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  1. B

    Anyone good on appliances?

    Seem to be having an intermittent fault on my AEG condenser tumble dryer. It occasionally throws up an EH0 code - which states it could be a power supply fault. I use an extension lead (white flex type), which I changed, but it’s still occurring. I’ve been used a plug checker, which states...
  2. littlespark

    Premature failure of appliances

    A parent at the school asked me why they might be going through a lot of appliances. Washing machine less than 4 years. kettle 3 years and LED lamps, less than 6 months. There were other things, but can’t remember lifespan. I popped in on passing one day and did a quick test on the kettle...
  3. I

    UK Kitchen appliances & sockets, switches, isolation etc.

    Hi, First post so go easy on me. Looking for some advice on kitchen appliances (washing machine, dishwasher and fridge/freezer) because I have to move some of them in a kitchen redesign happening soon. At the moment, I have above bench fused switches for each appliance, then below bench...
  4. F

    USA Appliances not working

    all of my 20 amp breakers are working fine. But my only double pole breakers are the water heater and a wall heater. Neither of those are working. One leg was getting 120v and the other 80v so I replaced the panel inside the home. Now one leg is 118v and the other is 115v but still the hot water...
  5. HandsOffEngineer

    Should I earth bond test Class I appliances?

    Hello, I am a Trainee here on the Forum. I am seeking some further advice/input on a specific technical matter of importance to me. Briefly, I have completed C&G level 1 in electrical installation (distinction) and I am currently on the level 2 course, and things are going well on that score...
  6. T

    Grid switches for kitchen appliances

    Evening all Just pricing a new build and they want a 4gang grid for the kitchen appliances. Am I correct in saying that if the switches are kept on the ring main and if I spur off each switch for an appliance and use an unswitched fuse spur unit behind each appliance that would be ok? It’s the...
  7. J

    Where to put sockets?

    As part of a kitchen refit I am trying to work out where to put the electrical sockets for my freestanding appliances. If I have the sockets directly behind the appliance then they will just out. If I have them in the unit next to the appliance, I will have to get the back of unit cut out. I...
  8. P

    Appliances tripping sockets

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone has an idea what this could be as I've had two electricians round and they've not been able to sort it out. Various things are causing the sockets in my house to trip, from the fridge door and cooker hood, to the on/off button on the coffee machine and reading lamp...
  9. M

    Washing Machine and Dishwasher turning off and on when both switched on at the same time

    I have a Dishwasher and Washing Machine (both several years old) both plugged into a 4 way gang. They are on a 16Amp RCD with other appliances also on the same circuit. When both are turned on at about the same time, about 5 mins after turning on they will both turn off completely, as if they...
  10. T

    Kitchen appliances - grid or switched sockets

    Currently pricing up new electrics for a new kitchen. I am not a spark nor do I intend on doing the work - I am simply saving some time and money by speccing exactly what I want prior to getting quotes. I have the following appliances on dedicated circuits: Fridge freezer (fed from B20 MCB on...
  11. J

    Strange fault, can’t work it out

    hi there, first post. I’m having a very strange problem affecting my entire board. I’ve just qualified but not that experienced in faults. My home electrics have been having problems lately, every time we use the kettle/ toaster/ hairdryer, the lights dim. If we have the toaster on and use...
  12. G

    Outdoor Heating, Blind Motors, New Circuits - Brain hurts!

    So, with the house job nearly completed, the wife wants some outside heating and the blind man needs to connect his motors for the new outside blinds coming... HEATER She’s found a 2kw infra red heater that, while I’m not keen on trailing cables on the deck will probably do the job if it’s...
  13. A

    Kitchen appliance sockets and safe zones - right or wrong?

