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  1. J

    Needing to add 2 separate 50 amp double pole breakers to my service panel???

    Want to know if I can add two 50 amp breakers to my 100 amp service panel that already has 2 x 15, 8 x 20 amp, 1 x 30dp amp, and 1 x 60dp amp breakers Source URL: Electrical Forum -
  2. B

    USA Need Advice on a 15 Amp Circuit

    I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on an existing 15 AMP circuit in my house. When I built in 2007, this circuit contained an outlet for the electronic ignition on my gas water heater, a single GFCI outlet in my basement, and it powered all the light fixtures in my basement (8 simple...
  3. EddieSparks

    400 amp 3ph, Harvey Hubbell isolators, (seized up)

    Tomorrow night, 5/12/19; I have got a job at a southern water pumping station to investigate a seized isolator. The isolator is a 400amp 3 phase Harvey Hubbell from about 1960’s. it is stuck in the closed position. We are able to remove the Handle and take the door off to game access. Has anyone...
  4. L

    Guitar amplifier made portable?

    Hi there! Me and a friend would like to go busking in London. We do have two guitar amps which will be enough for the amount of instruments/mics we will be using. However, the amps still need to be plugged into a socket. Is there any way we could buy a cheap power bank or another kind of...
  5. A

    Outlets and lights on 15 amp breaker.

    I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I bought a house. I'm mapping the electric circuits. When I got to the living room outlets I had one 20 amp breaker remaining. I turned it off, the living room outlets stayed live. Replaced the breaker, just in case, no change. I turned off each breaker, one by...
  6. H

    Run new 32 amp cable to kitchen.

    I am getting an electrician in to fit a new consumer unit to provide an extra 32 amp cable/supply for a new cooker. I cant see how the electrician would be able to get a new cable from the garage where the consumer unit is located to the kitchen. Is it common for electricians to not be able to...
  7. B

    Wiring for new 16 Amp oven

    Evening all, apologies if this is in the wrong forum or has been asked before. I have ordered a new oven thinking I could just plug it in to 13amp socket same as my old one. However I checked today and the oven is 16amp and therefore should have its own dedicated circuit. I checked the...
  8. M

    10 amp inline connectors

    I have a range cooker with 1 oven that is electric and runs on a 13amp plug instead of the usual hard wired cooker connection. The original instructions (now mislaid) said that it should be plugged into a 13amp outlet, not an extension. I cannot move the cooker to see the plate to verify the...
  9. Y

    Can I use a 32 amp rcbo on a radial circuit.

    Hello Is it OK to use a 32 amp rcbo on a radial Circuit. Cable size is 6mm2, cable length is about 15 m. There are 4 double plugs on the circuit. Loads are kettle 2.2 kw, washing machine max 2 kw, electric cooker 1 kw. Cheers
  10. S

    Electrician 13 amp double socket tripping RCD

    The double 13 amp socket which we use to power the TV and recorder has tripped the RCD. The only change to the wiring was the installation of the new consumer unit about four years ago. The house was re-wired about 12 years ago. We are now using a double socket with an extension lead for the...
  11. Y

    Schuko adapter, but which one?

    Hi Quick question, I have the following appliance lying around and wanted to make use of it, it comes with a German plug with the following specs; 1000 Watt 220/230v 50/60hz What earthed/grounded schuko adapter will I need, a 5 amp or 13 amp? I know the UK version of the same model uses...
  12. Flanders

    63 amp 3 phase socket protected by a 30 amp fuse RCD?

    Carrying out and EICR on large factory and they have welding plug into 63 amp commando sockets but are protected by 30 amp BS 88 fuses. Now the regs states Socket outlets with a ratted current not exceeding 32 amp need RCD protection. 411.3.3 (i) Because the Socket it 63 amp I say it does...
  13. Y

    5 amp or 13amp for 1000 watt appliance

    Hi all, Quick question hope someone can shed some light on. I have a single coil burner with the following labelled specifications; 1000 Watt 220/230v 50/60hz It comes fitted with a 13 amp fuse, but after reading a short bit about fuses I got the impression it might be too high. The...
  14. D

    Domestic Replacement Oven & Hob on same 32 amp connection

    Hoping to get some advice as i like to understand what work will be carried out and what actually needs doing etc. Looking at replacing the hob & oven as they are on their way out and in my research I've found out the following. Oven & hob are both connected to an isolating switch just above...
  15. L

    Immersion wiring and amp sizes

    set up for immersion goes like this for me.... Option 1) 16amp breaker > 2.5mm t&e to 20amp DP isolator > flex from this to immersion. But how is this set up..... Option 2). 16amp breaker > 2.5mm t&e to 13amp fcu > flex from this to immersion Are both fine?
  16. Strima

    Domestic 5 Amp Plug Fuse?............

