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  1. C

    PAT test class 1 appliance no plug

    What is best practice when unable to access a plug on a class 1 appliance. Specifically a washing machine in this instance. There is also no isolation point where it is wired into so the plug is definitely behind f the machine but completely unreachable
  2. C

    UK Guys I’m struggling to find one item which use electric power but it’s not considered an appliance.

    Guys I’m struggling to find one item which use electric power but it’s not considered an appliance. Is there anyone who can give me a such example?
  3. Smasher

    Cooker circuit with new appliance not matching

    Cooker circuit has B40 MCB in the CU for the cooker, confirmed wired to the cooker outlet throughout, via a cooker switch & socket with a 10mm cable. Issue is new cooker has a 1.5mm cable (fitted by manufacturer see image). It is 3.22KW rated load, and 16A fuse rating. The cooker connection too...
  4. Rockingit

    Old unmarked appliance cable - core ident

    Old 1950’s appliance with 2 core, no obvious identification except that one core is copper and the other silver - any thoughts as to L & N?
  5. S

    Manufacturer recommends 32amp breaker for 2kw appliance?

    Got to a customers house today after a brief discussion recently that they have brought a 2kw hob and it needs fittings. I went through the manufacturer’s instructions and they recommend it to be hard wired and that it is to be put on a 32amp breaker, obviously a 2kw appliance will pull around...
  6. georgio

    UK Melted plug on toastie maker

    Hi all I need some advice and thoughts on what caused this plug on a toastie maker to have given me electrical shock when I pulled it out of the socket it shattered/broke in to peices giving me a shock, on inspection I notice that the internal side of the plug was melted. I have since returned...
  7. E

    Adding a dual appliance outlet plate to cooker circuit

    Hi, I want to add a 32a induction hob and 13a oven to my cooker circuit. I was going to make the current single outlet dual and then upgrade the MCB from 32a to 45a. See photos of current setup. Does this sound doable? Thanks Phil
  8. G

    Hardwiring a new appliance

    My washing machine in a cupboard in our bathroom is hardwired into a blank plate. I presume installing the new washing machine will be easy enough by cutting off the plug and stripping the wires and inserting? There is an earth lead leaving the blank plate and attached to the washing machine -...
  9. Spike1947

    Appliance Test Forms ( Domestic Use)

    Hi I am going to do some Appliance testing for a Charity shop, could anyone comment on it please, been out of the game for awhile ow, just had my PAT tester callibrated . no I don't have the 5th edition, will prob get it, but just for domestic items you would find in a charity shop I not sure I...
  10. Qwe7410

    How to keep power trips isolated and not trip the whole place when testing faulty appliances?

    Having some 1400W 230V heaters to test and repair that have a power trip problem. I've unplugged all the connections and open them up one by one to identify the part that is causing the trips. Everytime it trips, it trips the whole place through the main circuit breaker. How can I do it safely...
  11. Jorry82

    Is this appliance wiring safe?

    Hi. We just removed a broken washing machine and saw it and a dryer had been wired together to the same wall box. The appliance wires had been merged and wired in as if one appliance. Is it safe to repeat this with a new washer?
  12. Daz2007

    3kw appliance moulded plug top

    Hi we have a client who insists on using 3kw induction hobs on their projects. These hobs are used 8-10hours per day and come with a moulded plug top. Safe to say the socket outlets keep melting/burning out. First thought was to remove the plug top and wire via a 16amp commando and appropriate...
  13. StageMan

    Can I Daisy Chain Appliance Adapters

    I live in Florida. I'm a Disabled Vet and I was given a Whirlpool Dryer Model: WED4850BW0 | Serial: M34317283 by a Non-Profit Veterans Organization. You can take a look at it here with its specs.--> Whirlpool Dryer - Model: WED4850BW My dryer's model number has a "0" after the "BW". Whirlpool...
  14. J

    More issues with a 230v appliance here in the US

    Back again with another question about a 230v apple grinder that I am using here in the US. I was able to wire on the correct plug and use the machine at a friends house who has a 240v outlet. Unfortunately, I do not have a 240v outlet at my house and have no open circuits to have one installed...
  15. J

    Question about using a 230v appliance here in the USA

    Hi everyone, I have what I'm sure is a very basic question that I would really appreciate some help on. I am a cider maker and recently purchased a new apple grinder that is manufactured in Germany and runs on 230v/50hz. I am wondering how I can use it here in the US? It came with a power...
  16. D

    LED lights cause appliance failure

    I installed 2 LED bulbs into my Genie garage door opener and it caused the microwave to lose power. They are both on the same circuit. When I tested the voltage at the microwave outlet it read 48 volts. That usually means a ground reference problem. Take the bulbs out and the microwave lights up...
  17. Helloworld88

    Viking Blower for ventilation starts up with downdraft ventilator is plugged in

    I have a Viking downdraft ventilator paired with a viking 600CFM Blower. I have all the connections made between the two. When I plug in the appliance, the blower immediately kicks on - and will never shut off. The rest of the appliance works fine and I can adjust the speeds of the blower -...
  18. lozarus

    Fixed Appliance RCD Protection

    Afternoon - despite a recent 18th edition pass (all but one right!) I'm having a bit of a moment whilst planning some upcoming works at our site. In reality I should wait, go home, refer to the big book and go from there. But it's playing on my mind and I can be a bit impatient. Also, I guess...
  19. T

    Cooker hood and bathroom fan connection via duel appliance outlet plate.

    I wish to install a bathroom extractot and cooker hood from an existing 32 amp 6mm cable . I intend to use a duel applliance outlet plate to split into two 6mm cables running to seperate 3amp FCU's from there 1mm cables to all parts that follow . See diagram . Is this in line withs regs. Thanks .
  20. I


    Hi everyone, I have read few posts about dual appliance outlet and wonder now if it can be used in my case. I have 32a 6mm cable to 45a switch supplying 6200w hob. Current oven is 2,4kw 13a plug. It will be replaced with 7,4kw induction hob and 3,6kw oven. Can hob circuit be used for both...
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