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  1. W

    Socket voltage for a 120v appliance

    Hi, quick question. My wife had a small kiln installed by an electrician some time back. The kilns setup or needs are 15amp/120v. The outlet was damaged and I'm switching it out, but i only have a outlet that is 20amp/250v. Is it safe for the kiln to be plugged into that outlet? My understanding...
  2. M

    USA Variable voltage 220v Appliance (Type I) to 110v (Type B) socket,

    Hello everybody, I am not an electrician or anything of the sort, but figured that this would be the best place to ask my question. I have a 220v heating appliance with a Chinese Type I plug. The appliance has a volatge regulator knob that allows voltage to be varied anywhere between 0v and...
  3. A

    Kitchen appliance FCU

    It isn't a requirement for FCU's to be used for kitchen appliances ie dish washer or washing machine is it in a new build? I was thinking of just putting a double socket in a cupboard and plugging in the two appliance but have read about using FCU's and was wondering if this is a requirement or...
  4. S

    Domestic US to UK desktop appliance

    Hello I have Surface Studio 2 (US imported). The device is 100-240V, 50/60Hz and 4A, however the US cord is rated 125V~ and 10A As UK mains is around 220V, is it possible to use plug adapter with this device?
  5. S

    6kw appliance - 3phase warehouse 13A twin sockets

    Hi Lads, You might think i'm a di*k already from the forum title but I desperately need some help. I've got a small business and if I wasn't skint, i'd obviously have an electrician come to advise me. I added some kitchen equipment to the warehouse - most of the equipment can plug in to the...
  6. littlespark

    What’s this? Random electrical appliance from yesteryear

    Ok. Here’s some photos of an item I’ve discovered. You’ll know what function it performs, but I’m looking for what it’s been used for specifically. Very old, still got a 15A round pin plug on it. I’ll post another photo after a few guesses
  7. GBDamo

    Domestic appliance spares

    Is there a national chain of retailer that supply this kind of stuff. Trying to get an oven element in Chester today and had no joy whatsoever. Are these items typically order online?
  8. S

    Domestic Electrical buzzing wall causing appliance problems

    Hi there, new to the forum so be gentle! We live in a second floor flat above a bakery shop. The shop has plenty of machinery including large freezers that run all night. Recently we have noticed a reasonably high pitched electrical buzz coming from one wall in our flat. Across multiple rooms...
  9. K

    Domestic Advice wanted on neutral to earth

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me out. Is it possible to get 0.03 to 0.09 m amps on a clamp meter on copper water pipes when an appliance is plugged in and the unit attaches to hot water copper pipes via a metal braided hose? On 2 x units the first unit had external damage with messed...
  10. C

    Appliance tripped MCB after....

    Carried out an eicr and noticed x2 double sockets have reverse polarity that supply a frying machine at high level. (this was a return visit to correct the faults) After correcting the reverse polarity on the two sockets i plugged the fryer back in and the circuit MCB tripped out and the...
  11. Y

    5 amp or 13amp for 1000 watt appliance

    Hi all, Quick question hope someone can shed some light on. I have a single coil burner with the following labelled specifications; 1000 Watt 220/230v 50/60hz It comes fitted with a 13 amp fuse, but after reading a short bit about fuses I got the impression it might be too high. The...
  12. D

    Fitting air blower as fixed appliance in dog grooming room

    My wife is planning to have a dog grooming business in a spare room in our house. It is 2.6m x 2.8m. It will have a dog bath in one corner with an electric shower fitted to the wall nearby. Much like this... I know if I have a shower in this room that I cannot have any socket outlets due to...
  13. J

    European appliance help

    Hi all. I have an appliance with the following rating (see attached) Is it ok to have this run through a standard UK 13A plug? It works but does get rather hot. Any suggestions will be great, thanks!
  14. J

    Appliance wiring problem...