    Hi all, I think I'm posting this in the right place - apologies if not. I'm wondering if I could ask for a bit of help here. I'm renovating a house for myself to live in, and I've spoken to an electrician this week to have it fully rewired. There appears to be a problem though with my planned...
  14. E

    Radial circuit for appliances

    Refurbishing a kitchen and was looking to put the appliances on a radial circuit as they are all very close together for spurring off the ring main. Had originally planned 2.5mm t&e and 16 or 20 amp fuse for Fridge freezer, dishwasher and hob with fuse spurs in the cupboard. Client now wants to...
  15. JK-Electrical

    Omission Of Tests On Inaccessible Kitchen Appliances

    Other than the testing of the usual kitchen appliances that landlords supply as part of the tenancy agreement, I very rarely do any other PA testing. I will be carrying-out an EICR later this week on a property that will soon be made available to let. All appliances bar one are enclosed within...
  16. Gavin John Hyde

    When appliances were built to last!

    Have been at a house today to do a quote to install an alarm system as an old lady is moving in with her daughter and will in due course be selling the house to another relative. so want it secure when empty. She moved into this house in 1974 when she and her husband came over from India. They...
  17. T

    Using appliances from USA on a 110v transformer

    Got asked today by someone one site regarding a friend who has come over from America and wanted to know if he could use his appliances /equipment in a 110v site transformer110v 55v to earth.Couldn't give him an exact answer as unsure , can anyone give me an answer.
  18. C

    New extension Kitchen appliances

    Hi all I am in the middle of wiring my extension and just after some advice regarding the appliances. I am thinking of running a radial to a double back box for grid switches for four appliances (freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer and fridge) and then having a sepearate kitchen ring. Is...
  19. V

    Quick Question - Sockets for appliances

    Hi All, Looking to change all appliances in my house (which is approx 20 years old) and I was wondering if I could change these fuse sockets for normal plug in sockets. Saves me from cutting off the plug on the appliance. I have a switch grid on the splashback near the hob to switch on/off all...
  20. Soulsurfer

    Multiple cooking appliances.

    Hi all, Just looking into a kitchen refit where the customer has gone a bit excitable with the cooking side of things ! Have done lots of installs with two appliances on the one circuit but anyone know of any issue with feeding three rather than run a new circuit for say the new hob alone ...
  21. T

    New kitchen wiring & appliances

    Hi all, just looking for a little bit of advice from you very knowledgeable people. A new kitchen going in, bench top sockets, integrated dish washer & fridge freezer, gas hob with extractor and a double oven. The customer doesn't want any FCU at bench height or in the units so i was going to...
  22. S

    Location of switches for fixed kitchen appliances.

    Hi all, Can someone tell me what reg's there are now, that dictate the requirements for, and the positions of, switching for fixed kitchen appliances? For example --- Is it now acceptable or prohibited -- according to the latest reg's --, to fit the cooker switch, the hob switch, and the...
  23. Jay Sparks

    Bit of a moan about appliances

    Hi Guys & Gals Iv'e done a bit of work in a kitchen, extending sockets, adding FCUS etc. I went down there the other day to speak with the kitchen fitter and show him where I wanted him to bring my cable through the back of the units (cooker switch, FCU for built in appliances). Anyway, he was...
  24. K

    Extension leads - advice needed

    Hi all, I'm not sure if I'm posting on a forum specifically for electricians? or if this is also a forum for the general public looking for advice from electricians? Either way I'm the latter and hoping someone can point me in the right direction. After a serious house fire last summer, as a...
  25. B

    20amp switches off the kitchen ring

    Hi All What's your views on a bank of say 3 x 20amp DP grid switches wired on the kitchen ring and feeding single appliances through the switchs - we always fit a fuse modul for each appliance as well as the 20amp switch - is it ok to leave the fuse module out and just fit the 20amp switch...
  26. T

    Powering a hot tub off a 13A socket..

