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    Automotive wires found in kitchen?

    Hi everyone. I'm completely new to this form and barely a novice with electrical wiring. I bought my current house a year ago, it's about 60 yrs old originally but has had numerous extensions and remodels done in the past, some of which consisted of subpar work. I was working on refinishing the...
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    B12 Sentra - strange accessory circuit failure

    Hi there, My problem is thus: I own an '88 Nissan Sentra in which all the electricals were working fine. I received some 12v LED strips in a delivery which I would like to install as daytime running lights. In order to test whether the running voltage of the car would be suitable, I attempted...
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    How is an ammeter in a car protected from high amperage during start (especially in cold weather)?

    I’ve been looking at ammeters to install in my car, I see an analog gauge by Bosch that shows -60 to +60 amps which would be great most of the time to show when my car is charging, when it’s fully charged, and how much of a drain is on the battery when the engine (and alternator) is off. But...
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