    Just wondering if anyone can help. I'm just moving a TV from one room to another. Upon looking for the plug at the back of the TV to unplug, I saw the power cable from the TV was wired into a white manual switch, which in turn was then wired into a 13A fused switch (see pics attached). I got a...
  15. A

    Domestic Attaching 13A plug on 20A appliance safety

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the correct forum to post this. I am an amateur tinkerer with no formal training in electrical engineering and I’m just looking for some information and advice on how to safely wire up and use some appliances. I have recently bought a hobbyist TIG inverter welder...
  16. A

    Kitchen appliance sockets and safe zones - right or wrong?

    Hi all, I think I'm posting this in the right place - apologies if not. I'm wondering if I could ask for a bit of help here. I'm renovating a house for myself to live in, and I've spoken to an electrician this week to have it fully rewired. There appears to be a problem though with my planned...
  17. sc2987

    Using an 1800W US appliance in the UK

    I want a Breville Smart Oven Air: the Smart Oven Air® - https://www.breville.com/us/en/products/ovens/bov900.html But they only seem to be available from countries which use 110-120V. It's 1800W. Is the only option a huge transformer, and if so what specification would I need? And would...
  18. W

    Kitchen appliance switches

    I will be redoing my kitchen (new cabinets, new appliances, and complete re-wire) and I'm trying to work out the best way of doing switches for built in appliances. I planning to have three appliances (not including the ovens and hob). These will be a warming draw, vacuum draw and extractor...
  19. AJshep

    Possible Appliance fault tripping RCD

    Just come back from an interesting fault. Typical RCD tripping randomly. The customer was not using anything in particular, at any time. Anyway I carried out Insulation Resistance on every circuit, each circuit was above 200M L-E and N-E and the RCD tests were good. The place was rewired in...
  20. C


    Hello All, I hope that this recommendation does not break any Forum Rules: I was looking through my previous posts and I saw one where I recommended this UK White Goods Forum to a Member who had asked a question about an Appliance malfunction code. I know from previously reading some of the...
  21. P

    Kitchen Socket Circuits??

    Thoughts please... probably heard it all before ;-) At some point I will be having a new kitchen fitted and I am going to be carrying out all the electrical works and any advice on the modern wiring methods of today would be appreciated. I'm used to the old wiring methods, where it was about...
  22. Steve93

    Wiring a kitchen and where you put appliance sockets

    Currently On a new build and I wired the ring to a switch bank where I’m gonna have 4 switches switching those hood,fridge freezer,dishwasher and washing machine. From this I have ran a leg down to each socket behind the appliances. Now the kitchen fitter is kicking off that they shouldn’t be...
  23. Morris19911

    Blown kitchen appliance switch

    Hey guys got a switch that blew it's a ring circuit just for kitchen appliances, I've got fridge/freezer, cooker hood, washing machine and tumble dryer on the circuit, in the kitchen I've got a 2 gang switch which then has 2 separate sockets spiring off for the appliances. Now bearing in mind...
  24. rolyberkin

    Kewtech Portable Appliance Adaptor Box (17th Edition)

    Hi Has anyone used one of the Kewtech PAT adaptor boxes or got any views or experience of using it? I have a load of my own band/pa equipment to test such as amps and extensions leads etc, would this be up to the job? PATADAPTER1 Portable appliance adaptor box | Kewtech -...
  25. B

    House wiring

    Hi All, Advice needed, we had someone round to modify a tumble dryer but first had to do an earth loop test but when plugging in his tester it kept tripping the switch on the CU. We have had occassional nuisance tripping and have had to unplug some things before being able to reset this. I have...
  26. weatherwitch

    Disabled access to a fuse versus non fashionable location?!

    I have a question about plugs behind a freestanding washing machine and lack of disabled access to the plug/fuse. It's going to be a fitted kitchen and is currently bare walls with No integrated or hidden appliances just standard free standing appliances. In the case of the washing machine...
  27. S

    Earth/neutral fault. need advice

    Hi guys, just after some advice and reassurance in what I'm doing as not encountered this fault before. So I have an earth/neutral fault. Plug an appliance in trips in the RCD in the db. I have continuity between earth and neutral in the sockets from different circuits. Now if I use my IR...
  28. E

    Cooker / Hob connection

    Just had a new kitchen installed. The new cooker and hob didn't come with any cable. The hob is rated at 6Kw and the single oven at 2.2Kw. The circuit is a 32A mcb, 6mm t&e to a ccu and then 6mm down to the connection unit. MI says to use H05V2V2-F T min 90C. Is this Butyl? I was going to...
  29. N

    Can Plug Sockets for Dishwasher and Washing Machine be Placed in Under-sink Cupboard?

