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  1. D

    TL inverters And array frame bonding

    Hi again. Right, I am seeing very mixed reactions and comments about the below question, I am just hoping to find a basic answer and reference please. If you are installing a TL (fronius primo 3.6 in my case) to a domestic property, in the loft space with 16panels already installed on the...
  2. C

    Roof isolator ELV array

    Hi everyone, I have asked 3 different installers who answered YES, NO, and I will have to find out. On a small ELV solar array (74V/18A) is a rooftop isolator required in the regs? There will be 12 x 250W panels (VOC 37V ISC 9A) feeding 2 MPPT controllers, Victron 100/50 and 100/30 Panels will...
  3. B

    Solar Where to purchase 2 pole DC Contactors suitable for switching 20-25amp 600volt DC PV array preferably with 230volt AC coil.

    I am trying, with little success, to purchase 2 pole DC Contactors suitable for switching 20-25amp 600volt DC preferably with 230volt AC coil. I require these for switching the supply from PV array. If you are able to supply or suggest where I might be able to get them I would be most grateful...
  4. Javadali

    MPPT Solar Charge Controller Sizing for 1200 Watt solar Array

    Hey everyone! I am drafting out my first solar power off grid system for my back yard shed and came here in hope to get some good recommendations from you guys on trusted a charge controller which will support my current specs but also give me room to grow as I improve on this system. Below are...
  5. A

    My solar array doesn't seem to generate enough energy

    Hi, I've recently had a 4KW PV array fitted in March this year however I don't believe it's producing the expected results. Yesterday 29/06/2019 was the hottest day so far with cloudless skies and the system at noon peaked at 2.2KW. I would expect to achieve around my peak which is set at 3.8KW...
  6. W

    Commercial Adding to an existing PV array - Feed in metering

    We have customers who want to add to an existing PV array. I know they cannot receive FIT generation payments, but what about additional power returned to the grid - can they be paid for any additional power fed back?
  7. G

    Photovoltaic array test form F43

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone could offer advice on filling in the PV test array form? There is a section on protective device. I assumed it was the MCB but there is a box for DC rating and kA capacity. This leads me to believe it refers to the DC isolator?? but thats an isolator not a...
  8. G

    Solar Array confusion

    Hi guys I have connected 8 x 250 watt 35 v solar panels in series to connect to an enfinity 2kw inverter. The open voltage I get from the array at the dc isolator is 220vdc or so, but when testing at the dc inverter terminals I am only getting around 68vdc. I have had the inverter (enfinity)...
  9. S

    Inverter for 450w array - any ideas

    Ive been asked to price for a small system using 9 x 50w solar tiles (new build slate roof). Does anyone know of an inverter that will be suitable?
  10. D

    Removal of panels - Small job, anyone?

    Hi, Is there a Solar electrician/installer available to help out for this small cash job, please? I'm after 2Kw worth (9 from memory) panels and their supporting frames to be uninstalled/removed from a north facing side roof in London E13. Pretty flexible with dates, still nothing planned as...
  11. L

    DC fuse blowout

    I was asked earlier this week to look at a solar system on an office/warehouse that had stopped working (not my install). The strings all come into a Fronius DC box on the roof. When I opened it up it was pretty clear why the system had stopped producing: I'm looking for opinions on what may...
  12. S

    New System - 2 Arrays - Wondering why low voltage on 1st array

    Just had a new 4kw solar pv system fitted, with two arrays of 7 panels, one above the other in the same direction. I flicked through the statistics and noticed that the first array was only producing 1w, when the 2nd array was producing around 900w. So I checked voltage and found that was on...
  13. edexlab

    eversolar 17000tl

    Can anyone help me with finding a pdf of the installation manual for an eversolar 17000tl I've been on lots of sites and can't seem to find a proper manual just data sheets, I've been asked to take a look at a 50 kw system which has issues, and had a look for a manual last night gave up in the...
  14. Worcester

    BenQ Panels - grounding

    Don;t you love it :) Got an isntallation to do next week with BenQ 325's and now our suppliers are offering PM318B01 in lieu of the PM096B00, and it would appear that the 318's need grounding.. I Don't have a problem with the array, (used to do that anyway ..) however it also says...
  15. M

    Peak output exceeding quoted panel output?

