1. T

    UK Earthing Arrangement

    Can anyone help, i had a new combi boiler fitted last year and they used mainly plastic fittings to make there connections, i have attached a photo below my question is where should my 10mm earth bond go , the incoming water pipe is made of lead, do i simply bond the 10mm earth to the incoming...
  2. lozarus

    Klik Rose Arrangement

    Good afternoon - apologies if I'm overthinking this, but I was hoping I could put this out there for consideration. Scenario is as thus. Picture a small corridor, suspended ceiling with 6x 600x600 T8 fittings in the grid. 1x fitting is a maintained EML. All fittings are fed from Klik roses...
  3. I

    Earth arrangement photo

    Hi All, Could you please clear for me the air with earth arrangement I've encountered today. Had a minor electrical work moving sockets and went to check the supply. I can see two earth conductors there. One goes to service head which suggests it's tncs and another connecting to outer sheath of...
  4. D

    Industrial Earthing arrangement

    Is anyone able to clarify with me how i can work out what earthing arrangement i have on site. Supply comes into one of our motor switch rooms from an 11kv to LV transformer located directly outside. I can see 4 big copper bars (3phases and neutral) coming in which will then feed off to the...
  5. S

    Complicated dual tariff arrangement with four main switches.

    Hi Folks I'm used to (and understand reasonably well) simple dual tariff arrangements with two main switches (either two separate consumer units or a duplex). But I occasionally come across, and am now quoting for changing consumer units for a more complex arrangement that I don't full...
  6. J

    After some advise please- Tn-s earth arrangement

    Evening all, Just after some info on the photo attached. It’s a tn-s system with an Earth going to the cu met from under the floor boards. After lifting the boards I found the earth attached as so... I was expecting to see a clamp around the supply cable, not a choc block with legs of unknown...
  7. S

    Industrial Unit Earthing Arrangement - Lack of

    We’re in the process of replacing the 3 phase installation in our premises, the electrician that came said we should contact Western Power and request a PME, Western Power have said they can’t, we have also asked if they can supply a main earth terminal for us to connect to - they say they...
  8. P

    Earthing Arrangement

    Hello, Currently still studying at college. I seen this yesterday on a site. I asked the question but didn’t really get a good answer. I think this is tns. I see 2 10 mm on the left going to water and gas, 1 10mm going to the board. But where is the cpc coming from to connect back, I don’t...
  9. H

    SWA (Surprisingly Weird Arrangement)

    So I’m an inexperienced novice and I accept I know two ninths of four fifths of FA but when was this arrangement ever ok? Installing like for like replacement garden lights, currently connected to a run of 4 core 1.5mm SWA emerging from ducting under patio. Somewhere further back it’s joined...
  10. I

    General concepts - Automotive electrical

    Hi Forum, I have been reading up but cant get / find a definitive answer on this. firstly - I understand the purpose of a fuse is to to protect a circuit (shorting fires etc..) this is all good what I am having trouble finding/ grasping is the concept around fuses and power distribution. A...
  11. Gazthesparky

    Switching arrangement in bedroom

    I am renovating my own house at the moment and want to bounce an idea off of you all I need to wire a socket high level on the wall at the bottom of the bed for a tv on the wall. I want to be able to switch this off as the tv has an anoying led that lights up the room. Im going to install a...
  12. T

    Unconventional heating arrangement

    So basically what I have is a combi boiler supplying heating for two properties and splitting the heating for the two properties using a 3 port valve, I’m using two single channel programmers to control a room stat for each house but am having trouble working it out in my head. is it possible to...
  13. M

    Domestic CU arrangement in new house...

    Hi Chaps First of all I am by no means an electrician. I do have a fair bit of technical knowledge from an engineering view point and have calibrated test equipment that allows me to measure Zs, R1+R2 and r1, r2 and rn as well as insulation resistance etc. This get used very infrequently...
  14. Mark.W

    Earthing arrangement help

    Hi chaps, Came across this in an EICR today, any thoughts. Cheers Mark
  15. M

    Earthing arrangement for small 6kVA SDMO 6000E Generator

    Hi everyone. We are doing an off-grid system for a small log cabin. It consists of a 6kVA generator as back up to a small battery set and 4.5 kWp solar PV array with a 3.0/4.4 kW Sunny Island. The problem I have is the generator has a floating earth. After some research I was going to link...
  16. C

    RCD protection for sub-main

    I am having to run a large SWA feed cable to a fixed load (45Kw TP). The cable will be run externally but above ground on cable tray. Do I need to provide RCD protection for the SWA cable at the distribution board end??
  17. E

    Domestic can u name these earthing arrangements from domestic properties???

    hi folks can you please help with identifying these earthing arrangements? thanks ;) image 1 2 3 455b note image 5 b is the c/u for MEA 5 is this safe with no RCD???
  18. L

    Voltage between Cpc and neutral

    Hi If anyone can help,I am carrying out an EICR on part of large hospital and have found voltage that varies between 100 and 200v between live and neutral on one single phase submain cu. It is present when main switch is off so is on load side. Apparently they get voltage around 0v to 60v...
  19. B

    generator earthing systems

    can anyione give me a definitive answer to this question please . does a standby generator in a large building is it required to have a multiple earthing, earth rod + earth supply from main dno connected to one point on generator
  20. T

    Domestic External socket for caravan.

    I need to fit a 16A external socket to provide a feed for a caravan for appliance testing etc prior to going on the road. The main house has a TNCS earthing arrangement. I have checked out 708 and 721 of BS 7671 and it isn't giving me what I need to know. What is the best circuit arrangement for...
  21. R


    Does anyone have any experience of testing when generators are involved? All ZS readings come out too high for RCBO's that protect the circuits! any help or advice would be greatly received.
  22. M


    if a outbuilding is feed from the rcd side of a board in the house will this cover all wiring in the outbuilding, so alterations needed to the outbuilding board such as rcbo or rcd.
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