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  1. M

    Noob needs help with car audio installation.

    Hi guys trying to install new sub and amp into 2007 subaru liberty. Just want to know what the best method for this will be? Ive done some research and it says i need a line output converter installed since i have a factory headunit with no RCA outputs. If anyone knows about this stuff this is...
  2. S

    Multiple audio devices to IP cameras

    Good afternoon all, I am new here, so please excuse my inexperience... I am looking to add CCTV external outdoor microphones (Netview External microphone) to all 10 of my IP Camera's (Bosch FLEXDOME 5000 outdoor HD). The IP camera's are some distance away from the PoE Switch and NAS storage...
  3. Basiluk

    Unusual request for audio sounder

    I am after a device that can take up to 10 NC or NO inputs and for each input make an audible sound unique to that channel. Will be used as a 24 hour chime system for external PIR's and will audible identify the area detected. I have searched and cannot find anything - Any suggestions please?
  4. C

    Learning audio cd for commute

    im just about to start my 2365 level 2 course which is an evening one and iv also just taken on a new job and was wondering about my spare time. I will now have about 2 hours a day commuting and wondered if there is anything i can do to fill the time. Is there any kind of audio cds out there...
  5. Z

    Modular Modular Modular

    im wondering whether or not you guys know the best place for modular plates, I buy quite a lot of modular plates Electrical Audio visual Data I currently use blue charge direct, anyone know of a better place? Got to be Euro modules though.
  6. Z

    Power and Data, Audio & Visual

    Hi, Just wanted to get some opinion about running power cables, data cables AV too, do you guys run this in the same trunking next to each other? Is there a law that should be followed Ive seen plenty of these around. Thanks
  7. J

    Common grounding in audio cables? Theory suggests yes?

    Hi guys! I am currently studying a BA (Hons) in Music Production, and I have decided to build a new stage box to go on stage, to route microphones cables and power supplies from the stage to the original inlets underneath the stage. I would like to use a 19-pin Socapex cable to make the...
  8. A

    Audio Distribution System Recommendations

    Hi All, Was hoping if peeps can give me some advice. I have an upcoming installation, 5 bed house new build and the customer has requested for the full works, electrics, tv, sat, data in every room, 16 channel CCTV (possibly home automation) and lastly mentioned about an audio distribution...
  9. Sim Electrical Solutions

    Visual and Audio training

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to post. Looking to add more to my company with the addition of Visual and home automation installations. I am looking for what courses would be recommended to complete for doing aerial installations and fault finding? Whats the best home automation...
  10. C

    Speaker/Amp Power Supply

    I'm not sure which would be best suited, a 12V 2A or 12V 3A Power Supply to power a 15W Amplifier (2*15W Outputs) and a Bluetooth Module. I thought that since the amp is using around 30W output (2*15), it would need about 12V 3A in alone (probably a little under that), but the bluetooth module...
  11. Scratch Music

    Need help with audio in Commercial/Industrial premises?

    25 years ago I started helping contractors with audio systems. Contractors are now a big part of our client base. If you need advice...ask. We will give advice where we can - for free. If you become a client...all the better.
  12. G

    shielded mains cable

    Anyone know where the best place is to buy shielded 1.5mm flex? I am looking to try to minimise the RF hum emmitted by the mains cable when it is in close proximity to audio equipment. Basically I want to do a couple of tests to find out if it does actually make a noticable difference.
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