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  1. J

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as electricians mate

    Hi I’m 22 years old currently looking for work as an electricians mate/improver/apprenticeship in London/Essex. Any kind of opportunity would be appreciated as I’m trying to gain as much experience as possible. I have a few months experience in domestic dwellings (pulling cable, terminating...
  2. Pete999


    Not a dig at anyone, more of a genuine enquiry, before anyone gets it into their heads that I'm having a dig, It's not my intension, OK. During my time the Forum, I have become more confused between "A Trainee Electrician and an Apprentice Electrician" what is the difference between the two...
  3. M

    UK Signing off apprentices test cert

    I have been asked to sign off my apprentices electricial test cert. We work in the portable building sector and carry out a pre delivery inspection and test report. Although somewhat capable when I am there, these will be cabins that I will not be checking myself just signing off his sheet. Is...
  4. M

    Full time electricians, improvers and apprentices roles

    Morning all, I've had a look around so hopefully this post is: A) allowed B) in the right place! I run an electrical contracting business in Greater Manchester and thought it might be worth advertising on here - we're currently looking for skilled electricians (ideally with 2391) to take on...
  5. D

    Fully Funded Apprentice Electrician *PLEASE READ*

    Dear All, I am here to enquire about any possible vacancies within any of your companies for an Electrical Apprentice. I have recently been accepted onto an Electrical Apprenticeship scheme with Birmingham Electrical Training. I have funding for training over a period of up to 4 years through...
  6. Pete999

    Apprentices in the old days

    Ever knocked a box of small bits and bobs over, and wondered how long it would take to pick em all up? I did yesterday, and it took me back to when I was a mere 17 year old. The bloke I worked with always had 2 gas mask bags one for his tools and one for his bits and bobs, which consisted of...
  7. C

    Help to start... college/apprenticeships

    Hi folks New to the forum world so apologies if I've done this wrong. I'm looking for some advice from some experienced tradesman! I'm looking for a change of career and hope to eventually become a qualified electrician. I'm currently 30yrs old and I'm a tree surgeon (bored of it) and was...
  8. Pete999

    Old time Apprentices

    Had to go to Screwfix at the weekend, I needed some wood screws, got me thinking about the old days. Now these screws came in a nice metal box all differing sizes, I was wondering how many of the older fraternity remember when they were lads following an Electrician around different jobs, wire a...
  9. Pete999

    Apprentice japes and responsibilities.

    Didn't know exactly which area to post this, anyway here goes. I went to a get together with some colleagues the other day and we got talking about how we were treated as Apprentices, and more importantly how we, as Tradesmen treated the Apprentices we had given to us to train. I know it's...
  10. T

    What defines you as a supervisor?

    What defines you as a supervisor? The company I am working for at the moment expect me to have 2-3 apprentices working on the same job as me, not all ways the same people, Mixed abilities and pretty much run the job. Who takes the flack when things are done wrong, and are had to be re-done. I...
  11. F

    Apprenticeship wanted

    Hi. Am 18 years old. I have done my 1st year apprenticeship and now look to for employer to help me do my 2nd year apprenticeship. I don't have much knowledge has what normal apprentices who completed 1st year apprenticeship would have. So I would be happy to get 1st year apprentices wage. I...
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