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  1. K

    Trainee Risk Assessment for Am2

    Hello everyone, I am new member to the forum - not sure how forums work, if I'm posting in the wright place or not etc.. Anyway I was wondering if anyone could help me with the risk assessment for the AM2. I can't think of more than 3 really, I know this is easy but I always overthink the...
  2. PJH2903

    Stroma Certification Scheme SPD calculation / Stroma annual assessment

    I've got my annual Stroma assessment next week and the job I am taking them to is a board change. I have not fitted an SPD as by my calculations it was not a requirement (plus a tight customer would not want the extra cost) I don't think it will be a problem but am just looking for reassurance...
  3. M

    Assessment 615: Electrical Systems Design

    Hello :) I'm currently on my final assessment for 2365 after spending two years at college. I really want to complete the assessment in some design software rather than manually drawing. I found designspark which looked as if it could do what I want but doesn't seem to like importing...
  4. S

    RCD omission risk assessment

    Hi guys does anybody please have a template risk assessment for the omission of RCD protection? Or does anyone know where I may locate one? Many thanks in advance.
  5. T

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Periodic Assessment Info

    Hi I have my first annual assessment next week. I have yet to do my 18th but have the reg book. Is there anything new since last year as to what the inspector is looking for? Paperwork wise I have everything up to date but im wondering about the site visits and if I will be missing some new regs...
  6. E

    First NIC assessment

    Ive got my first NIC assessment coming up and a couple of my jobs (that i was going to provide the assessor with) have previously been signed off through the company i used to work for. Will this be an issue even if i did all the works? Would the assessor even check if the job has been signed...
  7. G

    Health and safety and risk assessment for one man band

    Morning all I know the questions probably been asked a lot. Basically I done some work for a company last month and put my invoice in at the start of last month now there asking for health and safety policy and risk assessment. What's the score being a one man band solo trader.
  8. S

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma assessment coming up.

    Morning all. Got my initial Stroma assessment coming up in a week or so. I’m guessing I’ll be verifying chosen circuits with dead & live tests. I’m tying myself up regarding my lighting circuit. The reason being, I’ve done all my loop in loop out etc at switch; this also includes extractor fan...
  9. R

    Confusing EICR, 'Satisfactory' assessment but C1 present

    As a newbie to this forum, I'm hoping that someone can help me understand a particular aspect of the EICR that was done on behalf of the previous owners of my current house. At the time (which I admit was some while ago) I was slightly confused by it but in all the chaos of buying the house, I...
  10. C

    SPD risk assessment template

    I am due to carry out my first fuse board change under the 18th edition, i need a risk assessment template for SPD devices. and with regards to AFDD i am under the impression i just need to recommend it in the quotation.
  11. G

    Australia skills assessment

    Hi guys I’m doing my Australia skills assessment end of this month to hopefully obtain a visa at the end of it. Was wondering if anyone has recently done it or can offer any tips or advice for it?
  12. Bobby34

    Noob Sparks awaiting assessment

    Good evening everyone, so I have taken the plunge and signed up for the NICEIC domestic installers scheme for which I have an assessment next month. I have a new installation to show the assessor with 7 circuits and practising the dead and live tests over and over so hopefully the on the day...
  13. gazdkw82

    2391-52 practical assessment prep

    I have my practical assessment for 2392-52 tomorrow. I've passed everything so far and only have this to do. It's 3 hour assessment which includes, initial verification on 3 circuits (three phase), periodic inspection and test of 3 circuits (single phase) and fault finding. I'm just trying to...
  14. J

    Which regs book for assessment

    Hi, i have my annual niceic assessment coming up. Is it ok to use yellow regs still or will i need new 18th, this book coming into play 1st jan so was not sure if be problem still using old. Understand not good practice etc..thanks guys
  15. Phill

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Newbie & NICEIC assessment advice!

    Hi all, Newbie from the West Midlands, just starting out in the electrickery world (certainly not in life... change of direction) and have my NICEIC assessment in a few weeks for registration as a domestic installer. This is my first ever and so any tips and info about what to expect would be...
  16. A

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma assessment can anyone help

    Just wondering if anyone has recently done the stroma assessment for CPS scheme. Im doing it on a consumer unit changed in my house. What exactly is he/she going to be inspecting?
  17. T

    Stroma Certification Scheme 1st Stroma assessment

    Hi everyone got my 1st assessment coming up with Stroma / a governing body just wondered if anyone had any tips with regards the whole process as I’d imagine I’m feeling the same way everyone else did when they and their 1st assessment! Any tips will be appreciated Thanks
  18. happyhippydad

    Does anyone else get a little nervous at assessment time?

    I was very happy to get a desk top assessment last year as it meant not missing a day of work and also I didn't have to 'prove' myself worthy to be registered. This year will be a normal visit. This Tuesday the inspector will call and I'm tidying up the office and getting all the paperwork...
  19. happyhippydad

    What will the outcome be of my assessment?

