1. HappyHippyDad

    Another poll! Average age of the person on this site.

    Lets keep it simple. Anyone can vote! It's just to get an idea of the age of the people on this site, thought it might be a little interesting. I've always assumed its mainly middle aged with a few retired and a few youngsters, we'll see. edit.. the damn thing just pressed enter by its self...
  2. Spike1947

    Adding another circuit !

    Have a 63A RCD 5 Way box, with a 45A MCB, feds by 16mm2 tails, this in then feeding into a isolator via 10mm2 T&E, that then supplies the feed to a 6.5KW heater that is used prob once a month for 10 min intervals max. Question: I have a spare 63A RCB + 20A MCB box, Can I take another feed...
  3. MacGeezer

    Yet another account retention post

    Hello, everyone. I received a email that this was a requirement. Sorry this post is so long, I didn't have time to write a short one.
  4. W

    CPC break - share another?

    Hi! DIYer here. I have an MCB running to a cooker isolator switch. The RCD connected to this set of MCBs is tripping and isolating the cooker MCB is the only way to stop it. So, clearly a fault on this line. I‘ve disconnected the cooker and the same fault exists. I’ve tested the cable for...
  5. V

    Dehumidifier trips breakers on one panel but not another

    Hi everyone. I have a basement that was finished years ago. The basement is on a separate panel than the rest of the house. For years I've had several dehumidifiers die various deaths in my basement. I thought it was just bad luck, but now I'm not so sure. My latest dehumidifier started tripping...
  6. Stoatally

    Another new retrainee introduction thread :-)

    Good afternoon. After 20+ years in technical training based around motor vehicle I want to retrain to be an electrician / electrical engineer. Currently reaching the end of my lelv 2 installation and just completed 18th edition. Applying for some apprenticeships, which resutls in some raised...
  7. neilos1985

    Replacing 2 gang switch for another but has different terminals

    I'm looking to replace old 2 gang switch for a new one. 2 separate lights and one is also controlled by another switch. Old has 4 wire holes including loop? New is what I'm used to seeing. Any ideas on how to wire up?
  8. Moley

    Another scam phone call

    I've just spent 10 minutes on the phone talking to an Asian chap who says I'm registered with his company and my registration needs renewing. What does his company do? They block spam phone calls 🤣 He didn't know my name, who I get my phone through or where I live. I love spam calls. I love...
  9. L

    Another "working from home Diva"

    Knock on clients door 9 am "I m having zoom meetings all morning and the banging is driving me mad (Working i=on other side of wall !) And I am working from home " Thats it lady... Its a home. Go work in the office like you did before you suddenly jumped on the "needy Train " .She was...
  10. timhoward

    The next instalment of the chicken and egg mystery

    You might remember this delight from the dodgy trade pictures thread.... I finally got back to quote for sorting today. The chicken and egg question was whether the plumber or the sparks did this. The confusion was there were no fixing holes visible from a previous position. Yet the water pipe...
  11. V

    How to supply a garage with 32 Amps for a car charger and another 32 Amps for sockets?

    Currently, I have a side garage port (with a garage door, but open on the garden side) supplied by a 2.5mm2 radial circuit. The plan is to convert the port to a proper garage next year. As the bedrooms are currently under refurbishment and the floorboards easily accessible, I would like to make...
  12. J

    Garage Electrics - Fitting a light and another socket with fused spur.

    Hi all, I have recently bought a house. The garage is at the end of the garden and has a double socket. The socket is on the ring and not a spur. It has 2 live, 2 neutral and 2 earths. It was basically falling off the wall so want to replace it. The garage has no lighting so I want to fit a...
  13. Raptor0014

    Passing another circuit through back box

    Had a bit of a ‘discussion’ today with another electrician. Basically found a light switch in which the radial cable for a socket directly below (but about 3ft lower) passed through. Other electrician said it was wrong and shouldn’t be done. My take was that it is, at best, a bit of bad...
  14. D

    Installing smart wifi 3 way switch with another toggle switch

    I have bought ge wifi smart dimmer switch and it has support for 3 way light. But while checking the instructions video it’s saying I need to change all the switch in the circuit to make it work means the second switch also has to be changed to ge sync switch for 3 way install? I was wondering...
  15. Jazjas1930

    Golf VR6 1996 Another Indicator?? Issue

    On connecting battery, the Right hand side indicator globes light up and remain on. Indicating Left activates buzzer, indicating Right no buzzer.
  16. N


    Hi, Another newbie here. I’m a mature career changer, having worked in HM Forces & the emergency services before. Now working for a ground works company & looking to get trained up as an electrician. Cheers, npg
  17. T

    Just another new user introduction

    Hello all, I currently am experienced pulling network cable and am slowly stepping up into higher voltages (dc and ac). I have already modified my electrical outlets in my old small home to include to include grounds, have also installed a solar power panel, ran the cables inside to a deep cycle...
  18. J

    Another newbie, from Hemel

    Hi to all, Electrician from Hemel Hempstead, also interested in electronics, plc's, HAM radio and valve amplifiers. Joe
  19. TraineeSparks

    Another new trainee...

    should age be a factor? I've dabbled a little bit in the past but events took me elsewhere. Good to be back on track to finish off what I originally wanted to make a life out of. Looking forward to actually learning the old school methods as much as the new so I can pass on the knowledge In the...


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