1. Gavin John Hyde

    NICEIC cancelling assessments

    Just had an email come through saying the NICEIC are suspending assessments and will be doing virtual assessments, these will be via the area engineers. could be interesting... I suspect they will take a pragmatic approach to those with experience and good track record etc.. It would be a good...
  2. J

    NVQ Assessments on 'site'.

    Good mornin' people, I've been told that my NVQ assessments have to be completed on site. My question is; Do these assessments have to be completed on a construction, commercial, industrial, site? Or can they be completed while doing works in a domestic property/house? Do I need to be...
  3. CDB

    94/95 Practical Assessments

    Hi everyone, I have my 94/95 practical assessment on Tuesday and am a little confused about the sequence of tests. Basically I don't want to screw it up just because I do them in the order that they are not looking for. The 94 element I'm pretty happy with - - Assessment of...
  4. 2nd best

    2394/5 current coarse

    ive just passed one test exam on this coarse however with 2 written test and a practical left to go i still have a lot to do roll on Thursday i say
  5. The Solar King

    Building Energy Performance change?

    I have heard or read this and cannot find where. I have seen or heard it proposed that PV and FIT qualification will be aligned with the RHI, This would mean a property meeting Green Deal Ticks rather than an EPC of D. It would make sense in terms of consistency but would probably only apply to...
  6. S

    Risk Assessments

    Guys, I have been working on the health and safety policy for my new company which is completed now, but have to move on to the next beast, risk assessments. how do some of you guys do them? do you do a good general one to cover works or have you written individual ones, eg, using steps...
  7. M

    Some help needed with Risk assessments

    Hi all, Has anyone got any risk assessments that they can pm me. I've started my NVQ 3, and need as many as possible for an idea of what I should be including into the ones that I have to submit. The Company ones are pure crap and ain't been updated since God was an apprentice. I thought that I...
  8. K

    Clive Collett NIC assessment

    Hey Guys Anyone had this guy for their assessment ? What figure on a bribe did he accept ? :D Just wondered how many were assessed by him and how did you find the guy ? Thanks ! Regards Kung. :):):):)
  9. H

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC - becoming approved

    I'll be taking my 17th Edition exam in May. Providing I pass this, I would like to do some smaller commercial work, mainly adding spurs to power the ELV stuff I install now to make a bit of extra cash. Then later in the year take my exams for Part P. To become approved I realise you need to...
  10. W

    Risk assessment

    Hi Folks, I have my annual NICEIC assessment next week and am a bit worried about risk assessment. According to the regs, we are all supposed to have a a risk assessment procedure before you even get out the van. I know the theory of it( and like to think that I follow the spirit of it) but...
  11. B

    Risk Assessment

    Yet another set piece for homework! I've been asked to do a risk assessment of my last place of employment. Now, I was going to do one based on my dive experience but thought, seeing as how that wasn't my last job:o I'd better do one on the site I did. Does anyone have a copy of a risk...
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