    Hello all.. I expect my full rewire will be assessed this year by Stroma. It has been done very well and neatly and ticks all the regulation boxes..... apart from socket/switches heights. These I have kept as existing, approx 1350mm for switches and 300mm for sockets. I have rang Stroma and...
  20. Michael James thomas

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma is it possible to fail assessment

    I'm the NIC QS and Electrical foreman for a shopfitting firm and one of the subbys who has now come on board full time .He can't fill out a test cert at all didn't know where to bond water and doesnt know when an Rcd is required or not so uses RCBOs on every thing has no real knowledge of the...
  21. Gavin John Hyde

    NICEIC Certification Scheme What happens on a NICEIC assessment

    Just come across this video on you tube on thomas nagy's feed, we often get people asking about joining a scheme - usually competent persons rather than approved contractor and this video might be useful for some of you wondering about what happens, I am guessing the niceic jumped at the chance...
  22. M

    Part P assessment question

    One of the questions on a recent Part P assessment was how would I wire an external outbuilding if the earthing arrangement to the property was PME. I said I would run a three core SWA from the property to the outbuilding and use the cable armour and the third core as the exported CPC. I was...
  23. J

    Napit assessment help

    Hi all new to site but can anyone give me a heads up on what to expect from my Napit assessment, thanks
  24. G

    Clarkson Evans assessment day help

    hey guys i have just been invited by Clarkson Evans to attend an assessment day. anybody know what this entails, i am currently serving in the army and need to know what sort of tests there are and how difficult they are. cheers
  25. 1

    2391-52 practical assessment - testing sequence

    Hi guys, i have my 2391-52 practical assessment tomorrow and my assessor has said we have to perform the tests in sequence as stated in gn3 - 2.6.4 Few questions i have are: Once i complete safe isolation procedure and remove cover first up is continuity of protective conductors, surely it's a...
  26. C

    OVO Energy Smart Meter Assessment Day

    Hi, bit of a long shot probably but worth a shot as I'm desperate to pass and very apprehensive about the assessment day this week. Does anyone have any experience doing the assessment day which will consist of a role play, manual dexterity test and interview. Thanks in advance.
  27. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme First NICEIC Assessment

    Hello, Ive got my first NICEIC Approved assessment coming up with Tim Leibe. Ive been with Elecsa in the past but decided to go for the full scope. Just wondering what to expect, questions he may ask and if anyone has had dealings with Tim in the past? Any help would be great.
  28. L

    Approved Assessment (ACA)

    Hey all, I have my ACA booked in cambuslang for next Wednesday and I'm getting myself into a major flap. Anyone done it recently to give some advice? Cheers
  29. 7

    Nic Assessment questions

    I'v picked up a couple CU changel that I intend to use for my assessment. The question is - i know I need to notify bc before work comenses but the plan would be to notify the work myself once assessment is complate. Also if I remove main fuse do you think this would be looked at negatively...
  30. M

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Assessment questions

    Hi Everyone, I have my first Stroma assessment coming up, i qualified from college a few years ago and have been working building up my experience until i felt ready to go for sign off. I'm preparing for my assessment and have been reading about what to expect. One of the things that i have...
  31. loulew

    Domestic Installer Assessment

    So i had my domestic installer assessment yesterday, a fair few weeks earlier than expected as there was a cancellation. So it has been a mad rush to get the job ready. Ended up working until half 11 the night before to get everything done. I was very nervous, but I passed, feeling over the...
  32. happysteve

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma assessment went well - thorough, but good.

    Eh up :) Just had my Stroma CPS assessment this afternoon. It went really well! The chap was very thorough, but having all the paperwork ready for him on the kitchen table (and a recently-boiled kettle) helped. :) Nice to have an intelligent technical conversation with someone - actually...
  33. S

    Smart meter install assessment failed.

    Hello all, I had a smart meter install date today (both utilities) with npower as the provider. The engineer, on a quick inspection of the existing setup said he could not continue as the existing 'tails' coming from the CU have had their outer grey sheath stripped too far back. Is it part...
  34. P

    Stroma Certification Scheme stroma assessment this week

    Hi All I have my Stroma CP assessment on Wed. I have been looking in the forum and notice a few threads on the health and safety and complaints procedure they have not requested it then I called them should I have one incase and is there any model /templates around . Wish it was all over its...
  35. L

    ECS card assessment help

    Hello my name is Lee kane I'm an apprentice/becoming an apprentice but I need to sit the END assessment and I was hoping I could get some advice from people who have sat it ?
  36. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC site assessment pass..... what now?

    So I had my very first office and site assessment today which I'm pleased to say I've passed and the assessor said he will put in the report as a pass. Which is good, but.... He says that his report goes into the NICEIC and from there they will look at it and be in touch when it is internally...
  37. D

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma assessment tomorrow!!

    Morning all. I have my first stroma assessment tomorrow not really to sure what to expect but going through my EIC with i fine tooth comb this morning. can any one explain what is meant by Protection against electromagnetic effects where cables enter ferromagnetic enclosures in seclude of...
  38. F

    Assessment for Unit help

    Hi! Someone who can help me because my english is not too good. I need some answer for assessment for unit 001,002,004,011,012,o13,014,015. Thank you!
  39. T

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Assessment completed

    Hi all, just had my CPS assessment with Stroma today, and would just like to say how much I would recommend them. I know that most electricians are against these types of schemes, but until something different comes along, this is what we have to do! Big thanks to people on this forum who have...
  40. Soulsurfer

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Assessment first timer.

    Hey all, prob been asked lots before but is anyone NICEIC registered and can make head or tail of half the documents they require ? Seems pretty extensive and even saw that they may need a letterhead with company name on or similar too ? I don't have anything like that as I compile estimates...
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