1. AndyL

    Pretty sure my cps assessor was wrong

    So I had my yearly assessment today with my friendly local engineer. He was fair enough but there was 2 points he pulled me on that have niggled me because I am sure I was right. Would like some other opinions please. Firstly a 60 Amp TN-S supply to a domestic property. ... what is the minimum...
  2. M

    Nvq Responsibilities

    Hi Friends, Please can anyone explain the responsibilities of an Eal Nvq Level 3 college assessor. I have asked the Eal to provide this information by email and they have refused. Question. How often should an assessor attend site to monitor the progression of a candidate working towards his...
  3. haptism

    annual assessments

    Hi all, quick question; how do you domestic guys access previous jobs to show your scam assessor each year ? Im looking forward and thinking that some customers wont be too accepting of someone visiting and rechecking previous work, and that it come across a bit odd to them. How do you guys...
  4. R

    Do I have to do an AM2???

    I have just passed my NVQ pofolio and am just awaiting the certificate for it. I was told my my assessor that I dont need to do an AM2 because I have competed my apprenticeship but when I asked him about being JIB register he wasn't sure if I needed it. Is anyone 100% sure if I need it or not to...
  5. F

    Am2 for 2356

    Would it be possible to use the am2 as evidence in a nvq2356 portfolio?
  6. Sonia Norman

    Signing off my work

    Hi guys I cannot get a straight answer from anywhere so I'm hoping you can help. I am fully qualified C & G 2320 and 2330, 17th Edition. I'm a single mum and I am planning to go self employed, that way I can be there for the kids and get off benefits. What I am struggling with is info on sign...
  7. J


    Has anybody recently sat there am2 and what kind of work was asked for? Thanks
  8. F

    Industrial EPC

    Hello, I am having issues trying to find an industrial EPC assessor. The two assessors I have made contact with do not seem to know or experienced EPC's for the factory type of building that I am quoting to Solarise. Are the EPCs for said buildings required to meet the level 'D' ? Could...
  9. J

    Am2 - Is this a pass or fail!

    Hi all, Im new this forum. Im here today to ask a question what is bugging me. I been doing my Sm2 over the past today's. Today I ran out of time to finsh the build, all that wha needed doing was screwing back sockets and switches and p clipping the fp200. All sockets and switches got screwed...
  10. calpol91

    Commercial EPC Testing

    Hi guys. Has anyone done any energy performance certification? Ive a rough idea of whats involved but has anyone done or do this? Is it easy to get into? Ive had 2 customers recently ask me if I do this, no Idea why. TALK TO ME.
  11. jason121

    Failed EPC

    Does anyone know what happens when panels are installed on roof and the house fails its EPC. Would I have to remove them, not got anything in writing regarding this issue.:hanged:
  12. NDG Elecs

    Inaccessible joint and assessment upcoming.

    Hi Folks, I have my assessment quite soon and have a query. Situation is a RFC with no sockets on the ring but there are three sockets spurred off it at one point. I have down rated the OPD to 20A due to this. The RFC end to ends are spot on and the R1R2 is decent with the legs cross...
  13. G

    Domestic Job Notifications

    Hi all, just wondered if anybody can give me with a bit of advice, i registered last year with a scheme provider and my re assesment is due in the next few months, having checked all my paperwork is up to scratch as you do, i have realised i have forgotten to notify a job i completed in...
  14. M

    2394/95 Practical Element

    Has anyone done the new 2394/95 practical and how does it compare too the old 2391?
  15. T

    earthing with rcd

    Right here goeshad our visit from NIC inspector today and he had an interesting take on earthing requirements. He said if a property is protected by an rcd there is no requirement for supplementary bonding OR main bonding ie 10 mm out to gas and water. i checked my on site and it says that as...
  16. M

    How to find an Energy Assessor for EPC, Commercial, On Construction Dom and Com.

    Try this Find an assessor | National Energy Services Select what service you need and add your postcode.
  17. S

    minor works

    guys if you change a light fitting for a better efficiency fitting would you do a minor works certificate afterwards:icon3: forgot to mention the light was on a click lead
  18. S

    risk assessment and waste disposal

    Hi All, I've got my assessment with napit looming (first one to join their scheme) i am told i need a risk assessment and waste disposal policy, does anyone know of sample template documents i can alter to suit? many thanks Rob
  19. L

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic

    Hello, I am currently in the process of doing a NICEIC domestic installer scheme.Do I need to provide a building notice to the assessor for each visit? I would really appreciate your feedback Thankyou.
  20. P

    2391 visual inspection help

    Hi I have just had the results of my 2391 exams. I passed the written and have failed the visual inspection assesment part of the practical exam. The examiner said I did not find 12 faults. I found 12, but 2 were not on his list, does anybody have the list of faults that the examiner is...
  21. F

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Advice for joining napit pls

    Hi folks, am in the process of joining napit awaiting my dreaded "site visit "" and would like to know what to do about my notifiable work regarding the process of notification to buidings control ?will the assessor need to see that the work has been notified to builings control and...
  22. bodders22

    CU change for assessment

    Hi Guys, Hope you can help. I'm doing a cu change on my grandads house for my elecsa assessment next friday. The problem is theres a 9.5kw shower with a 6mm cable, the run is about 9 meters partly ran in surface conduit partly clipped direct(in an airing cupboard). The shower has been in for...
  23. M

    First inspection tomorrow and found broken cpc - advice please!

    Hello! I'm new to this so please be gentle... I have my first ever ELECSA inspection tomorrow. To prove that I know vaguely what I'm doing, I've replaced our old CU with a shiny new split load one. After dealing with wires that were too short, replacing lots of choc blocks that shouldn't be...
  24. K

    Clive Collett NIC assessment

    Hey Guys Anyone had this guy for their assessment ? What figure on a bribe did he accept ? :D Just wondered how many were assessed by him and how did you find the guy ? Thanks ! Regards Kung. :):):):)
  25. E

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa membership

    Hello again.....does anyone out their know who is the Elecsa assessor in the Swindon (Wilts) area? Just carrying on from last night conversations, checked an email I had from Elecsa couple of months ago and it appears I am plenty qualified, just need to produce some work for an assessment. Can...
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