1. C

    Electricians Mate looking for work in the electical industry to gian experience grimsby and surrounding areas

    looking for work in the electrical indstusry to gain working experience, i have completed level 2 and almost done level 3
  2. M

    Metal saddles for communal areas

    hi guys So I'm tasked with replacing plastic saddles in communal areas. App D in the OSG says saddles can have a max spacing of 1.5m apart. I know from past experiences that any conduit passing over must have a metal saddle in place. So was wondering will it be OK to replace the plastic...
  3. Vortigern

    Is anyone else having problems accessing certain areas of the forums?

    Just wondering is it just me or a general problem I encounter. First, I cannot comment on the DIY forum as I have insufficient priveleges. I have raised this a few times with forum admin but nothing has come of it. Secondly today I tried clicking on a thread to the plumbers forum and was told...
  4. C

    External lights in garden areas

    Spot the mistake. External lights,Swa 3 c 2.5mm,connected in metal conduit boxes,lid & gasket. Water getting into connections, tidied up & re connected filled with magic gel. Anyone spot the mistake....clue there’s no flying lead from conduit boxes to earth.
  5. I

    Electrical sub contractors required London and surrounding areas

    Hi We are looking for electrical sub contractors to join our rapidly growing team carrying out commercial and industrial projects around the London area. fully qualified or improvers welcome. applicants must have the following: basic hand and power tools be available to make own way to site...
  6. S

    Hazardous areas - control voltage transformer earthing -

    I've been in an ongoing debate regarding earthing of a control transformer and i'd like some other opinions. 690 primary, 120v secondary supplying control circuits (contactors/DC convertors etc), the neutral is tied to earth - My issue is the location that it is tied to Earth. As far as I know...
  7. S

    Electrician LOOKING FOR GOOD ELECTRICIANS FOR GOOD MONEY London and surrounding areas

    Small family business which has taken on some large contracts (11 floor hotel in London and new build flats and houses) Looking for experienced electricians to run jobs and up and coming electricians looking to learn and earn Very fair day rates and potential opportunity for price works on...
  8. R

    Electricians Mate Looking to work as an Electrical Apprentice/Mate - Liverpool & Surrounding Areas.

    I am looking for full-time work as an Electricians Apprentice/Mate, I am immediately available, with access to my own car. I have a Level 2 C&G Qualification, with my place being secured for my Level 3 in February, which is self-funded and paid for. I am willing to pay for any cards/insurance...
  9. Daniel Oake

    Looking for Employer in Hull and surrounding areas

    Quick overview for less reading: Finished Level 2 and 3 (2365) and optional higher maths Full clean license and vehicle Mature student (27) Never late or missed a day through both levels Genuinely - top of my class in terms of results and studying Previous experience in domestic building and...
  10. Kjb Electrical

    Looking for work in the gloucestershire and bristol areas

    hi all, I am looking for work in the Gloucestershire and Bristol areas, mainly Domestic and Commercial work Many thanks Kieran
  11. K

    Looking for work in Leicester and surrounding areas

    I’ve recently completed city and guilds level 3 in electrical installation and 17 edition wiring regs. I will be taking my exam for initial verification in march
  12. M

    Traniee electrian looking for work in the London and surrounding areas.

    I have 3 years experience as a domestic electrician. I have just finished my level 2 2365 and am currently studying my level 3 2365. I’m booked on to do my 17th edition the first week in February. All of my experience is in domestic work but I’m happy to learn commercial and industrial work. I...
  13. D

    Electricians Mate Commercial Electricians /Mates required Runcorn & Bradford areas

    Hi I am looking for Electricians and Mates/Improvers for some work converting Office blocks into apartments. Job is already under way and looking for guys to carryout installation of Containment, Sub Mains, Metering, SWA cabling, Fire , Access Control works. Local guys preferred who can provide...
  14. Sparky_marky2

    Cable preference for corridors and public access areas

    Hi all Friday at last! Just like to get your thoughts and opinions on this, just been on site today for a new 16 x studio flats over 4 floors in the center there is a donut shaped stairwell and in the center of the donut is a lift access for each floor (check photo) According to the client (an...
  15. E

    Installation of grounding electrode in crowded areas

    Hi May I know about the standards in the installation of grounding electrode in crowded areas where clearance from the perimeter is not achieved?
  16. S

    I can't view attached photos (and I'm not in restricted areas)

    As per the thread title, I can't view attached photos in any forum - I get directed to the "Page not found" page. For example in the "dodgy trade pics for your amusement" thread in the General Electricians Talk Forum, I can't view any of the attached photos. I've had a search through the forums...
  17. KennyKen

    How do you get promoted to Electricians Arm status?

