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  1. B

    Is Romex allowed in an unfinished garage?

    Hello, I had my garage rewired to add more outlets and lights. It was done with romex. At the time I was planning to finish (drywall) the walls and ceiling. Since then I have decided not to drywall the garage and will be selling the house. Someone told me it is against NEC to have romex in...
  2. R

    DIY socket ring - is this allowed?

    Hi all I’m new here and need some advice :) We’ve got an old Victorian house with a suspended ground floor. We’ve had a rat problem (Sorted now!) and they’ve chewed through part of the ring main downstairs. I was thinking of replacing the line of cable they’ve chewed through myself (It’s red and...
  3. C

    Pvc not allowed externally...been doing it for decades

    Couple of pics t&e clipped externally no signs of damage,just growing moss.
  4. Z

    What electrical DIY work is currently Allowed

    Hi just moved into a new house and need to replace the mains sockets, but would also like to add new ones. Have had difficulty on the internet ( trawling through so many American sites ) getting an answer to this question. Can I 1-replace existing ring mains sockets 2-install new ones to the...
  5. darkwood

    Should Scotland be allowed another referendum and do you think parliament has a right to deny it?

    This is a follow on thread from one created discussing Labours manifesto, as this discussion on Scotland started taking hold of the thread it became a topic with popular response that it needs its own discussion. Unfortunately the replies and content already posted would be difficult to bring...
  6. D

    Is this allowed as i could not find an answer in the wiring regs.

    4 core, 10mm SWA cable feeding a trace heating installation. The Installer has stated he wants to use 2 cores as 2 phases and 2 cores as Neutrals. This means the cable will have 2 separate circuits within. This would be acceptable if installed within conduit, but is this classed as bad practice...
  7. L

    Am I legally allowed to change a light switch on domestic without Part P?

    My friend rents out a house to someone and the light switch needs replacing like for like. This is obviously a simple job but as it is rented would need to be officially done by someone qualified. I am an industrial electrician and have an NVQ level 3 in electrical maintenance and have been...
  8. A

    Domestic Am I allowed to fit a Nest thermostat myself?

    As per title really. I’m considering buying Nest thermostats, I am confident I can install it appropriately but I don’t know if legally I’m allowed to. No formal quals but experience in wiring (for audio, not power) radio/recording studios. The current situation... I have a new build property...
  9. D

    Light up Front of House - Allowed Cables/Cable Runs

    I want to wire the "typical" up/down lights half way up the front of a house to light it up in several places. The house is going to be fully K Rendered after wiring it. 1. Can I run the wires across the walls down the front of the house as it is going to be rendered and these cables wont be...
  10. E

    Is a non-fused switched socket spur allowed in Kitchen?

    Can someone please confirm if a single spur off a ring main is allowed in a kitchen? My plumber has said you cannot have spurs in the kitchen, must all be ring main? Use: To create an extra socket under the kitchen cabinets, 6" off ground, will be used for single ELV DC Alexa PSU as limited...
  11. sham

    I'm not sure if the Regs allowed separately bare earths.

    I've been on this job to do an inspection before fitting a new RCD OR RCBO board. In most of my career until now the CPC is inside the T+E cable. This property has a separate CPC all through out the building. Only where there has been modifications, modern wiring has been used. If I can prove...
  12. a-z electrics

    Is a borrowed earth allowed?

    Done an EICR yday on an old house and all ok apart from 2 issues.. 1) 32A cooker circuit had high resistance pec continuity (over2kohms) ALTHO it did buzz out on my voltage probes. Hence not able to get a Zs reading and no rcd tripping. The dual rcd consumer unit was fitted 10 yrs ago and those...
  13. T

    Earth rod needed for shed supply or pme allowed ????

    should you install a earth rod if running a feed to a shed which is built on timber frame and is all timber , no metal parts and will have no services ie gas or water in it so no need for bonding only a supply for a light and a couple of sockets or can you use a pme earth from fuseboard if the...
  14. G

    Am I allowed to post a question if I'm not an Electrician?

    Hello, Am I allowed to post a question on your forum if I'm not an Electrician? I did contact the forum via the contact page at the end of the site, however, I've had no reply. If not please could you delete this post and my account. Thank you.
  15. Spoon

    Learner drivers allowed on motorways after law change

    Lets see what people think of this. Learner drivers now allowed on motorways - It may be a good idea... All depends...
  16. Z

    Is this legally allowed for outdoor lighting?

    Hi, Can anyone advise whether or it this cable can be used for outdoor lighting in a fixed places? Planning to get a 30W outdoor light. Electrical Wire/2 Core Flat Black PVC Mains Electrical Cable Copper Wire High Temperature Resistance 2 x 0.75 mm² Power Cable Twin - 10 metre Cut Length...
  17. DC-backfrom the past

    ok can anyone tell me how this is allowed ?

    I'm stumped with this one. Please view pics. The consumer unit is behind a plywood board cover. Its next to a sink and that is next to shower. So its in the shower/ toilet room but at the far end with a cover. Previously the roof was lower and came down to the top of this cover I've suggested...
  18. R

    Im allowed to PAT Testing?

    I am allowed to pat testing? With pat testing certificates,17th editions,city and guild 2330 electrical installation and 2392 inspection and testing Im not jib electricians and have only jib auxiliary operative,labourer Im only pat testing the equipment we used on site which quite a lot some...
  19. M

    Swa 4c allowed Or not what do you say

    I was doing a ecir at the weekend and came across 8 circuits in a 3 phase db that are all 4c swa 10mm no seperate earth but in a metal board and a metal enclosure at the other end then jointed off in Pvc flexible conduit with an earth 2 of the cores are l&n and the other 2 are l&n Both on...
  20. S

    Spur under bath allowed?