    Hi, I have recently been given a hot tub which is powered from a standard 13A plug. The manual says to connect it to a 13A IP66 socket which I currently don't have. I have been told I could just run a spur off the downstairs ring main to a IP66 socket outside, is this correct? I mean i'm no...
  27. S

    Help with oven circuit

    Hi - can someone please clarify for me the specifications for connecting a built in oven and hob. I have spoken to 3 electricians and they have all come back with different answers. The oven is Voltage / frequency 220-240 V - 50 Hz Total power consumption 2.3KW Fuse min 13A Cable...
  28. G

    Will my circuit take appliances drawing 6000 watts? (None sparky)

    FORGIVE MY IGNORANCE (I'M NOT A SPARKY) JUST WANT TO UNDERSTAND BETTER I just purchased a catering trailer that is already wired up. The road side supply is a 32amp (commando socket). Consumer unit in the trailer is fitted with 1 x 63amp / 30mA RCD Incomer (Trip Switch) plus 1 x 32 amp...
  29. S

    Commercial Appliances and their Fuse Ratings / Wattage

    Hi there I'm working in a pizza take away doing the installation for it . Just recieved The kitchen appliances rundown and now planning my final kitchen sub circuits ...Got 1 coffee /cappacunio Machine where is rated a 3050 watts So divide that by 230v I get 13.2 Amps !! In my book That needs a...
  30. N

    Can Plug Sockets for Dishwasher and Washing Machine be Placed in Under-sink Cupboard?

    Hello, The layout for my kitchen, which is not installed yet, is such that there is a free-standing dishwasher and washing machine on either side of a cupboard which has the kitchen sink over it. My builder who recently re-wired my house has installed the wiring so that the plug sockets for...
  31. NDG Elecs

    Appliance repairs... Stick or twist..

    Hi folks, I occasionally get calls for appliance repairs, and got one tonight from a stressed sounding chippy owner about his deep fat fryer. I politely turned him down and gave him the number of someone I know who deals with appliances, as I knows very little really. But then it got me...
  32. O

    The age old Grid switch topic

    From what I can gather, these grid switches can be crap. Burnt out, poor quality etc. is a common topic I'm picking up here. So, which companies to avoid etc.? My fixer-upper house falls under the regs of new build and thus I need to isolate hidden appliances. In the kitchen, I was going to...
  33. H

    Is it Minor works cert?

    Hi, Im a registered Kitchen fitter for a well known and respected company and therefore all trades I use also have to have all relevant papers (gas safe, part p etc) I started a kitchen and arranged for my spaks to turn up at the point I needed him, all he needed to do is plug in the appliances...
  34. C

    Domestic HELP...Kitchen wiring inadequacies??.

    Sorry guys I'm sure these points have been raised before but been busy searching. I have been sent a diagram by the shop where we purchased our kitchen for the electrical wiring requirements and positions. I am a electrician to the 17th edition by trade but it's not my every day job nowadays so...
  35. C

    Weird Rcd Tripping,help

    Hi all Got a problem with a kitchen i fitted a couple of years ago. the customer got their own electrician to fit a new ring in the kitchen on its 2 way rcd protected box along with the lighting. i went back on friday to change the sink unit and fit a new belfast sink. Now they had a double...
  36. B

    Builder Dave

    Hi Gents, I've recently built an extension onto my mums house... bedroom, wet roon and kitchen. 3 double sockets in bedroom and 4 double sockets in kitchen above worktops... all on a 2.5mm single ring to a Starbreaker CU. Originally all the apliances (combined fridge/freezer and washing machine)...
  37. P

    Domestic Outbuilding appliances

    Hi all, Currently replacing all wiring and the CU in an outbuilding with a new Metal Clad fully wired with SWA. There is currently a tumble dryer and fridge freezer plugged into the same double socket which forms part of a 3 socket ring circuit. My plan was to use a spare way on the CU to have...
  38. M

    Domestic conversionto240v 50hz

    I own a 99 Honda hrv but would love to get a campervan. How does one run the engine and associated electrics to provide 240v and 50 Hz for our appliances. Schematics?Kits?
  39. happyhippydad

    Intemittent tripping RCD.

    Hello everyone.. I have a job tomorrow tracking down a tripping RCD fault. This would have panicked me a year ago, now I'm looking forward to it and cant wait to get there! However, from the phone conversation I have discovered the following: 1. No recent DIY work or professional work has...
  40. M

    Zs test tripping RCD.

    Hi, recently I have found that my Fluke 1653 has been tripping the odd RCD when doing a three lead Zs(loop) test. I can't understand why, it has not done this before.
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