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  1. T

    Would really appreciate some advice on faulty wall socket in loft

    I have a double wall socket in the loft that isn't working, its directly above the control panel and switch for the underfloor heating in the bathroom on the floor below. It doesnt work whether this is switched on or off. When inspected the socket I noticed it looked like the black wire on the...
  2. E

    I would appreciate some advice on my little BT speaker project

    Hi, I'm new to this, and I need some advice with my first Bluetooth speaker project. I'm not sure if my plans on doing a portable Bluetooth speaker are correct (is it going to work?). I have 4 18650 batteries (one battery has 3.7V 30A) that I'm going to use for the project. Also I'm going to use...
  3. G

    New to group and appreciate a bit of help please

    Hi guys I'm new to the group so firstly hi to everyone and hope all well I'm 54 yrs old so still a young one . 24yrs ago I did some studying one day a week for 3 yrs and got some qualifications but never took it any further so am now studying and plan on doing my 18th etc this year. My question...
  4. Lip.82

    Some people just don't appreciate the lengths you go to

    Anyone else been in this situation, if so how did you handle it? Get called out to someone who has a living room light that isn't working. Turn up on time, put boot covers on, dust sheet down, I'm polite, the light fitting is class 1 (and also faulty) getting power to it but not working. The...
  5. G

    Car Battery Alternative

    Hello All, I'd appreciate some advice and your patience at my lack of knowledge of things electrical. The situation I have is I need to run a diesel pump that is designed to run off a standard car battery but I'm not using it to pump diesel or do it anywhere near a car. I would like to have...
  6. R

    job interview

    Hi guys I'm going for a job tomorrow with a solar company and was wondering if anyone in that line of work could: A. Tell me what a normal day would include B. any tips for the interview C. Is it a booming trade at the moment. I have no experience in this field I've been in domestic new...
  7. R

    2394/2395 Home Learning

    Having looked at the costs for the 2394/2395 exams at various colleges across London I am getting more and more irritated by the blatant tact of various bodies taking advantage of Electricians. This doesn't happen in any other trade but ours!! Anyway, what Id like to know is if anyone else has...
  8. T

    IR Testing

    When doing an IR test I appreciate that there should be nothing connected - all bulbs removed etc - but what about fluorescent lights - I remove the tube will the IR test damage the starter \ other controls - should I actually be disconnecting the fitting? Would also appreciate an answer to ...
  9. A

    Mcs QMS - Internal Audit

    Hi guys I am currently in the process of applying for Mcs Accreditation and am creating my own QMS document as opposed to buying one in. One area we have not previously done but are now looking into is the internal audit section. Just posting to see if anyone could maybe help out and point me...
  10. T

    Public opinions of solar PV and the FIT

    Hi all. I'm a third year university student researching solar PV and the FIT for my dissertation. I am looking into public opinions of solar PV and the FIT. If anyone here is looking into having solar PV installed or is merely interested in it I would really appreciate it if you could fill...
  11. J

    Installation rates for large SWA / GSWB cable installs.

    Evening people. I have recently been tasked with producing a Schedule of Rates for large cable installations. I have got cable prices / gland prices and labour costs but what I am missing is a formula to put it all together. Does anybody know if there are any "Industry Standards" available...
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