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  1. P

    Anybody got any work going in and around the birmingham area i am an improver

    Anbody got any work going for an impover in and around the birmingham area?
  2. H

    Mechanical and Electrical jobs around Aldershot area

    As the title, does any one know of any companies in and around the area potentially taking blokes on or a bloke in this case? Reason for asking is, one of my oppo’s has been dealt a shi’ite hand and is in need. Any help or avenues of approach greatly appreciated.
  3. R

    Looking for a helping hand around Liverpool & North West

    Hello, I am currently looking to gain some experience, whilst I am studying, I am immediately available and can work any hours that are needed. City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 Currently studying City & Guilds 2365 Level 3 ECS Labourers Card Own Hand Tools & PPE Own PL & PI Insurance Full Clean...
  4. J

    Figuring Out LED Strips Around Perimetre Of Room

    Hi guys, I recently bought a new place, and it has some old fashioned dado rail around the living room and the first thought that came into my head was RGB LED strips in the dado rail going around the entire room. I've measured the total LED strip length being approx 1306cm. Also the approx...
  5. L

    Trainee Looking for electrician mate job around Derbyshire - travel an hour radius - sunday-thursday

    Hello, back again, looking for some more on site experience with REGULAR work. Most recent experience working with a local napit registered electrician covering domestic and light commercial work. I have my own hand tools, testers, brand new powertools from wall chaser, sds, multitool, impact...
  6. R

    CCTV and Alarms around Liverpool & North West

    Can anyone recommend anywhere that does CCTV and Alarm Course in Liverpool and surrounding areas?
  7. M

    Looking for work around Liverpool/Wirral Area

    Am living on the Wirral and looking for work as a Mate. Have 18th Edition and ECS Card as trainee. Am very practicle, come from a welding/fabrication background, done pneumatics and electrical work on HGV Trailers and not scared of a bit of hard work. Just need a chance, very reliable.
  8. F

    Best cable price around

    Wheres everyone buying t+e cable from. Prices constantly increasing and cannot find a great deal from wholesalers. Would buy in bulk at the right price but not sure where to go
  9. SWD

    How life goes around to another generation.....

    My son just texted me to say he is off to see Soft Cell as he has a freebie ticket, I saw their last gig back in the day at Hammy Palais....... weird not as weird that he is now 32......
  10. M

    Outdoor lighting around sand arena

    Hi everyone, I am a complete noob when it comes to electrical wiring but here we go. I need some advice, we have installed four street lights around our outdoor sand arena for pony riding. The lights are the standard street lights, they have 2.5 wiring in them already so would it be ok to go...
  11. M

    Domestic Traniee electrian looking for work in or around the oxford area.

    I am currently finishing my level 3 2365 at college. I currently live in London but will be moving to Banbury, Oxfordshire in December. I completed my 17th edition in February and have 3 years experience in domestic electrical work. I’m willing to undertake any aspect of electrical work. Also...
  12. SWD

    There are some utter scum around,

    I won't post what I would do to them, I hate bullying with a passion. Teenagers arrested over flour and egg attack on woman amid fears of vigilante backlash -...
  13. Stephen Hossack

    New to the forum. Can anyone recommend a electrical agency around the London area

    Hello I’m Steve, new to the forum. I’m looking at getting back into the electical trade. I did c+g 2361, 2362 years ago. I’ve recently got my ECS card. Have done lots of bits and pieces in the past, and am now working as a gas main layer. I’ve had enough, and want to become a electrician. From...
  14. S

    Looking for trainee position in or around Bristol

    I'm 29 years old, I have worked in retail since school, its paid just enough to get by but that's as far as it goes. I have a young family and want to be able to give them much more than I am currently able to. After a lot of saving and sacrificing I paid to do an EAL level 2 evening course back...
  15. SWD

    Rummaging around in the loft

    and just found my Deed of Apprenticeship and City and Guilds Certs as well as my JIB membership from 1982/85 when I was youthful and good looking with a full head of hair....... Are they still of any use or should I make copies and sell them to Eastern Europeans?
  16. BDave

    Mate seeking work around Skipton/ Bradford (W.Yorkshire)

    I have recently completed the level 2 and 3 C&G 2365 and the C&G 2382 (17th Ed). I am looking to work with a local electrician to gain experience in the industry - possibly to also start building my NVQ portfolio with. I have 4 years of experience as a skilled labourer with property renovation...
  17. SWD

    My E30 used for a music video around Kings Cross

    towards the end a couple shots........ £150 about 2 hours work, just like Pimlico........
  18. HumbleWorker 91RT

    Volunteer for experience in or around North West( Warrington,Manchester,Liverpool)

    Hi everyone, Just beginning my training willing to labour and volunteer to gain experience in the industry and just after an opportunity. Regards Robbie.
  19. cezary

    New around the stars

    I would like to say to everybody here Hello! I work as a store person but want to change my way into electrical profession.
  20. D

    Magnetic Contactor Over/Under Voltage

    What voltage should be used in the UK for a magnetic contactor? 240V, 230V or 220V I know over voltage and under voltage can lead to the coils being burnt out over time. From the wall I am drawing in around 235V but when being used it drops around 225V-230V. Is it still wise to buy the 240V...
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