW on plug tops. Now having looked at the regs I am of 2 minds... I personally do not like immersions being on plug tops as they don't like being loading for such long periods of...
  6. S

    Please help with this central heating wiring question!

    I’m hoping someone with more experience of central heating systems can help with this problem, as I’m sure it must be a common situation. A plumber has replaced a system boiler, which heats the central heating and also a hot water cylinder. The system comprises a programmer, pump, valve...
  7. H

    Wiring a heating system.

    Hi, I need a bit of direction and help never really touched a heating system before and just have a few grey areas that I need clearing up. The work I have done in the forces for 12 years has never took me down the path of heating systems now I am fine with connecting up combi's simply fcu with...
  8. A

    airing cupboard temp

    Hello all, What would you concider to be the ambient tempurature inside an airing cupboard be if you were to run a cable through it so it can be derated accordingly.
  9. E

    Washing Machine not on RCD

    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum. I'm installing a new circuit in my bungalow to become approved (probably NIC). On one hand, I'd like to practise and prove all kinds of fancy things . . . on the other, I just need to do it cheaply. I've plumbed my washing machine into my...
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