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  1. H

    Clamp meter that will measure milli amps

    Afternoon all. I’m looking to invest in a clamp meter but want want that will measure milli amps (nuisance tripping etc). The megger 305 seems the best about; is there any others out there? TIA.
  2. I

    problem increase amps cooling tower

    we have a little problem at the fan cooling tower system,a story is; after complate instaled and start up we setting 18.5 amps in blade angel 20' at 2 month ago and than stop running for 2 month, while start again after two month stop the amps increase till 28.1 amps. the motor to fan conneted...
  3. S

    Domestic Question about diversity calcs

    hi all, Looking for some advice on the main fuse for a property I’m developing. It’s going to have 6/7 studio rooms, all with microwaves and potentially a hob. Set over 3 floors if I were to have a separate light circuit for each of the 7 rooms at 3amps per room, that’s 21amps at full...
  4. N

    Domestic Led driver Amps question

    hello im beginer, learner actualy! i have got 150 w (24 v) led driver to feed up 10m led strip (10 w/m) my question is ; how many amps will flow in the conductor after the driver? i know this formula : 150/24=6.25 amp will flow between led strip and driver!BUT wil it same amps after the led...
  5. S

    Total amps potential

    hi all, Quick question I hope you can help me with, it’s to do with VIR triangle, and in this case how many amps pass through the circuit.. so.. If a human touches a circuit with 100,000 ohms resistance of the skin, and the voltage is 240 volts, does this mean the individual gets hit with...
  6. T

    30 Amps DP mains supply concern

    Note: I am not an electrician. I have a large house that has been divided into 4 flats with an additional landlord supply, so 5 meters in total (2 smart meters, 3 dump meters). I recently noticed that there was damage to one of the supply side fuses. I called UK Power Networks who came and...
  7. S

    Amps carried through air

    Hi everyone, Watched a programme recently on TV, a young man was on top of a train (not advised) and the power lines above him carried 10,000 volts. He got too close and it jumped through the air and got him. Thankfully he lived and made a decent recovery. My question being, is it even...
  8. K

    Multimeter showing reading when nothing is plugged in

    I want to talk about the context to this first, I'm in my first year at college studying level 2 electrical installation and for Christmas my family got me a toolkit which had some tools , multimeter and a soldering iron. They didn't really know much about things like that and they wanted it to...
  9. phxl

    Single Module Double Pole RCBO over 40 amps?

    With for example the Wylex NXHL1B Single Module DP range of RCBO's there is (at last) a sensible solution to RCD protection for all circuits individually, but only up to 40 amps. Is there a manufacturer doing 50 amp single module double pole rcbo's e.g for thirsty 10 kw or 11 kw large cookers...
  10. Marshall Kidd

    Splitting 3-phase circuits for 3 high draw theater fixtures.

    Hello. I'm new here so my apologies if this post ended up in the wrong forum. I have a basic understanding of phases and voltage and the lot. Today I'm trying to wrap my head around how I might be able to split one 3-phase 240v 50a source to accommodate 3 high draw theater fixtures. Here's...
  11. Simon-0116

    3ph star delta starter motor drawing high amps

    Star delta starter / motor problem. Starter starts runs as should on bench with no motor connected. Getting 230v to e on all 6 uvw 1s and uvw2. 415 u1 to v2 etc etc. But nothing 1 to 2s. As expected. When motor connected up. (Single speed) it takes 3a in start on all . Drops into run fine but...
  12. Richard Cook

    Wago connectors and amp ratings

    Hi folks, I'm not an electrician and don't intend to do anything above and beyond the standard DIY changing of sockets/lights etc but I have a question that I'm interested in learning more about. I recently came across the Wago connectors (which look to be a lot easier to use than the standard...
  13. Wickcar

    Long cable to electric car - amps and gauge advice

    Hello all. Advice appreciated on running a 22m to 25m single gang extension cable from a domestic socket indoors, to an outdoor electric vehicle's own official 5m charging cable (which ends in a three pin plug). Nothing noteworthy about the wiring in the house whilst the charging circuit...
  14. D

    Max amps from UK socket

    I have been told I can use a 30Amp welder from a normal UK socket. But I have seen numerous posts that say 13amp is max from single socket and 20AMP is max from double socket: I must be missing a trick. Some internet postings below. "Double sockets are rated for 20A draw, over this long term...
  15. D

    Impact Drivers

    Hello I'm an apprentice sparks I was wondering on a makita impact Driver, it says 5Amps 18v on the battery, if the wires in the body of the drill were exposed and someone who was using the drill touched the wires what would happen ? I was told at College around half an amp will kill you so I...
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