    Got a Gold J.I.B card if that helps?
  18. FatAlan


    Dan. You seem to be getting loads of guys registering their businesses however there does not appear to be many listed against geographical areas. Have I missed a link or is there a good way of searching for sparks in a particular area?
  19. S

    Fluke 2042 Cable Tracer or similar - Any good?

    Hi All, there are several threads on here about cable tracers with a very mixed bag of reviews/opinions about them. Has anyone used them in similar circumstances to below & if so how did they perform? I've been asked to carry out a full validation survey & produce a distribution schematic of...
  20. R

    Comercial EICR

    Evening all! 2 questions? 1. when testing a commercial premise Is it my responsibility to point out to the client that the emergency lighting is insufficient or non existent in certain areas of the building? 2. I've never tested premises with a potentially explosive atmosphere I...
  21. E

    smokes building inspector

    Just rewiring a house which has been gutted and had a new extension on back and side. Smokes are wired in hall down, hall up, attic top floor and a heat in kitchen all interlinked. The building inspector just came and said we need a smoke in every room in the house apart from bathrooms and en...
  22. J

    First fix in a OMB (Sterling Board) House

    Hi All , wonder if anyone can shed some light on this ? , we've just landed a job on a massive 4 bed house that's entirely built from sterling board , outside walls , inside walls , roof the lot , so conventional wiring methods are not an option in some areas as we have no joists to run...
  23. keniff

    xs training

    hi guys anyone used the xs training centre thats advertised here? im going to speak to the college wednesday and to do the nvq 3 with them but it works out alot more! i need it to get my jib card as fully pledged so just need this nvq asap. or has anyone used a centre they would recommend? cheers
  24. O

    Calculating circuit load

    OK, got my tin hat on and have my running shoes on so I can to the bunker...... Looking at a customers "downlight" design for the kitchen/breakfast/family room. They have 32 lights marked and yes, they are planning on buying 240v x 50w fittings. Calculating load says you should use 100w per...
  25. W

    pricing a property maintenance contract..any tips or help please

    I have to return a quote for the following maintenance contract and would like some help/pointers/ideas on rough costing allowances, they would also like a call out fee and per hour after charge, for when lamps need replacing, kids smash the light fittings etc. Im based in Essex, my usual...
  26. R

    Hazardous Area / RCBO use

    I've heard somewhere along the line that using Schneider / Merlin Gerin RCBO's is not recommended for RCD protection, in my case I'm referring specifically for protection of circuits within hazardous areas. Infact, I believe in the same conversation there was mention that RCBO's had been banned...
  27. sythai

    Petrol station work.... requirements

    Just wondering what you need to be able to carry out work (electrical) in all petrol station areas/zones....? Specialist insurance maybe ? Be good at MI or is it FP these days ? Compex ? Reason I ask is a local branch of 3 petrol stations are fed up with their current sparky and they're...
  28. S

    Work For Tender.

    I really want to know how I can find out who has contracts up for tender. I know people wont want to tell me this but if your not from the Yorkshire/Lancashire areas then I am not your competition. I also know that people wont want to post anything on here for their competitors to see, but I...
  29. B

    Industrial use of flex cable

    Hi, General cable query. Is it ok to use normal flex cable where it is installed above head height ie not easily accessible or should we be using something with more protection ie SY cable??. We are talking low ampage applications (1-5a) in a pretty low haz environment. regards
  30. L

    Hotel shower electrocuted tourist

    Stephen Jupp, 40, from the Newhaven area, died at a hotel in Paris in June 2006, hours after watching a Robbie Williams concert with June Saxby. Read more at BBC NEWS | England | Sussex | Hotel shower electrocuted tourist Regards Luke
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