    Hi - I have a 2.99kW solar array, and the top output I have had had previously been yesterday's 2800w at one point at lunchtime which I was more than pleased with as I was under the impression the maximum could be 2999w? Today on 3 occasions output was over 3000w (peak was 3080w). Have I got the...
  16. S

    TL inverters IR testing

    Sorry to raise this question again. What are you guys getting on your DC IR test's on new installs? I've been doing some DC IR testing on Fronius 3.6 IGTL inverters and they are coming back as 50-100M ohms which is fine as far as DTI guide says, but not what I was expecting ie >999M ohms type AC...
  17. C

    panel loss

    my father in law had an array of panels fitted, the inverter had a digital display that showed a flat line that equated to the number of panels he has installed, that flat line has now equated to having 4 of the panels disconnected. The installer has said there is a problem and downloaded the...
  18. D

    Ground mounted solar

    Would you know the advised distance between solar frames on a ground mount system Ie one system directly behind another? The back of the first system is 1900mm affl and the next system behind this should be 9000mm away to clear sunlight at 12 degrees in decemeber (its in scotchland!) But that...
  19. M

    Dti Guide..... When will it be released??

    Hi, does anyone know if there is a proposed release date for the 3rd edition??
  20. G

    circuit advice

    can I check this ground mount system circuit with some one please. Henley block out of tails feeding existing board from cut out to include a small garage consumer unit with a 16A RCBO. AC isolator, generation meter, 6mm2 two core SWA (60meters) to AC isolator - Inverter. Earth inverter as...
  21. A

    RCD tripping

    Hi All, First time for this so unsure what could be the cause. CSUN 250 panels - string of 16 connected via 4mm DC cable to Fronius IG TL 4.0 feed to CU via 2.5mm T+E DC cable run including the array is 22m and the AC run is 12m. Random tripping of the RCD, AC circuit is okay continuity and...
  22. T

    Voltage output from 15 x Sanyo HIT N235W array

    Hi Guys Need your expert opinions and advice here - I have a solar array installed comprising the 15 panels connected to a Fronius 3.0 IG TL. I just checked the voltage being registered from the array (given it is cloudy and rainy conditions at the moment) and total voltage from the array was...
  23. S

    Guides for ground mounted systems?

    Hi All, Anyone have any guidelines for ground mounted systems - most of what I can find is for flat roofs rather than installations in someones garden. Trying to find things answers to things like: do I need steel armoured DC cable? earthing of array? DC isolator next to array in housing or...
  24. D

    Solar earthing re: isolation transformer

    Hi Guys Do you know whether I could fit an external isolation transformer up to a transfomer less inverter, to save me earthing the array. Is this ok and possible. Just don't want to earth array as customer doesnt want the driveway to come up etc. Or is the only way to install a TL Inverter...
  25. P

    Recognising a duff panel

    Theory's great but it's only when a problem comes up you really start to learn things..... My relatively low number of installs to date have gone to plan so I'm hoping a few of you out there have hit more problems than me. Just put up a 14-module rooftop, two strings of 7x245W panels. Al lthe...
  26. E

    Rcd tripping ????

    Here is the step up16 x 247 w mountef on metal roof Sb 4000 tl On a submain with rcd protecting inverter , lights and powet Few weeks ago rcd triped . Clieny turned off inverter call meI got there and reset the inverter Every ok waited around nothingI noticed a light switch flashing when turned...
  27. B

    SMA 1200 Sunny boy not working

    Hi I have installed our first PV system, which we are using to get MCS accredited with. Its a small 5 panel system as roof space is quite small. The panels are 195w each. The Voc for the panels @ STC is 45.21V and Isc @ STC 5.56A. Our measured Voc on the day of commissioning was 211V. I thought...
  28. T

    DNOs and G83 limit

    Guys, can I ask you all to reply to this thread with details for each DNO that you have had dealings with and their approach regarding the G83 16A limit - plus any info if you have seen that this has changed over time. The ENA have confirmed that the correct value to use for the G83 limit is...
  29. M

    Array Touch Voltage - Corrosion

    After our recent NICEIC inspection, we were advised to earth ALL arrays by the inspector. This is apparently common practice in other countries due to the chance of capacative coupling causing an AC voltage to occur on the panel array. Due to the various safety features used in inverters...
  30. D

    Insulation test solar array

    Chaps, day after tomorrow I need to do my first insulation test on a PV array. It's roof mounted & class II, so the frame is not bonded. I use a Megger Tester. Am I right in thinking I plug the whole string togethor then put one of the tester's probes into the DC positive plug and the other on...
  31. D

    MCS Array test help

    I have my MCS assesment booked in 3 days and I need some help with the testing on the DC side, We did not perform the tests and I need some rough figures for Voc and Isc string test and also the Array insulation Resistance Pos- Earth and Neg-Earth. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Dan
  32. J

    Help Needed. 16 x 16 LED array.

    Hello, I'm new to DIY electronics and I would be EXTREMELY grateful if someone could help me by answering the following: 1. I would like to set up a 17 x 16 bulb LED array on a piece of Veroboard. The bulbs are 5mm. 204 red (655nm) and 68 Blue (485nm). This will eventually be a 14 Watt, 120...
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