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  1. K

    Electrical Apprenticeship Stoke-On-Trent

    I am looking for an Electrical Apprenticeship in Stoke-On-Trent. I have completed level 1 & 2 Electrical Installation. Any help would be appreciated?
  2. V

    Need help identifying this CAV Dynamo, any help would be appreciated.

    We have a CAV dynamo 24V, Type: G8A24-6, Serial No. UB133, Dispatch number 1131060, clockwise rotation, normal speed. we have had a look on the net cant find anything for it. any help would be appreciated! thank you in advance.
  3. Phill

    DB upgrade advice appreciated

    Ok, I’m a relatively new domestic installer and would value the opinions from you more experienced guys. Went to look at a job which was outside lighting, gate lights, drive lights, security etc and changing some fluorescents for down lighters in an outbuilding... straightforward. When I went...
  4. Marti

    Random RCD trip & interconnected circuits. Suggestions appreciated.

    Hi There, I was called out to a house RCD trip which would not reset. An old style 10 way split board with a single 30 ma RCD (half without RCD protection). RCD checks out fine but I found a faulty chandelier & replaced it with a single bulb for now. Also a faulty 12v transformer flickering; now...
  5. J

    Newbie intro, advice appreciated

    Hi all, I'm in the process of trying to change career from a council desk job to (eventually) electrician. Started off with a "training provider" who promised me the earth but delivered Skegness... Managed to get my 2365 lvl2, 2377, 2392 lvl2, and 2393 which I've found out since is essentially...
  6. J

    any advice greatly appreciated

    I am currently in full time employment and I’m looking for a change of career. Being an electrician has always appealed to me but I have never done anything about it. I am now 28 years old with a wife and child so can’t afford to take on an apprenticeship - the advice I am looking for is what...
  7. A

    AM2 help. I have a few questions regarding the exam and any help would be appreciated.

    Hello all, new to the forum and everyone seems to be quite frendly and happy to help out. So.. i have my am2 in a few weeks and am pretty gemmed up on everything but there are a few things bothering me. And have checked all forums regarding am2 prep and can't seem to find anything. 1.When...
  8. D

    Advise on Pat Testing gratefully appreciated

    Hi Everyone I'm hoping you maybe able to give me some advice please. I'm putting on a surprise party for my dad. The venue require any electrical equipment to be pat tested. I am only Planning on putting 4 wall uplightsers and perhaps a couple of Sets of led fairy lights outside to make it look...
  9. C

    Kitchen Unit Lights to LightSwitch - Help Appreciated

    Hi Guys, I am currently getting a kitchen overhaul and want to install some unit/kick-board lights. I want to be able to control the unit lights with the light-switch which controls the down-lights in the kitchen ceiling. I have swapped the switch out for a double switch. The lights have came...
  10. C

    New member seeking help on my level 3 C&G course work, any help would be much appreciated :)

    Hi all, Just doing my level 3 city & guilds and got stuck with a question (well more than one but there we go) on fault diagnosis and rectification: The question sais, A fault has occurred on the electric shower in a room. It was reported that - The shower was switched on - A crackling sound...
  11. M

    Advise about going out on my own?

    Hi people, I was after some advise about going out on my own. I have been subbing for people since I qualified but resently I have decided to start putting my self out there for private jobs. I am now getting asked to do some notifable work eg fuseboard changes and was just wondering the...
  12. D

    Voltage Drop?

    Hi this is my first time on this forum so take it easy please but I'm after a little bit of advice... I wonder if someone can help me calculate the voltage drop of an install that is in the process... I will give you as much info as possible, any help would be greatly appreciated... .400a main...
  13. S

    where in Europe is city and guilds qualifications recognised?

    Hi, I have spent several hours trying to find what European countries city and guilds are recognised in. The information online is very limited and mainly says covers 81 countries without specifying which ones. Any help would be appreciated. Any english speaking expats around Europe feedback...
  14. C

    Windows 8 Can't use enter when writing posts!

    Hi all, just recently updated to windows 8 and for some reason I cannot use the 'Enter' function for starting a new sentence in posts! Any help would be very much appreciated.
  15. C

    Renault laguna abs/ecu fault

    Hi all, hoping somebody could possibly help me on this one. I am going to buy a second hand abs unit with same model no for car etc but will I have to get Renault to re programme the module to the car?? Renault abs units are £1200 with programming!! Many good one's one e-bay for £45 ish. Have a...
  16. S

    EICR, ability to fill out

    Is there a definitive answer on whether or not if you have 2391 then you can fill out the new EICR???? only asking as few of us are out with UK & were told we needed to attend a one day cse BUT now being told we have "grandfathers" rights as it were. Any help will be appreciated. Cheers.
  17. silver surfer

    Generator earth rod

    Guys Got a 55KVA genny on a job with an earth rod situated nearby. Does the earth electrode reistance have to be <21ohms, the same as a DNO supply transformer or is that a different set of rules? I know the rod provides a zero reference for the star point neutral connection, but apart from...
  18. W


    Well my situation is I'm 23 and I currently work in the building trade as a general builder mostly bricklaying and plastering. I have been thinking about finding an electrical course alot lately as it seems to be a good idea whilst I'm young. I mentioned it to my boss and he has offered to pay...
  19. N

    Job Control?

    Evening everyone Just wondering if anyone can help me with Job Control? I have grown from a one man band to employing a full time spark and an apprentice. The problem I am having is keeping control of hours worked and materials used etc, and just wondered what everyone else uses to keep...
  20. brs73

    outdoor dimmers?

    hello there i need to install a (three gang) dimmer at a botanical centre. outdoor but under cover. been searching for weatrherproof dimmers without any luck!! any help out there would be greatly appreciated, its going to be in a childrens learning centre so there will be a good chance of...
  21. R

    AM2 help

    I have AM2 resit tomo. Failed the bloody fault rectification.Any tips would be appreciated. i have an example job card and the circuit identification says RYB3. Obviously its 3 phase. I reckonise cicuits to b identified by 1L1 1L2 1L3 2L1 2L2 2L3 Can any1 help me with this RYB3. Red...
  22. A

    303 Fault Recification (urgent help!)

    Hey guys, been looking at this site a while and thought id post up finally. Need your help :) I have almost completed my C&G 2330 L3. All i have left is the 303 Fault Rectification, now to be honest im a bit out of practice as i have not looked at this much. And i have been out of college a...
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