1. FatAlan

    Anyone aware of any surge protection earring it’s keep last night?

    As title, bearing in mind the thunder and lightening last night. :)
  2. Z

    How Many Circuits Does The Average House Have?

    I know this is a vague question but I have just had a safety check done on a house and there were 19 electrical circuits in a 3 bed house, this seems a lot as I have had to pay for each circuit separately. If the electrician had told me this before he started I would not have undertaken this...
  3. rolyberkin

    The Insurance Act 2015

    My brother in law made me aware of this act which is which is imminent and is currently being flagged to local local authority building control departments. In a nutshell you need to ensure that your insurance accurately describes and covers your business activities and risk. The article and...
  4. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic logo

    Dose the NICEIC do any thing with the people using their logo with out the Paying them money! Found about 3 people claimed to be NICEIC and then i go to look them up and they aint so i ask NICEIC if they are apart of them, get a Email saying NO.. do they do any thing about it... If that is...
  5. T

    Help with a letter to company I do work for

    Hi All I do a work for a company that manly do new kitchens. I have been doing it for a year or so now I want to write a letter to let the company know, that when I have finished my work it is safe and tested to regulation. my worry is that the tilers come in and don't put some sockets back...
  6. the pict

    Board change and PV

    Changing a board later this week that has PV any thing I should be aware of other than isolation of both supplies Pict
  7. P

    learning disabled petition

    The college that my son, who has learning difficulties, attended is under threat from cuts. They have just started this e-petition to try and get it discussed by MPs - it's a big ask as i think it needs 100,000 signatories. It did a brilliant job for him and i would hate others not to have the...
  8. dez0178

    Wanted Robin continuity/I R or MFT

    Hi, I am looking to buy a Robin MFT or Continuity/ Insulation Resistance Tester, if the price is reasonable let me know, I will also pay for the postage if the price is ok. Cheers. Derry0178.
  9. the pict

    Commercial or not

    CU change for a hotelier serving rooms, RCD ? or ist it commercial, skilled and instructed, Pict
  10. S

    Domestic Installers Course

    I've just seen that the level 2 domestic installers course is no longer recognised as of March 2011. Is this correct? and if so, how long have people been aware of this? I've spent £7000 on a course that will give me this and ifs its already no bloody use im going to insulation test someones...
  11. D

    British Gas traineeships

    Hi all, I am currently waiting to for a vacancy to arise with BG as a trainee electrical engineer. My queries are... 1. What qualifications do you gain for the role? 2. Do the paper quaifications gained from BG carry much weight in industry? 3. Is it reasonable to assume that after working...
  12. M

    Fitting shower?

    Hi, im fitting a shower for my mum in 10mm twin and earth, I have already got an mcb on the rcd side (40A). I am going ot get a 45a double pole isolator switch. Is this correct? CU - [SUPPLY-ISOLATOR] - [FEED-ISOLATOR] - SHOWER Also will the plumbing work (also DIY), will the pipe from the...
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