    I am a plumber who has just come across this (sockets/spurs under bath) is this permitted? There are 2 fused spurs and a digital shower unit under the bath. I am concerned as the bath seals have gone causing water to drip onto the fused spurs. Has the electrics been fitted to regulation? If not...
  21. C

    Qualifications and signing work off

    Good morning, Ok so this is something that has been bothering me for some time now and seems to be somewhat of a 'grey' area, I am hoping the community can clear this up for me. My background - I went to college in 2010-2012 and complete my level 2 and 3 - 2330. 2012 was the last year of the...
  22. 1capybara

    Flexible cords and HO7RN-F for fixed installations

    I read carefully BS7671, 17th ed., 521.9 and guidance note 1, Table F3 and F5, and no where does it say that flexible cords, such as HO7RN-F can not be used for fixed installations. I hear that was not allowed in the 15th edition but long since allowed. Am I missing something?
  23. T

    Downsizing cable in the middle of a circuit?

    Hi i am installing 6 2x70w light fittings in a factory, as its a long run I have wired six kliks outlets in 2.5mm singles, I am now deciding if the 3 core 1.5mm flex I have is suitable for the klik plug ends that will supply each light. I am putting on a 10amp breaker so that should be...
  24. V

    Proper job

  25. Clark3169

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Max ZS allowed on NICEIC cert seems wrong?

    Hi guys. I've recently moved from NAPIT to NICEIC I've just issued a cert. Now the circuit details are as follows. Lighting, 6amp RCBO Ze - 0.18 R1&R2 - 0.64 ZS - 0.82 Now by my understanding the max allowed ZS is 6.14 for the type of RCBO so I'm well within the allowed but on the generated...
  26. A

    Who can be a sponsor? Needed for my ECS TRAINEE card application.

    Hi everybody. Much unclear this sponsor thing for the ECS trainee card is. I have done all required for the ECS adult trainee card. I have done and passed my H&S exam. I am currently on my last "second" year of my level 3 in electrical installations. Having been around to a few construction...
  27. M

    PV and Voltage Optimisation

    Hi Guys I saw the other day a Voltage Optimisation Company stating that you can connect and feed an inverter via an optimised circuit, are there any views on how this would be allowed under G83-2
  28. G

    fused flex outlet for towel radiator in bathroom

    Hi can anybody tell me if you can fit a fused flex outlet for towel radiator in bathroom in zone 2?
  29. H

    Volt Drop

    Pricing up a job in a factory and have to wire in a 3 phase supply, just going to double check my cable sizing i calculate i need to use a 10m cable Swa cable clipped direct on its own , 35m run feeding a unit needing a 3 phase 20amp supply am i right ? just seems a little on the heavy side ?
  30. S

    Solar farms

    So we have been doing a bit of digging on the subject and it's apparent they are funded from company's in Germany so the fits are going out the country!! Surely this should not be allowed
  31. S


    what is allowed to be tested or can not be tested on the dno side of a domestic property?
  32. B

    T&E in mini trunking

    Iv just been to look at a job in a cafe, the customer needs a cooker circuit and a radial adding the the installation, the 3 phase D-board is in the same room as where the two extra circuits will be. All the circuits tht are already in this room, radial for boiler and radial sockets feeding...
  33. A

    Using conduit as earth.

    Went to carry out condition report on a flat. There is no earth cables from fuseboard to first point . The installation is over 30 years old and other contractors have just added twin and earth under floors/walls. R1+r2 values seem to be high aswel. Zs is not so bad and is within allowed...
  34. J

    What work can i do??

    hi, im an electrician and i finished my 2330 just before the course changed. I am now unsure to what im physically allowed to do on my own. I don't have my NVQ yet due to constant dodgy jobs such as un-qualified employers, being horribly under paid and just generally being mistreated. ive been...
  35. P

    Wiring Lighting Circuit

    Hi there, was in the wholesalers today and got chatting to the staff and was told that apparently the NICEIC want you to send the feeds to the switches, neutrals together etc, oppose to three bar wiring (loop in) Anyone else heard this,?
  36. E

    302 written, what books can i take in?

    got this tomorrow, college has not yet given a definitive guide to books that can and can't be taken into the exam, are the following books allowed: BS7671:2008 On Site Guide Guidance note 3 ? thanks
  37. M

    Minor works cert sign-off

    Hi Guys, Just completing Y2 L2 2330 (with flying colours) and about to sign-up for L3. As I have been progressing with quals, more and more people (mainly friends and family) are asking if I can do 'a little job for them'. As you would expect, very few are little and require the relevant...
  38. L

    Fitting shaver socket under sink ?

    Im fitting an en-suite and want the shaver socket under the sink in the cupboard, Is this allowed ? ta
  39. R

    pull switch bathroom ?

    hi i know that the cord of a pull switch is allowed in all zones but is the actual fitting allowed in zone 2 ?
  40. B

    240v on site are you sure

    I am currently studying for the 17th and in my course notes I came across something quite unusual. Now correct me if I am wrong but the course states that in the Special Locations section of the regs 240v hand tools are allowed as long as you comply with the regs. Check it out Special...
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