    Hello, The layout for my kitchen, which is not installed yet, is such that there is a free-standing dishwasher and washing machine on either side of a cupboard which has the kitchen sink over it. My builder who recently re-wired my house has installed the wiring so that the plug sockets for...
  30. A

    Question about US > UK Voltage

    Hi all. I want to buy something from the States. It comes with a plug which says 110v - 220v. Will this work safely in the UK with just an adaptor for the 3 pins? I'm used to getting gear that has a switch to switch voltage but this doesn't. Many thanks
  31. NDG Elecs

    Appliance repairs... Stick or twist..

    Hi folks, I occasionally get calls for appliance repairs, and got one tonight from a stressed sounding chippy owner about his deep fat fryer. I politely turned him down and gave him the number of someone I know who deals with appliances, as I knows very little really. But then it got me...
  32. dnjr

    2 single ovens on 6mm T&E 30A rewireable fuse

    Dear all Looked a job today in a kitchen Existing 6mm t&e supply on a 30a Wylex 3036 Lady of the house wants to change existing oven and put in 2 single ovens in one housing What's the best method of feeding these off the 6mm Can't do a double socket as it's only rated at 13 / 20 amps Was...
  33. J

    AEG induction hob

    am about to install AEG induction hob but can't fathom how to access terminals under plastic cover, there isn't a screw may have to lever but afraid to use too much force. Has anyone fitted this
  34. haptism

    Max distance of fcu from appliance

    Hi, is there a max distance an fcu can be from an appliance ? Im looking to fit a wall heater on a dedicated circuit; I know the fcu needs to be near to the heater for isolation and maintenance ? I cannot find anything to define "near", in Reg 537.3.2 at least. Anyone know ?
  35. T

    Three phase extension lead with single phase socket outlets

    I was flicking through the Scame catologue at the wholesalers today and noticed a picture in the catologue of a three phase extension lead, and on the reel it had single phase socket outlets on. It got me thinking, What would be stopping you wiring a three phase plug on to a single phase...
  36. C

    Weird Rcd Tripping,help

    Hi all Got a problem with a kitchen i fitted a couple of years ago. the customer got their own electrician to fit a new ring in the kitchen on its 2 way rcd protected box along with the lighting. i went back on friday to change the sink unit and fit a new belfast sink. Now they had a double...
  37. Soulsurfer

    Isolation for under worktop appliances ?

    Hey all, Quick ask, Client has say larder fridge or dishwasher under worktop in kitchen or in unit. Do you fit a d.p. switch or sfcu above worktop on wall to isolate without needing to pull out appliance ? or is it to belt & braces ? I thought that it was regs or OSG listed but not sure. I've...
  38. J

    quick Q re kitchen grid switch

    Evening chaps just quick one looking at a job to do some bits- and rewire kitchen is on the to do list... clients got me doubting myself now- even though I know I am right (well 99.98% now lol) he wants the under unit points- isolation above at a central grid switch which is fair enough so...
  39. B

    Domestic EICR Limitations

    These are my EICR limitations please can I have your opinion of these and any suggestions of any additional ones 1. As a minimum, 30% of electrical accessories will be visually inspected unless prevented( I.e. Artex ceiling) 2. Zs values inputted will be calculated except socket circuits in...
  40. U

    Why dont we use 1/2 amp fuses anymore explained

    If the appliance has 0.5 sq mm cable, the UK plug should (maybe "must" because of the wording in the Plugs and Sockets Regulations) be fitted with a 3A fuse, or 5A if high inrush. If the appliance has 0.75 sq mm cable or above, the UK plug should be fitted with a 13 A fuse. Before you get...
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