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  1. D

    Looking for some help finding a switch

    Hello, I'm new here so sorry if this isn't in the right area and what not. I'm running into dead ends everywhere I go, so I looked up Auto Electrical on google and you guys where the first to come up so I'll give it a shot. I am wiring in some lights on a piece of ag equipment. The machine has...
  2. B

    Megger 1730

    I've got my megger 1730 for sale. Reason for sale is I just don't use it anymore. If I'm honest it's probably been used less than a dozen times since I've owned it. (It still has the protective cover over the LCD screen) It's currently out of calibration, but passed our in house tests...
  3. S

    MFT 1720 & On Site Guide

    Hi Guys, just purchased a new 1730 - anyone interested in a good condition 1720? Unit, case & leads only, will require calibrating - can include a £10 off calibration voucher with Testermans if you can use it. £400 17 edition OSG, Red, good condition... £15 posted
  4. C

    Makita 18v combi drill

    Includes case, charger, two batteries (Still work well), and a spare chuck (Virtually new) £120
  5. A

    Beko CE 68206C - problem with oven not heating

    Hi, First post, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask such a question, if so if someone could gently point me in the right direction/forum, that would be appreciated. Our Beko CE 68206C oven has stopped working, not sure the grill works either. The clock appears to be set properly...
  6. sjhall

    makita 8406c core drill

    The move across to one brand, Milwaukee ... So the above is for sale, This is the 8406C this is the 1400w motor Very good condition Cheapest I can see online is £380 £150...
  7. Jimmy Boy

    I Phone Apps

    After having a Galaxy S for a couple years I thouht I might try the IP 4S I have heard good and bad so know what i am letting myself in for, it's on a seven day knock back so I will back it and go for the S3 if I don't like it, anyway what Apps, games or other stuff do you run on your smart...
  8. D Skelton

    RCD help

    Anyone know which makes/brands, if any, have the test button wired between L1 - L2 instead of L1 - N? I'm looking for a four pole RCD to protect a TP circuit without a neutral and still have a functioning test button.
  9. T

    Megger MFT1710, RDCT320 & Kyoritsu Phase Rotation Tester

    Hi all, I'm currently selling off some of my test equipment as I am changing careers :clap:and will know longer require these testers. The MFT1710 was last calibrated by megger on the 9/3/12 and used once and new since then, The Megger RCDT320 calibration date states it was tested in 09! but...
  10. S

    Ceiling rose aka joint box + 1 extra choc block thingy!!! and more wild west!!

    found this in the ceiling whilst at a customers house the other day. and also spotted this on my travels lol
  11. G

    Finally had my PV installation carried out!

    After attending a C&G 2399 course last year with the idea of becoming a MCS registered company by using my house as our first installation we then decided against it when the government started to mess around with the FiT. I then put the idea of an install on my house to one side but after...
  12. N

    Went to quote an Inspection today......

    Got called to quote an Inspection this morning and thought you all would like to see some work care of a local sparks.... This is a yacht club. customer informed me that 'all work done by a sparks who did a cert last year for insurance comp but we can't get hold of him for this year can you do...
  13. R

    Will this work

    Hi everyone I make Biodiesel and have just finished a processor, I now need to sort out electrics, I am ok with general electrics but when it comes down to relays and Pids I am lost. Can someone look at this wiring diagram and tell me if this set up will work. Much appreciated.
  14. D

    Help wiring up 3 phase compressor.

    Hey i recently purchased this compressor for use up at my unit, ive got an unsed but live iscolator box i could. never wired any thing 3 phase befor here somes pics, is it as simple as you guys telling me which wire go were??? Any help appriciated
  15. E

    Makita 14.4 Li-ion BDF 343 bare drill driver

    I have just got a makita combi set (DK343) and I have no need for 2 drills so i'm selling one of them. it's brand new, never been used. heres the spec on it from Makita Makita Direct would be a useful addition if you already use 14.4 LXT gear as it's small, light and powerful. note this is...
  16. B

    For Sale MK CU. WYLEX RCBO's. MK D/S's. MK S/Ss

    hello all. cleared the garage out the other day and have these items up for sale as they are no longer needed. where i have put "x 6" or "x 10" it means im selling as a set of 6 or 10. too much hassle to split and send out single items. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD MK Consumer Unit. 17th edition split...
  17. C

    New mug for work....

    My best mate got me this for Christmas, it's coming to site with me next week... :D
  18. A

    Laptop motherboard component

    What is the name of this laptop motherboard component? on the "PQ29" it says on it "FDS, FD54435BZ" where the B could be an 8 and a Z could be a 2 but am sure it is BZ. I have included pictures. I assume the burnt one is most likely the same as the motherboard consists of the same parts in...
  19. 1

    What are the worst conditions you have worked in?

    As an electrician I'm sure many of you have some horror stories to tell of absolutely diabolical conditions or places you have had to work in. What is your worst and when do you know where to draw the line? Have you ever refused to do a job because of the conditions? I am a telescopic...
  20. M

    Fluke 1651

    hi i have just bought a 1651 from ebay but am not 100% sure that it works iam new to testing and plan on taking the c & g fundamental corse soon for testing problem is i have been testing sum circuits that i have rigged up in my garage to get me used to the meter problem is when i set the...
  21. C

    Confirming light switch wiring

    Hi all, I am upgrading a Tenby lightswitch to a Marbo dimmer single 2way 400W and would like confirmation of how to wire up the new dimmer. The light is 3x60W (dimmable) so the 400W is certainly within spec. reverse view of existing light switch Reverse view of new dimmer Please can you...
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