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  1. H

    Armeg Solid Board Cutter vs Super Rod Cavity Master

    Hi everyone, I need to purchase a solid board cutter and stuck deciding between the two. I prefer using a solid board cutter with the caps rather than using battens on the cut-out. I remember reading somewhere that the Super Road version would cut very deep whereas the Armeg wouldn't go past a...
  2. H


    Afternoon all. Anyone got any experience using a ARMEG EBS TRI-CUT CIRCULAR CUTTER ? Just curious as considering one or sticking with stitch drilling for back boxes.
  3. M

    Armeg acceler recommend

    What other views on these holecutter . Bought a pack a 3 about a month a go and have used them for the first time this week and have to say , one of the best buys of late . Very pricey but such a clean cut and very strange using a impact drill on steel.
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Alternative to Armeg Dust collection guard and drive

    I had an Armeg Dust collection and drive shroud but for some reason it decided to split and is now next to useless... Held together with a bit of gorilla tape for a few weeks but has now past the point of no return. Does anybody know of any other makes out there who make similar units or...
  5. S

    Armeg Insulated screwdrivers

    Just wondering if any of you use Armeg insulated screwdrivers ?, They look good but just wondering if they are.
  6. C

    Running cable behind skirting board

    Hi, now don't jump to conclusions, I need any advice on running cable vertically behind a skirting board not horizontally. Customer has large 1960's skirting boards approx. 250mm high, maybe higher, and has asked me to install new recessed sockets without removing the skirting board. A fairly...
  7. W

    Solid Board Access Hole Cutters?

    After hitting a nail and also an RSJ immediately below some floorboards, my silverline cutter is now scrap. I noticed that Armeg do a similar 111mm cutter and wondered if these perform any better in normal use - not expecting anything to withstand hitting solid steel without damage of course...
  8. C

    Solid Board Cutters

    Looking at one from Toolstation for about £22 and then another tenner for 5 inserts. Its 110mm rather than 127mm diameter. Got to try and find where cables come up under an upstairs floor. Any comments as to whether a good buy or not?
  9. G

    Socket box sinker. (+ sds chasing chisel)

    Anyone use a socket box sinker ? I'm thinking the armed type. I've got 2 or 3 jobs lined up soon where I know I will be chopping out in brick. So I think now's the time to bite that particular bullet and lay out for one. ! Be grateful for any pointers Cheers.
  10. V

    modern wood drill bits???

    does anyone know where i can get some four edge cutting wood bits.. like the fast 4 and irwin jobs.. i had some old fathful ones this year but cant seem to find a seller online ta vito
  11. W

    socket sinkers ???

    Hi all Thinking of buying a set for socket sinking, chap i used to work for had one, anyone have any ideas on which one is the best one the market, got a job starting next week, with loads of sockets ! Cheers Paul
  12. Griffin

    Chipboard floor tool

    Hi all, Anyone used one of the chipboard floor tools for cutting access points into flooring?? What are they like? G
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