1. Top Cat

    Aurora AU-WU 691/35 walk over light.

    Got called to a place today for some of these lights not working. I can't get at the lamp! It looks as though you need a tool to unscrew the front. Anyone worked on this fitting? This is a picture of it from a website:-Aurora IP65 MR11 20 Watt 12 Volt Walkover Light -...
  2. P

    Domestic Aurora Power One PVI 3600 Inverter

    We have one of these and whilst getting a 'clock fail' fail message for a while, we also had to keep powering it down and up again each morning to clear a GFI error, and to get it to start generating. We've replaced the battery with the help of aurora power one inverter -...
  3. C

    AURORA POWER ONE 3.6 Fault

    Hi, Solar panels fitted by PV Solar UK 2011. They are now showing as in liquidation. They Inverter replaced last year free of charge, within guarantee period. Current one has FF80 fault not displaying time-date-production total every 20 seconds. No lights on inverter panel at the bottom. I...
  4. M

    PV Final Design and Permit Packet Option?

    Hello Everyone, I currently work for a startup solar company as a proposal generator. As of now, I create the proposals using Aurora and then outsource to a partner for fulfillment - site survey, final design, etc. I'm looking into keeping the final design internal, but not sure what options...
  5. W

    fire-stopping cables passing through a ceiling

    i am working in a block of flats, i have Twin&e cable through a ceiling to a light fitting, the cable penetrates the fire barrier which is double plaster board construction. whats the best way of fire-stopping?
  6. A

    dimmable GU10 LEDs

    Does anyone have recommendations? I've tried the Screwfix LAP 5w ones, they are ok but don't dim right down. Is this the same with others such as Sylvania? cheers
  7. J

    aurora led

    Hi, anyone had any problems with aurora i 10 led non dimmable downlights ? Fitted 3 on a job 4 weeks ago and have now had 5 pack-up within the last 3 weeks. Fitted loads of the i10 dimmable ones and had no problems, supplier swaps them no problem but becoming a problem for customer and me :( Jay
  8. S

    Domestic Dimmers for L.E.Ds

    Hi Just replaced 6 GU1O (incandescent) lamps with 4.5 watt L.E.Ds and replaced Dimmer for Aurora dimmer (L.E.D compatible) does not seem to be as liquid as GU10s used to be although ok. My next customer is an anal mother and wanted to know if anyone knows of better (dimmer)product for 8 x 6 watt...
  9. A

    aurora pvi 3600 inverter default password?

    hi guys, does anybody know if the default password for aurora pvi 3600 inverter are all the same. i am trying to change from single to dual mode but after selecting the ADVANCED option in the sequance it asks for another password. the instruction's state that it sometimes will do this and to...
  10. P

    inset led

    help!! :) I fitted some inset led lights about 18 month ago and can`t remember who the maufac was. the fitting the best i can describe it is about the same size as the old es type inset lights and has what looks like the base of a glass on the bottom of it that has the led`s in. long shot but...
  11. R

    Low energy downlighters & building control

    Building control want me to use 25% low energy downlighters in an extension I have just wired. No problem there except they will now NOT except downlighters with a CFL GU10 or a LED GU10. It must be a fitting that uses a PL type lamp so the customer can't just put halogens back in after being...
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