1. T

    UK Fridge tripping RCD via one socket but not another

    Hi, We have a ten year old fridge-freezer plugged into an older socket (20 yrs plus I should think). It started tripping the RCD on the consumer unit. I assumed I needed a new fridge and, to avoid repeatedly rebooting all equipment on the circuit while I sourced one, I plugged it in via a...
  2. Dustydazzler

    Another possible electrocution..? Electrocuted or something else ?
  3. Dan

    Just another reminder - Seem to do a lot of these

    I clocked a member today replying to one thread with 'just get a sparky in it'll take 10 minutes', and then in another literally said 'get your money out and get a sparky in'. So this is a polite reminder. Don't do that. If they were going to get a sparky in, they would have done. If you...
  4. Dustydazzler

    Another one for Pete , 'name that tool'

    I am sorting through some stuff and found this But what is it ? It has a handle like a normal screwdriver but a threaded tip
  5. Pete999

    Another housebashing question

    When wiring New Builds, and positioning lighting points, is it a case of fitting your own noggins between joists/rafters, or is this down to the builders, is it a case of as close as possible to the nearest timber joist or rafter, and get the boarder to cut the hole in the Plaster board, I'm...
  6. T

    Another scam

    Considerate Construction -- There's another scam for you the developers/builders belonging to this and paying ??? per year. I told the site agent today as he was panicking as he had an assessment by them that any professional contractor should be doing these things anyway.
  7. sparkdog

    Another van broken into.

    Yup, got to add my name to the list, Transit Connect opened with a key overnight in a quiet country villiage.Toolbag, drills MFT and a lot of other stuff gone. It was insured so hopefully get some new kit. I'll leave my van locked up in a garage now and take my car home.Police absolutely no help...
  8. JK-Electrical

    Yet Another Dodgy EICR

    A prospective customer has contacted me via a recommendation received from a mutual contact and asked me to provide a quotation for remedial works that have arisen from an EICR that was recently undertaken at a three-bedroom property he rents out. In his initial e-mail, he said that the letting...
  9. S

    Damn, gone and bought another tool......... Discounted and Festool are offering a £50 Cashback...... so works out at £300 Oh well,
  10. Amit Saxena

    Is there a way to move around a drilled hole in ceiling without drilling another one

    Hello everyone! Is there a way to move a drilled hole in ceiling slightly to the right without drilling another hole. I need to suspend a light ceiling lamp and want to avoid drilling another hole if possible. I am imagining something like this: So effectively I am looking for a flat...
  11. J

    Another coding question

    What code would you suggest for uncovering a power circuit wired in copper cable less than the csa stated in table 52.3 provided the ccc of that cable wasnt effected. Thanks Judd.
  12. M

    Trying my best not to drop another spark in it

    Hiya lads I was asked to have a look at wiring in a recently installed kitchen as some of the appliances tripping the rcd when on. The kitchen was supplied and fitted by one of the national companies with a bird in its title /logo (shouldn't name and shame overpriced rip off crap). The customer...
  13. Dustydazzler

    Another Nagy production covers controversy subject

    3rd part work / certification of A another’s job (skip the intro start at 2min45)
  14. G

    Domestic Yet another induction hob question

    Hello I have a new AEG induction hob rated at 7.4kw max using power sharing but AEG do not specify a cable size or mcb rating nor will they answer the question I submitted to them by email. I think their position is that it is down to the electrician to decide. The configuration is as follows...
  15. C

    Amateur Q: Grafting Merc Electric Seats into another vehicle

    Hi all, I would like to install Mercedes Electrical seats into another car. The donor is a W215 CL. The seats are electric, Memory, Heating and Vibration. I am mainly after the Electric adjustments working. Heating and Vibration are a bonus. Can these seats be wired into any other car on their...
  16. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Another JIB/ECS card update

    Seems you are now required to get your photo verified when applying for or renewing a card. Supposed to be a form you can download to get it filled in by someone. Section 2 Identification Photograph All applicants must complete this section and supply a new photograph. (Unless you had your...
  17. J

    Another bad landlord

    Landlord has completely disregarded my EICR because it basically has resulted in multiple C1 and C2plus a plethora of fi c3 and general comments. He told me not to quote for remedial work as a friend would rewire it. Six weeks on and working next door the family came out assuming I was there to...
  18. littlespark

    90's bands and nostalgia.... from another thread.

    Rather than continuing on the other thread which was something about dodgy MK fakes.... I had same Mk1 fiesta, but mine was "Sunshine Red".... or orange, as my gf, now wife, called it. It cost me double what yours was, so it must have been twice as good. Even back then it had 16 valves...
  19. B

    RCD fed from another RCD help?

