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  1. G

    Still seeking help with starting issue.

    I posted back in April about a wierd starting issue but unfortunately got no replies and the issue is still ongoing and driving me nuts ! I have a 2011 Ford Ka 1.3 tdci. The car starts first turn of the key but the battery light stays on and the electric power steering doesnt click into action...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    OLEV grant reduced to £350 from 1st April

    Had emails over night confirming that OLEV are reducing the OLEV grants from £500 down to £350 for installs carried out from 1st APril 2020 onwards. If you carry out EV installations under the home charge or workplace grant schemes then you may need to go back to your customers with new...
  3. T

    DCP 161 implementation April 1st and calculating KVA, maximum demand

    I have alluded to this in previous threads. The commercial site I work on has asked me what I think the total KVA for the site is. Having looked at various ways of viewing this I am getting lost with it. So if I just say kVA = ( V*A*1.73)/1000 and assume supply is 400V and take the main incomer...
  4. B

    Buying a new car or van in 2017

    If your in the market for a new vehicle look carefully as the car tax bands are changing in April. (Don't think any new standard cars built now have high tax brackets and most are free so the treasury cannot cope) March is expected to be the busiest car buying month this year. See New 2017 road...
  5. Worcester

    Great News for Small Renewable Heat

    The government published their response to the RHI consultation today, and generally its good news for small systems ASHP - capped at 20,000 kWh gross tariff to rise to 10.02p/kWh GSHP - capped at 30,000 kWh gross tariff to rise to 19.55p/kWh Biomass - capped at 25,000 kWh gross tariff to rise...
  6. Dan

    ECA Phone System Upgrade Information

    The Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA) will be undergoing a phone system upgrade between Wednesday, 6th April and Friday, 8th April. Read the full news article
  7. G

    Feed-In Tariff RPI increase for installations before 31 december 2013

    There's an important quirk in the Feed In Tariff scheme rules that I'm not sure everyone is aware of, but is potentially pretty important... link Basically all installations that registered on or before December 31st 2013 receiving an inflation linked increase in the Feed-In Tariff rate they...
  8. B

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa - Part P April 2013 deadline postponed?

    Hi everybody I've just registered to this forum although I have used it many times as a learning resource whilst studying for my 2330 Level 2 and 3 which finishes July 2013 (without an NVQ) I would deeply appreciate any information as to the current situation (post Feb 1st 2013) with...
  9. G

    March-April solar PV capacity figures and the July FIT cuts

    I've just spent the evening analising the Solar PV capacity figures for March and April to see what they would mean if DECC stick to their proposals for basing the level of FIT cuts scheduled for the end June / Start of July on these installation figures. Bluntly, it's not looking good, with...
  10. T

    Can DECC keep the FiTs scheme open?

    My analysis of data recently published by DECC and OFGEM shows that the spend for currently installed PV systems will run to around £450 million in the current year (April 2012 - March 2013). This is against DECC's adjusted 'budget' for FiTs of £235 million and doesn't include any allowance for...
  11. S

    2012 Fit rate for Existing Customers Up to kwp - 45.4p
  12. M

    What are the minimum quals/experience to work in the Afghan?

    Hi all, Can anyone please tell me what are the minimum quals and experience that a sparkie would need to work in Afghanistan? Also what sort of things would bar you from working there, ie criminal convictions, that sort of thing. Also how long is the vetting process, what sort of references you...
  13. D

    Adding panels onto an existing PV system. What happens to the FiT payment?

    If I have an existing 1.92kWp system (getting 43.3pFiT) and, after 12th December, I add another 2kWp of extra panels onto the existing system at the same address, does the whole 3.92 kWp system then still get 43.3 p or does it all have to be re-registered and then all only get 21p? I know the...
  14. R

    Mileage and tax - self assessment

    Well I've finally submitted my return for the year, but with next year's in mind, someone who very kindly helped me with this return said that instead of saving up the diesel tickets, you can take a note of mileage and claim 40p a mile on it.... how do you do this on self assessment? I know you...
  15. S

    Domestic Installer Passed

    Just to let everyone know I'm now up to Domestic installer status passed 17th and Part P last week so am now well on my way to becoming a fully blown electrician, got 2391 booked up for april and NVQ soon. Was hoping to start up self employed doing domestic electric,cctv, aerial and AV fitting...
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