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  1. Stevetheaviato

    UK asked to do work alone that you dont feel competent enough for ? worried about losing my job

    So recently i have been given a lot of changes to the work im used to, quick example = im ok with single phase boards but i am not competent or confident enough in three phase. My boss is a very angry guy..... should i just go for it or should i refuse until i have training ? cheers
  2. H

    USA Hazardous Old Wiring...??

    I’m a new homeowner and found this old wire in the panel (the red and black one)... It’s on a 60 amp breaker. It is clothed sheathed outside the panel and is freying in parts (see 2nd photo)... Hazardous? Thanks for any advice!
  3. C

    Advice on going it alone

    The company i worked for just went into administration . I was all set on trying it alone and have a couple months work lined up, obviously things could change. I have a mortgage, 2 young kids and wife whose not working. Ive had an offer at a mechanical firm who want to start M&E and have...
  4. C

    Electrician Installing meter for stand alone garage - South London

    Hi All, I live in a building with about 100 flats and 17 garages, of which one garage is mine. Based in South London, SW2. The garage currently doesn't have electricity which is something I would like to change. I know at least one other garage has electricity installed and this is wired from a...
  5. M

    Newbie here looking to go it alone

    Hi,have worked (and still do) for a company for 10 years now and have just about had enough, does anyone have any advice at setting up on my own? Any info and advice welcome
  6. R

    Texecom Veritas 8 Stand alone keypad button replacement

    Hi, If anybody has already replaced the keypad buttons on a Texicom Veritas8 stand alone alarm, please would you tell me how to get the old buttons away from their housing. (See photo) I have the engineers code. Thanks in advance.
  7. haptism

    Stand alone rcd enclosure, metal or plastic

    Hi all; a stand alone RCD enclosure, is this classed as "similar switchgear assemblies" in regards to reg 421.1.201 and so needs to be made of metal ? Im considering that a stand alone RCD and its enclosure might have a different BS number and so might not apply to this reg ? Anyone know...
  8. Rosco

    New member in Kent

    Hi I'm ross from Kent I'm 27 and been in the electrical game since leaving school, I'm now toying with the idea of going it alone, mainly to work nearer home had enough of traveling to every corner of the country, any advice on the setting up process would be greatly appreciated, also il try...
  9. C

    caravan park distribution setup

    I've been asked to wire a caravan park up so far the system consists of: connection boxes with each socket on a 16 a trip 30mA rcd SWA to each conn box buried to 600mm+ Incoming supply is t.n.s But....The main distribution board is 3phase so do I have to have the distribution cct on mcbs alone...
  10. happyhippydad

    Stand alone RCD's

    Could anyone give me a link to where I can buy a stand alone RCD? I have looked and looked and just find a lot of threads on the subject but cannot find anywhere that sells them. I could just fit an enclosure/din rail but I'd just like to see these stand alone RCD's and make a choice.. In this...
  11. P

    Training with a trining provider

    I’m thinking of using one of the schools that do training in 30 days, will one of these work for what I want to achieve? This is what im looking to get out from it. I want to be able to fit a feed to a shower and install showers. I want to be able to install extractor fans I want to be able to...
  12. G

    Fluke 1652b, plus lots of other freebies- Retiring.

    After Many years as an Electrician, Its Time to hang up the tools. Fluke 1652b, calibrated 18 months old, and many many other items, all expensive. lots of stock too. £400. Isle of Wight. Gary 07595713954. Offers accepted.
  13. J

    MCS requirements For off grid PV

    Hi there , Just a quick one can anyone point in the direction of what is required under to MCS to get FITs for off grid installs ? Also Are there any places that can be recomeded for reasonably priced dc isolators (wanted a 40-60a one ) Thanks
  14. H

    Rcd tripping on no trip Eli test

    Hi using a megger 1552 to do a few earth loops in a house. It's on the no trip function but still the rcd trips. Never had this before as usually the rcd holds out long enough to get the required reading for the earth loop imp. It's a tt system and the rcd ( 30 ma) is relatively new. Any thoughts?
  15. U

    old wylex board

    quick dilemma, bathroom fitter i work with just informed me that the quick rcbo changeover for a light in bathroom is an old metal wylex fuseboard in a cupboard for a flat. im pretty sure that u cannot get rcbo for these boards................i maybe wrong?..........it has the mcb conversion...
  16. S

    Boiler keeps tripping out fuse.

    My neighbour boiler keeps tripping out the 3amp fuse. He had recently replaced the elcectronic board in the boiler, since then his been having trouble. Iv disconnected the live and neutral from the boiler and tested it and im getting voltage. Its only when i connect it back into the boiler...
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