    Sanity check, as I've never used them. Do 5 amp round pin plugs have internal fuses?
  17. W

    10 Amp Extension Lead

    Hi Is it safe to use a 10 Amp Extension Lead with a 7 Amp Car Battery Charger? Apologies if sounds crass - just need reassurance it's safe please. Thank you.
  18. D

    Run Electric Supply to new build garage from 16 amp new build house CU

    I am planning to run a power to the garage from a 16 amps RDC from house CU in a new build. I want a power a twin socket, an internal light, and a floodlight. There is a power feed to a junction box on the outside of the house from a CU. My plan is to install a power supply as per the attached...
  19. D

    29 Amp double oven fitting

    Hi All, I am installing a new double oven and ceramic hob where a stand alone oven used to be, the oven is rated at 29amp but not sure what the ceramic hob is, current wiring is 10mm from a b40 fuse in the consumer unit to a 45amp cooker switch and plate, I know that I need to change the plate...
  20. I

    Honeywell 2 amp fused connection unit

    Just a quick questiin can i use a 3 amp for a 2A fused connection unit the factory manuel is saying 2 amp full stop is this 100% or can i use a 3 amp i would of thought this would be sufficiant and then wired to a 6 amp breaker? Never done a alarm system before so making sure as dont want to pop...
  21. E

    Cooker Control Unit With 13 Amp Socket, What one?

    Hi all, I currently have a cooker control panel with a 13 amp socket but the cooker switch needs to be on for me to use the 13 amp socket. I remember using at my last place the two where separated and I could then use the socket without the cooker on. If thats right then what panel do I need...
  22. T

    frequently electrocuted by 1960's guitar amp

    Hello all, I wonder if I could get some opinions. I have a small (around 5w) guitar amp which is from the 60s. Its an american made (2pin plug) amp and I have a step converter to allow to run in UK. The problem is that, as the thread title suggests, it keeps electrocuting me. Not only have...
  23. D

    200 amp box sufficient?

    I have a 200 amp main box and all the spaces are full. I still need to add a 240 electric oven. I have a demand heater for the radiant floor which takes up 80 amps. I either need to upgrade my box to a 300amp? or rewire everything? How do I assess my needs? is there a way to add breakers to a...
  24. rolyberkin

    Steeple 32 amp RCBO small test button wanted

    Has anyone got one of these preferably 'new old stock' they want to sell?
  25. L

    Wylex Old Style HRC 60 amp fuses?

    Apologies for newbie question- I'm only an occasional sparky and get stumped by these things from time to time- What's the best way to get hold of these old Wylex fuses? I presume they're not made any more like this? Hope this picture comes over OK....
  26. M

    200 amp switch for RC speed controller?

    Hi there. I'm working on an RC car which currently has a speed controller which has a peak of 200 amps. The power leads are meant to be connected directly to the batteries, there is no switch. I need a switch. However, just banging a 200 amp switch inside the car isn't going to work, too...
  27. M

    PC power supply, Please Help

    Hello, My PC Power Supply Unit came fitted with a 13A fuse in the power cable. When i just turned my pc on it blown the fuse and now its completely dead. I took the Power Supply Unit out and checked the label and it says: Input Current 10A – 5A I did not realise this as i thought the cable...
  28. C

    208Y/120 3P 4 wire 200 amp service ground/ neutral help

    I'm installing my own 208Y/120 3P 4 wire 200 amp service for my shop in lake ariel, PA. I have a few questions regarding the Neutral and the ground. So let me get things up to speed. This is a Brand new service installation. My poco is installing a new pole and a transformer for me after I pass...
  29. C

    Cannot Find Brushed Steel 45 Amp Cooker Control Unit - Vertical?

    Hi all, hope everyone is well. I'm looking for a replacement cooker control Unit similar to the one in the picture. I am after a brushed steel or satin one, but I cannot find one anywhere with these vertical dimensions. The tiles behind the socket have already been cut to fit this shape by a...
  30. M

    Domestic mild tingling in certain scenarios

    Maybe I can pick the brains of some of you who actually understand electrical stuff - this is over my head and I am keen to identify the problem asap. I initially thought I'd identified a problem with my guitar amp. Last night, when plugged in and playing through the amp connected to the mains...
  31. L

    Amp buzzing Advice Please

    hi, After a bit of advice please. Currently through my amplifier I am hearing a buzzing noise. I have told this is most probably a earthing problem. Can this be rectified easily? Can the one socket be fixed or does it need to be a whole re-wire. I have tried different equipment and it still...
  32. B

    16 amp socket help please

    Hi, I'm at a job where there is 4x16 amp sockets protected by 4x16 amp rcbos in a bollard, the customer now wants 6 amp rcbos cause he wants to limit what people are using can you do this? I suppose it will just trip if people use more than 6 amps
  33. D

    16 amp commando sockets. 20 amp mcb on site guide as maximum value mcb

    Hello the on site guide lists 20 amp maximum mcb for 16 amps sockets. Having a debate with someone as to why this is? Why not 16amp mcb? I installed 20 amp mcb as it's for a car charger that charger's at 16amps for 8 hours and is not capable of pulling more than 16 amps but this has been pulled...
  34. Richard Cook

    Wago connectors and amp ratings

    Hi folks, I'm not an electrician and don't intend to do anything above and beyond the standard DIY changing of sockets/lights etc but I have a question that I'm interested in learning more about. I recently came across the Wago connectors (which look to be a lot easier to use than the standard...
  35. C

    Speaker/Amp Power Supply

    I'm not sure which would be best suited, a 12V 2A or 12V 3A Power Supply to power a 15W Amplifier (2*15W Outputs) and a Bluetooth Module. I thought that since the amp is using around 30W output (2*15), it would need about 12V 3A in alone (probably a little under that), but the bluetooth module...
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