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  1. Worcester

    New MCS Consulation > 50kW

    Just received this: I would suggest we all reply to keep it the same. In my opinion > 50kW requires different expertise and would normally be an M&E type contract, don't let these guys scope creep into commercial areas, the whole design and contract process is very different above 50kW. Same...
  2. the pict

    Old switch gear

    One I have not seen before no camera unfortunately, cast steel, swing down cover, with a plastic like cover and cartridge fuse holders with spares in clips, going back so will take some pics, was there not a guy on here who collected them and used them on film and TV sets ? Pict
  3. D

    On-Site Assessment

    I dont do posts that well, i tend to avoid Forums, so im not that keen on doing this. The On-Site Assessment that NICEIC/NAPIT/STROMA all do to become a Domestic Installer. What Work is the Best and Simplest to show them? (ie Going over the top and rewiring a house is making more work for...
  4. Simon-0116

    domestic rhi forms pros and cons

    Hi doing barn conversion for parents. Fitted air source heat pump. Applied for rhi payment but bit stuck. Want to no if ocupied for 6 months or not. If not get a meter or more than no meter. Would i benifit from having a meter or not. Any ideas
  5. J

    Cooker switch DIY

    Have come across a 10mm t&e supplied from 45a 60898 installed a/c. This runs into back of cooker switch back box- terminated into 45a connector blocks- then they have down sized to 6mm and supplied the supply side of the cooker switch -but the supply side has been doubled up with another 6mm...
  6. trev


    I'm not going into the reasons behind this ok. Ding ffs stick around. Although you might think it sometimes, no one hates you. Yes you **** me off sometimes but I probably do the same to you so I guess that makes us even. Although I suspect that it's a massive mick take and what just happened is...
  7. W

    Domestic Breaking Main Fuse Seal..

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this topic has been risen plenty of times. I'm a qualified electrician and I am going to replace a consumer unit for a relative. I am not registered with NICEIC or NAPIT so will be getting it tested by the council. Can anyone explain the procedure for removing the main...
  8. B

    Wanted (long shot) sb200hf

    Anyone got one spare???????????????????????????? i know...................................i mean 2000hf never cud multitask
  9. F

    Commercial PIRs

    I am a newly qualified electrician and have been asked to do all the periodic inspection and testing for a retail chain, although i'm 17th edition, part P and 2392 inspection and testing qualified do i need to be NICEIC, ELECSA etc registered to undertake this work if not is there anything i...
  10. silver surfer

    RCBO operating times

    Testing a job yesterday and realised a couple of things, during the RCBO 1n and 5n tests in a lot of cases the 5n value was actually slightly higher than the 1n value,eg 1n=28.2ms 5n=28.7ms (?). Doesnt seem right that multiplying the test current x5 would have a slower tripping time (although...
  11. P

    Is it worth joining a scheme?

    Hi, Is it me or do you only have to notify if you add extra lighting/sockets into kitchen bathroom or outside or board change. See attached link http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/uploads/br/electrical_safety.pdf Do any of you make a living doing domestic and if so how much do you notify...
  12. mattyevz

    PIR Codes

    Hi, im doing a PIR . I was just woundering what the code would be for meter tails longer than 3m without a kmf isolator switch? thanks
  13. Eggster71

    Hi all from ESSEX

    Hallo all, I'm from Southend in essex and guess what..... I'm a sparky! (sounds like an AA meeting);) Have about 10 years experience, domestic commercial and industrial, I took the plunge last October and quit to go completely alone as opposed to subbing to the same company for years on...
  14. N

    RCD tripping at 1/2 x but not 5x

    Hi all, I have just changed a consumer unit for somebody. When I did the RCD test, they both tripped at half times and 1x but not at 5X. Also, I had a call last night and they said that one side of the lounge lights causes the RCD to trip. Any ideas please? Cheers. Nick
  15. A

    sole trader or ltd

    i am trading as a sole trader at the min but im thinking or setting up as a ltd company i was just wondering does any one have any ideas what benefits there are with being a ltd company compared to a sole trader and if they had a choice what would the prefer.
  16. S

    How much for hourly rate when fault finding

    Hi everyone, as the title says, how much do you charge for hourly rate on a callout? Do you charge a call out fee? Thanks to everyone who responds.
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