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  1. Leesparkykent

    1mm or 1.5mm T&E for standard lighting circuit in your average house.

    Out of interest what's most commonly used?
  2. andysparkfree

    Nice testing opportunity , however does anyone know the average prices per circuit and sub-main?

    Hi guys, i hope you all good !! i have a quick question , i have to price a testing job to an 8 level office up town and im good at pricing labour for 8 weekends , however a few years ago (maybe 5) i think i was told a rule of thumb was each circuit was to allow £18 and each sub-main was around...
  3. jaydub

    Start Up Costs

    Hi everyone, this may have been posted before so sorry if that is the case, but... Thinking of starting up by myself and I'm trying to calculate the average costs involved in starting up, followed by the on-going annual costs. I will be setting up as a sole trader and do not wish to grow the...
  4. S

    How to work out average earth electrode value

    Hi guys, im doing revision for 2394 and got a question on getting the average ohms value for an earth electrode test. the readings obtained were 179,181 and 185ohms and they asked for the average. i have checked GN3 but it ain't clear. can anyone give me a method of how to work this out. cheers.
  5. N

    Prices per circuit

    Hi guys, for youse guys out there that price testing work, how much do you charge per circuit? i think to charch £15 - £20 per circuit but a company from down south has started to steal some of our work with £7.50 per circuit, our gaffer has started to price jobs at £7.49 per circuit just so we...
  6. C

    Assessment Questions?

    Hi Just wondering on average (as know every assessment is not the same) how many questions and what questions are generally asked on NICEIC/Elecsa assessments?
  7. F

    Software To Show Yearly Output Graph

    Is there a software/tool available to show the monthly output of a typical PV System. e.g. Bar chart to show what you can expect to generate from Jan through to December. - Free software would be good but open to suggestions.
  8. J

    Working in Italy

    Has anyone here worked in Italy sparking?
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