    Have 2 X RCDs RCD 1 RCD 2 So a breakdown, incomer comes straight to supply of RCD 1, load side of 1 feeds some terminals which then fees individual MCBs for outgoing circuits as well as supply for RCD 2 from the same terminals, load side of RCD 2 then goes to another panel, now both of these...
  20. Dustydazzler

    Another quality installation...

    bob the builder ? Kitchen fitter ? Plumber ?
  21. L

    Light fitting trips one RCD, but not if connected to a different RCD

    Hi, I have a lighting circuit which trips the RCD, I’ve got pared back so that if I take one brand new light fitting and wire it directly into the consumer unit with a brand new cable - and still the RCD trips. If I remove that wire from the consumer unit and put a 3 pin plug on it, and plug...
  22. Adrian kirkby

    Yet another newbie PAT Tested

    Hi, Passed my PAT test and have a new customer with 550 items to test. How do you guys go about testing everything? thinking back to my training they tell you you must test every socket on an extension lead and you must unscrew any plug that can be taken apart to check the fuse and the...
  23. Spark40

    Another induction motor question

    which factors might affect the slip and what losses may be incurred by the motor ? Cannot find much about this, i know that the load indirectly affects slip due to the rotor speed changing, more load is more slip Any assistance is appreciated, thank you If any websites is found in referance...
  24. littlespark

    Another case of “why did they do it like that?”

    My father in laws garage. The pipe work was done when the garage was built. Lights in the garage include a PIR for outside lights. The 3 core clipped to the wall runs to an additional PIR wired in parrelel to existing, installed a couple years later. The cable could have easily been added into...
  25. Lucien Nunes

    Another socket puzzle: Why the extra terminal?

    Here's an old accessory made to BS1363. You can connect it to a ring and plug 13A plugs into it. What is the fourth terminal for? I've blanked off some text moulded into the bakelite so as not to give too many hints at first. Nothing else is hidden.
  26. Pete999

    Pete's Videos For Spoon another one might be worthwhile

    Older members may recall the times when the Teachers wore white Lab coats and Students behaved themselves.:tongue:
  27. Pete999

    Another I'm ashamed I have forgotten post.

    When Phasing out a 400v 3 phase supply and you test between (RYB ) times so please forgive the inaccuracy, R on one side and R on the other you would expect to see 0 volts on your approved voltage tester. Why is it that when you do the same test on an HV (11kV) Supply and you go between R to R...
  28. KEV 1 N

    Another relic from days of old.........

    Found this in an old boiler room..... It looks like a thermostat, there’s an old 2core micc that’s been chopped off, and also two mini bore copper pipes that connected into the bottom. I’m guessing the mercury must rise with the temperature and activate the switch.....Lucien will no doubt know...
  29. oracle

    Another blonde joke, but true!

    Mine cannot tell left from right, when I asked her if we were going 50 miles an hour, how far would we be in an hour and she was completely lost. I gave her a Satnav to help , but she thought that pressing "Home" took her to a menu, so she kept trying to find her way around it.
  30. S

    Another new toy it just gets better and better......

    well, after all the fun I had at Gatwick and with the ransom money paid I have invested in a new toy, anyone have telectrix's post code?
  31. buzzlightyear

    another wet pants strikes again.

    called to a job to day where a customer says their emersion heater not working ,gets to the job ,open the cupboard and a nice unvented cylinder . now this unvented cylinder has not one but two elements feed from a 2.5 cable the old emersion switch ,but wait on why is there two 3kw on.. now...
  32. Leesparkykent

    Another Carillion in the making?

    Shares in government contractor collapse -
  33. O

    Another house sale scuppered by some lazy lying spark

    An old customer has just rung me about her rewire ........... done by a spark who has failed to provide any certification or Part P notification Her buyers want to exchange this week but won't without the necessary documentation He's promised her certification for months now and a search on...
  34. GMES

    So another day off work

    So, I've had another Monday off and am sat watching rubbish daytime tv with dog on my lap, well he's 9 stone so I don't have a choice in the matter :( But I do have a serious question for anyone who runs their own business, this probably applies more to the ones who employ staff. Why do I feel...
  35. L

    Another HIVE thermostat wiring issues

    Hello All, New Hive thermostat has been installed. When you run the hot tap the boiler kicks in to produce hot water. However when called to heat the rads it will not kick in to produce any heat. I expect it has been wired up incorrectly. From the fused spur I have....... L N E From the...
  36. S

    How life goes around to another generation.....

    My son just texted me to say he is off to see Soft Cell as he has a freebie ticket, I saw their last gig back in the day at Hammy Palais....... weird not as weird that he is now 32......
  37. S

    Another post from the American Forum that you Might Enjoy.

    Note that this is in no way an electrician's forum: Read on for the advice he got: h ttps://boards.straightdope.c om/sdmb/showthread.php?t=860809
  38. D

    Another Part P Question

    Hello all, Bit of background before I jump into the query to try I'm a qualified electrician by trade, completed my apprenticeship with a large commercial contractor through 2007-2011 and worked as a subcontractor, for around a year, before being fortunate enough to jump into a design office...
  39. polo1

    Another apprentice question, re AM2/FICA

    Hi, does anyone have any knowledge of what's required for the AM2 or FICA (Scotland) risk assessment. It appears to relate to use of the booth during the actual trade test(s). So, ideally looking for views/ideas on the risks and related control measures specifically for this test. Starters for...
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