1. C

    Best euro converter plug for wood burning hot tub ?

    Hi what external waterproof socket will allow for the use of 2 SC3P euro 2 pin to uk 3 pin convertors? I've tried the flip up versions but they won't even fit in due to the tapering of the housing - let alone let the waterproof lid shut! (I tried LAP, 2G & MK) I need to run LEDs ( 10w / 240v...
  2. H

    Difficult customer! Refusing to allow me to rectify faults.

    First Post on here but I need some advice so bare with please! So I recently got called to a job from a customer who had their consumer unit changed by an "electrician" who fitted a split load rcd board. When the rcds repeatedly tripped he walked away from the job on nothing but MCB and main...
  3. N

    USA Is there an either/or switch

    I need a switch with two live outputs whereby I can switch between L1 and L2 but not permit L! and L2 to be active at the same time. What would you call this type of switch?
  4. Dan

    Why we don't allow logging in with connected accounts (Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc)

    Some years ago when Facebook launched they were not so bad. As time went on, they joined the older crew (Yahoo and Google - And MSN, now Bing or whatever they're going by on their 4th or 5th attempt of being search engine and / or profile system) in allowing website owners to use their already...
  5. Taylortwocities

    UK Strictly to allow same sex couples

    I’m sorry, but isn’t this the BBC’s PC bias going a (dance) step too far. In my opinion they’ll see the audience figures plummet.
  6. C

    New 8 way 3 phase DB, what load to allow for?

    Hi guys, we look after an industrial factory and they are wanting a new DB, they are expecting in the future around 5 machines all 3 phase so ive allowed an 8 way. At the moment i know about 3 machines, a machine that pulls max 40amp per phase and 2 machines that pull around 13amps max per...
  7. haptism

    Does BS7671 allow fuse rating to exceed cable rating

    Does BS7671 allow fuse rating to exceed cable rating where it is not required to offer overload protection ?? As in the case of a 100A fuse/16mm tails: supplying a CU with just a few final rcbo circuits ?
  8. Pete999

    Pete's Videos How can they allow this carp to be published

    Sorry guys wrong video Try this one
  9. B

    Vehicle Tyre Compressor wired direct from battery to pump. Wire overheats.

    I just bought a 12 volt tyre compressor and the instructions say connect it directly from the battery. The pump worked well but when I disconnected it the wires were very hot. Does this mean that the wire is not sufficiently robust?
  10. J

    Different phases for a 13A socket outlet and 5A socket outlet 2" apart

    Hi all. We're currently wiring a large domestic dwelling that has a 3 phase supply. We would like to balance phases as accurately as possible, but due to the lighting control system we have a situation where we have a 13A socket on one phase sited next to a 5A socket on another phase. These...
  11. D

    Any help with pricing?

    Hi I've just started my own business on a self employed basis. I'm Part P covered by NAPIT and fully qualified to NVQ 3 and 17 th Edition. I'm pretty well experienced in most aspects of the trade. I'm currently pricing at £20 an hour and £35 for the first hour. I need a bit of help really as to...
  12. sjhall

    Core drill recommendations

    Any of you lads use a dedicated core drill? Any recommendations ? Been looking at the Bosch gdb1600 so far. Cheers
  13. S

    Difference between part p and domestic installer?

    Hi all I'm currently looking to join a governing body carrying out just domestic work. I want a scheme that will enable me to do everything domestically, ie major re-wires and sign my own work off. What is the difference between part p from elecsa or the domestic installer scheme from...
  14. S

    Periodic Inspection Reports

    hi all, i am currently an niceic domestic installer but i would like to be able to do periodics aswell which the domestic installer scheme doesnt allow. i spoke to the nic and they advised that i have to become an approved contractor to be able to do them. they said that i would have to show...
  15. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) jib card?

    sorry but what is this and how do you attain one? Thank you
  16. M

    Wylex Breakers - What's the problem

    They have all disappeared on a recall. But Wylex wont say what the problem is. Nor will they allow you to take back one you have brought. Anyone know more? Martin
  17. H

    niceic or part p?

    if i join the nic does it allow me to sign off work in domestic properties or do i need to join a part p scheme as well. can anyone give me a rough idea how much nic or part p costs to join and how much to stay in per year
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